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VOL. 5.


First Baptist Church, ised; and that of Rev. J. S. Twiss

Of Ann Arbor, Mich.



No. 29 East Ann Street.


One Year-J. Montgomery, A. B. Stevens
Two Years-J B. Cady, P. Snauble.
Three Years-Wm. Salyer, W. W. Beman.


One Year-H. B. Dodsley.

Two Years-R. Hunter.
Three Years-H. N. Chute.


Wm. Goodyear, 18 S. Main street.


J. L. Markley, 28 Packard St.

TREASURER OF BENEVOLENCE. Paul Snauble, 46 S. Division St.


would be greatly prized. The album
may be seen at any time in the pas-
tor's room of the church.

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Superintendent, J Montgomery; Assistant Super

intendent, H. N. Chute; Secretary and Treasurer, H. N. Chute; Chorister, Mrs. W. W. Beman; Pianist, Margaret Knowlton.

The Church Album.

C. M, Cobern,

16. Methodist, J. W. Bradshaw.
23. Congregational, H. L. Wi lett.
30. Presbyterian,

Aug 6. Baptist,


W. L Tedrow.

J. M. Gelston.
H. L Willett.

20. Congregat onal, W. L. Tedrow.
27. Presbyterian, A. S. Carman.

Sept. 3. Baptist.


J. W. Bradshaw.
J. M. Gelston.

17. Congregational, C. M. Cobern,
24. Regular services resumed.

The Pastor's Vacation.

The pastor is spending his vacation with Mrs. Carman and their oldest child at the home of Mr. Carman's brother and sister in Rochester, N. Y., and Newton, Mass.

We shall have no morning service July 30th and Aug. 6th. The Sunday school will meet as usual.

Union services in our church, Aug.

Mr. Carman is expected to be with us Aug. 13th.


Who Wrote the Bible?


"A thought has often come h to me. If Holy Scripture be not fruit of Divine wisdom, if it be n message to us from above, whe comes this wonderful Book ? W account can we give of it? Ca come from man's great enemy, Devil? Is not every page of it the overthrow of his kingdom?

"Could it have been written wicked man? Was there ever wicked man in the world that not hate the Bible, and either w that it were false, or endeavor prove it so?

"Could it have been written good men out of their own heart But would good men have taken Go name in vain? And does not eve part of it claim to be a revelation fr God? Do we not find the wor 'Thus saith the Lord," continua occurring? And can we imagi godly men thus to have forged name of Jehovah ?

The album containing portraits of 6, Rev. J. M. Gelston preaching. "Could it have been written former pastors and prominent mem-1 fanatics and enthusiasts? Then wh would have been the calm, quiet a bers in the early history of the church devout tone that prevades it? Wh has been enriched recently by the Rev. F. S. Lyon, of Cleveland, would have been the depth of wisd addition of several important por- preached for us last Sabbath and Dr. which exercises to this day the earn study of men of the greatest intelle traits. It now contains excellent Haskell two weeks ago. The minis"I confess I can see no way out pictures of Dr. O. C. Comstock, Dr. trations of both were greatly enjoyed this difficulty for an unbeliever. Graves, Dr. Gregory, Professor Ten- by our people. there be difficulties in the Bible-a no doubt many such there arebrook, Rev. A. L. Freeman, Dr. N. S. The East London Institute for imagine any other sources but a Divi seems to me a far greater difficulty Burton (early and recent photographs), Dr. Cornelius, and Dr. Home and Foreign Missions one from which it could have con founded in 1872 to train men and It seems to me to carry a Divi Haskell (early and recent photographs.) It has also pictures of Pro- women for missionary service. Up- stamp upon the face of it. Its rebul fessors J. R. Boise and Edward Olney, from more than thirty countries and and godly life, the power that is e ward of 3,500 have applied, coming of falsehood and every kind of sin, mighty encouragements to live a h of Daniel Brown, Esq., Professor F. and from almost every denomination. going forth with it to raise the fall O. Marsh, and Dr. Justin D. Fulton; Of those accepted, 120 are now in the and the lost-all this tells me t and an excellent likeness of Mrs. Dr. midst of their course, and about 640 the Voice that spake it is Divine,' Haskill, who was longest in the have entered upon their work in the fact, bearing out its own witness, t position of pastor's wife and who service of thirty societies. Regions holy men of God spake as they w 'it came not by the will of man, ended her earthly life on this field. Beyond is the organ of this enter- moved by the Holy Ghost.' 2 P Rev. Marvin Allen's portrait is prom- prise. 1: 21."-George Everard.

The waves were weary, and they went to sleep,

The winds were hushed,
The starlight flushed

The furrowed face of all the mighty deep.

One is sometimes tempted to believe that personal beauty must be the one supreme blessing, so many are the nostrums advertised, so alluring and numerous are invitations to try this, that, or the other infallible preparation warranted to restore a faded complexion, to remove facial blemishes, or to defy Time's effacing O The sky was bright, and every single star, for being," but does the desire to fingers. Beauty is its own excuse With gleaming face,

The billows, yester eve so dark and wild,
Wave strangely now--
A calm upon their brow-

. Like that which rests upon a cradled child.

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Was in its place,
And looked upon the sea-so fair and far.
And all was still--still as a temple dim-
When low and faint,
As mourner's plaint,
Died the last note of Vesper hymn.

A bark slept on the sea, and in the bark
Slept Mary's Son-
The only One-
Whose face is light where all, all else is


His brow was heavenward turned, His

face was fair,

He dreamed of me,
On that still sea-

3EThe stars He made gleamed through His



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possess beauty excuse these specific modes of obtaining it? and is it really obtainable by any such devices? The longing for outward loveliness must be innate, for at every period of the world means have been sought to make or mar the visage in accordance with crude or artistic ideas of attractiveness. In that cruel interview

where my Lord Hamlet uses harshest words to the artless Ophelia, he says: "I have heard of your paintings too, well enough. God has given you one face, and you make yourselves another." A gentle Quakeress, guileless of plagiarism, once modified this accusation in a way that robbed it of all malice and made it a wise and helpful thought. To a young niece Felt all the waves awaking from their who was bewailing her own lack of sleep.


And lo! a moan moved o'er the mighty deep.

The sky grew dark! The little bark

beauty she said, tenderly, "The good The winds wailed wild, and wilder billows left it to thee to make thine own exLord gave thee plain features, but he


The bark was tossed;
Shall all be lost?

But Mary's Son slept on, serene and sweet.

The tempest raged in all its mighty wrath,

pression." The girl took her lesson and learned it thoroughly, and now that the graces of her amiable character illumine her face, none ever think of it as plain. Her great wealth -and riches too often serve as a cloak for unloveliness of mind or personis entirely lost sight of in the affluThe sleeper woke! He gazed upon the her cultivated intellect and affectionence of noble womanly qualities, while deep

The winds howled on, All hope seemed gone, And darker waves surged round the bark's

lone path.

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of Christian Endeavor among the police of New York City. Its membership at present is about twentyfive, fifteen of the number being active members.

One of the ablest native preachers in the Foochow Conference, though offered $50 a month to enter the consular service, refused, preferring to month.-Missionary Review. continue preaching with but $3 a

A proposition is being agitated to celebrate the nineteen hundredth year of the birth of Christ by an international congress at Jerusalem. The pope is to be asked for his cooperation in enlisting influential members of his church.

the light of the gospel. The new law Russia seems determined to quench for the suppression of Stundists provides that their children be baptized in the Greek Church, and be placed under orthodox clerical guardians. The graves of Stundists are to be kept apart from the orthodox, and the passports of these Christians are to be so marked as to show the sect to which they belong.

The third Decennial Conference in opened the new, opened in Bombay India, which closed the old year and Between six December 29th, last. and seven hundred missionaries, representing more than thirty societies, were present. They were from the borders of Thibet, the wilds of British Bhutan, from the jungles of Santhalia, Berars, Sauthern, Central, and Northern Incia. Missionary Review.

Speaking of education in India, Rev. James Johnston says in the Missionary Review, that among the 135,500,000 men of that country, only one in nine can read and write, and of the 128,500,000 women, barely 173. The census gives 360,000 natives who can read and write in English. For the training of the young, the public and private institutions number 138,054, and the pupils, 3,682,707.

cutions of the Jews, it is reported As a result of the Russian persethat 30,000 of them have joined the Greek Church, and are kept apart from their former co-religionists, lest they apostatize. The Missionary Review speaks of a Moscow merchant who has become godfather to 400 such converts. He proposed to remember in his will every one who should certify to having received the sacrament once a year, and only two have thus far reported themselves.





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Attend this school and you will get all you pa for. There is no better place in the country to atter school than at this great educational center.

Tuition rates reasonable. Living expenses lo
Write for large circulars containing full particula



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Pine oil and pine cones are now being imported from Norway to be sold as disinfectants against a possible cholera scare this summer. The cone is placed in the mouth of a sort of lamp, and the latter contains the oil. A wick communicates with the cone, and this is sufficiently porous to permit the odor of the oil to escape. Pine oil is much used in Italy as a disinfectant in cases of Roman fever. Its penetrating odor is unpleasant to most persons, though some learn to like it.

During the last few years Prof. Barnard of the Lick Observatory has been engaged in photographing in detail the Milky Way. When the plates are finished, which will not be for three years, it is expected that the facts revealed by them will revolutionize the old conceptions of this remarkable phenomenon. The text books declare that the Milky Way probably contains 20,000,000 suns; but Prof. Barnard estimates that the camera will record the presence of at least 500,000,000, with the certainty that there must be a still larger number which are not visible.

Christ's Friendships.

are to

his cross and that is what we
do. O, it is not the world that we are
to have! Christ did not hate the
world. God does not. How could he
when he gave his Son for it? No! it
is the world, in false relations, stand-
ing in its own light. It is not earthly
pleasure, but earthly pleasure di-
vorced from heavenly good; it is the
creature usurping the place of the
Creator, turned into a shadow instead
of a divine token.- Rev. J. H. Deni-
son, D. D.

The intelligence which comes to us from Turkey indicates that the intolerable oppression of Christians by the Turkish authorities continues to grow Our readers recall the more severe. imprisonment of G. N. Shishmanian, as well as others who are of our own brethren. This seems to be only a part of a general purpose to persecute the Armenian race and at the same time to assail the mission schools which have been established among them. Last spring there were riots, mission buildings were burned, Armenians were assaulted and driven from their homes. The Turks have been compelled by our government to indemnify the missionaries for the buildings burned, but there seems to Christ had tender human friend- be no relief for the poor Armenians ships. He loved that little home at who are only citizens of Turkey. At Bethany. Christ was not opposed to Marsovan and Cæsarea in Asia Minor, common sense. He was the soul of on the most trivial charges, and on it; he did not make wild and fruitless fictitious testimony, seventeen persons charges upon society; he did not have been condemned to death, six to throw himself at the face of the hier- fifteen years' imprisonment, eighteen archy, he fell in with existing insti- to terms of imprisonment varying from tutions. He was no stoic; he loved seven to ten years, and fifteen acquitHe ted. Among those condemed to death the joys and felt the ills of life. was no suicide; he did not exhaust are the two professors, Thoumayan his strength fruitlessly, nor give him- and Kayayian, of Anatolia College; self to martydom till he knew his and one of the six condemned to the time had come. He was a whole man, longest term of imprisonment is the walking in all the breadth of human pastor of the Protestant Church at life, and the glory of his life was this: Gemerek, not far from Cæsarea. This that wherever he went, whether at is serious business. Those who know the synagogue, or at a wedding, or the men declare their faith in them, dinner, or fishing party, or a storm at and deny absolutely that they have sea, or at the custom-house steps, he been in any way guilty. The papers there upheld, with a glorious decision on which the prosecution relied are and dignity and grace, God's own affirmed by the prisoners to be absohumanity the genuine, heavenly lute forgeries, and those acquaint, thing, as it is where it is rooted in with Turkish courts of justice kr God, pure as a lily, and strong as a perfectly well what a farce the persecedar of Lebanon. And wherever in any case where Moslem is eported across the pathway of this divine against Christian. There seeined the manhood there stood up to oppose its no way of relief, unless the pt apart influence any worldly sham, and dev- government is intimidated by ists, lest il's lie, any beguiling temptation, any orous protests of the foreign hary Reform of false humanity, he accepted jerchant the gage of battle at once, with all its consequences. He showed his colors and pointed both by words and deeds to the God who was overhead. For the love of God and humanity he bore


Some one, whose identity is a 100 such has made Rev. Fr. H. A. Adamember the Church of the Redeemer in d cerYork, the recipient of a life inconament $4,000 a year.



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J. R. BOWDISH & CO-----‒‒‒‒‒‒、

32 South State Stret.







2 W. Huron St.


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Every young lady and gentleman should learn Shorthand and Typewriting. Any one with only ordinary ability can master the ar in from four to six months and command a salary of from $50 to $100 per month. Graduates assisted to good paying positions. Write for full particulars to



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