Zoological Mythology, Or, The Legends of Animals

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Trübner & Company, 1872 - Всего страниц: 874
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Стр. 195 - I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread.
Стр. 340 - In fetura res incredibilis est in Hispania, sed est vera, quod in Lusitania ad oceanum in ea regione, ubi est oppidum Olisipo, monte Tagro quaedam e vento concipiunt certo tempore equae, ut hie gallinae quoque solent, quarum ova hypenemia appellant.
Стр. 41 - ... and thorns to keep the ghost down. Many other mourning customs appear to be based on the same principle. Thus, the old ritual directs that all who return from a funeral must touch the Lingam, fire, cowdung, a grain of barley, a grain of sesame and water — "all," as Professor De Gubernatis says, " symbols of that fecundity which the contact with a corpse might have destroyed.
Стр. 377 - ... coepit et, ut primum pleno maturuit anno, prodidit agricolam: leni nam motus ab austro obruta verba refert dominique coarguit aures.
Стр. 23 - The word apdd (pad and fada, being synonymous) may, indeed, mean not only she who has no feet, but also she who has no footsteps (that is, what is the measure of the foot), or, again, she who has no slippers, the aurora having, as appears, lost them; for the prince Mitras, while following the beautiful young girl, finds a slipper which shows her footstep, the measure of her foot, a foot so small, that no other woman has a foot like it, an almost unfindable, almost imperceptible foot, which brings...
Стр. 23 - ... foot, which brings us back again to the idea of her who has no feet. The legend of the lost slipper, and of the prince who tried to find the foot predestined to wear it, the central interest in the popular story of Cinderella, seems to me to repose entirely upon the double meaning of the word apdd, ie, who has no feet, or what is the measure of the foot, which may be either the footstep or the slipper; often, moreover, in the story of Cinderella, the prince cannot overtake the fugitive, because...
Стр. iii - It is by no means true that the ancient systems of mythology have ceased to exist; they have only been diffused and transformed." — Gubernatis. The Rig Vega claims to be the oldest Bible in existence. It is composed of hymns which passed from generation to generation by word of mouth. The locality of the Garden of Eden is claimed by East India. HEBREW AND PAGAN FORM THE APPLE Country Symbol Signification JUDEAN...
Стр. 312 - Eine und dieselbe Sage wird vielleicht in zehn verschiedenen Büchern in zehnfacher Form erzählt. Glaubt man einen festen Punkt gefunden zu haben, auf welchen nach einem Berichte die Spitze der Erzählung zusammenläuft, so streben andere Berichte wieder nach ganz anderem Ziele und treiben denjenigen, der einen festen Kern der Sage fassen will, rathlos im Kreise herum. Die Widersprüche, mit welchen ein Sammler und Ordner griechischer Heldensagen zu kämpfen hat, sind lauter Einklang und Klarheit...
Стр. 36 - The Sanguinary Chapter," translated from the " Calica Purana," in vol. 5, "Transactions Asiatic Society," 4th edition, London, 1807, p. 386.) " An interesting chapter of the Aitareya-brahmanam, on the sacrifice of animals, shows us how, next to man, the horse was the supreme sacrifice offered to the gods ; how the cow afterwards took the place of the horse, the sheep of the cow, the goat of the sheep ; and at last vegetable products were substituted for...
Стр. 6 - Indra is represented as discomforting "the monster (rakshohanan) who destroys by fire the monsters that live in darkness." Another Vedic hymn informs us that the monster Valas had the shape of a cow ; another hymn represents the cloud as the cow that forms the waters, and that has now one foot, now four, now eight, now nine [more applicable to the constellation than to the raingiving firmament], and fills the highest heavens with sounds [commencement of the Deluge] ; still another hymn sings that...

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