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OLIVER CROMWELL, LORD PROTECTOR of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Comprised under the following heads : His descent, alliances, and first tion of him in many particulars,

advances to popularity ; with a His management towards the parview of the motives to the civil liament, the army, and the parwar, and the sentiments of Mr. ties he had to deal with, till he Locke and a British parliament assumed the sovereignty. concerning resistance,

A view of his civil government, His military exploits, and wonder- from his dissolving the long parful success in the civil wars, du

liament to his death. ring the life of king Charles I. His behaviour towards foreign His military actions after that princes and states ; his zeal for king's death, during his govern

the honour of England, the proment in Ireland,

testant religion, and the liberwar against the Scots under ties of mankind. king Charles II. till he totally | A summary of his character, and routed them at Worcester,

of that of king Charles I. with A view of his conduct towards a parallel between them in such

king Charles I, with a vindica- points as will admit of it.

By the late John BANKS, Efq; With an APPENDIX, containing many curious pieces

relating to the history and character of the LORD PROTECTOR.


L Q ND ON: Printed for C. Hitch and L. Hawes; J. Rivington;

L. Davis and C. REYMERS ;-S, CROWDER ; and T. LONGMAN.


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