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will please read the circular reproduced below which is issued anonymously from New York City, since Dr. Brumbaugh sailed for Porto Rico as Commissioner of Education for that Island.

The statements and insinuations made in this document are untrue. Dr. Brumbaugh himself wrote BRUMBAUGH'S STANDARD READERS and no other person had a share in their authorship. Although Professor of Pedagogy at the University of Pennsylvania, President of Juniata College, and always in demand as Instructor at Teachers' Institutes, Dr. Brumbaugh gave more than a year of his best energies to the preparation of these Readers, and he performed the task so well that the immediate sales of the books have alarmed some of our rival publishers who have less acceptable series.

The numerous friends of Dr. Brumbaugh and all fair-minded persons will resent this anonymous attack upon his integrity and no doubt will fittingly rebuke such malicious agency methods by helping to extend the use of BRUMBUAGH'S STANDARD READERS.

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The FIRST READER was written by a lady formerly a teacher, and who expected to write the entire series; but she became discouraged after writing the FIRST READER and gave it up as a bad job.

The paternity of the SECOND and THIRD READERS is claimed by a book agent.

The FOURTH and FIFTH were no doubt written by Dr. Brumbaugh.

If this statement is correct, it explains the proper want of grading and further explains what teachers say is a want of symmetry of the series. In all fairness, if true, why call them the BRUMBAUGH READERS? Why not say the Standard Readers by a lady, a book agent and Dr. Brumbaugh? Any other course is unfair, unjust and untrue. Why do the publishers not give the names of

the authors?


Holiday Suggestions...

Christmas is but a few days off.


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100-104 North High Street, COLUMBUS.

Some Pertinent Facts

in Regard to Dress and Where to Supply Your Wants.


JEACHERS of all grades, city, village, country, primary or high school are interested in dress, and we ask their attention to our several departments as the best sources of supply in central Ohio for all their wants in Dry Goods, Cloaks, Tailored Dresses and Dry Goods Accessories. We don't insult their intelligence by claiming to sell new and desirable articles of merchandise at less than any competitor can buy them. We have no such advantage - nor has any one else. We carry the most complete stocks in this market of all goods belonging legitimately in a first-class dry goods store, are first with new things - don't buy out-of-order or out-of-style goods because cheap, don't try to get the same thing our neighbor has and cut the price - our neighbor has to hustle to keep up with us, we are not following him - but we do sell better goods at as low or lower prices than our competitors ask for inferior goods. On this basis we solicit the patronage of all. We will be pleased to send samples and prepay express charges on all purchases of $3.00 or more.

Dunn, Taft & Co.

84, 86, 88 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio.



(At less than one-fifth the usual cost).


No additional pieces are necessary for a full high school course.

It has given absolute and universal satisfaction.

It is endorsed by the school authorities of twenty-
three States.

The universal verdict is: "IT IS THE BEST
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It is equipped with appliances for water pressure,
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The manual accompanying the outfit gives minute instructions for more than five hundred distinct experiments.

Write for large illustrated catalogue and book of testimonials.


Main Office and Factory: Ft. Wayne Avenue and St. Joe Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. Eastern Office: Hamilton, N.


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From COLUMBUS to the WEST to be known as the

"St. Louis and Chicago Limited"

With a view of catering to and accommodating the ever increasing tide of Western travel, the Big Four will on April 29, 1900, inaugurate a New Fast Morning Train from Columbus to the West, which will receive all morning connections at that point, and run through on fast schedule to Indianapolis, Chicago and St. Louis.

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If you are planning your Winter Trip, write us or call and we will take great pleasure in arranging all details and give the best rates.


Dist. Pass. Agent.


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