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Portrait MARQUIS OF SALISBURY—From a photograph,

DAVID LIVINGSTONE, M.D., LL.D., D.C.L.-From a photograph,...
vSir STAFFORD HENRY NORTHCOTE-From a photograph,

DUKE OF ARGYLE–From a photograph,........
WILLIAM EDWARD FORSTER—From a photograph,......
MARQUIS OF HARTINGTON—From a photograph,.
Sir GARNET J. WOLSELEY (LORD WOLSELEY)— From a photograph,.

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Spiritism— The Arch-medium Home-Letter of Professor Faraday,

18 Scientific Progress-Bessemer Steel-Sewing

and Washing Machines The Steam-
hammer-Mont Cenis Tunnel-Increase
in our Shipping and Trade,

19 Arctic Exploration Expedition of the Fox, . 20 Australian Explorations,

20 African Exploration-Early Life of David

Livingstone His Missionary Labours
and Travels in Africa–His Expedition to
Eastern Africa - His Third and Last

Journey-Honours conferred upon him, 20 The Gorilla-Professor Owen's Lecture, 24 Darwin's Theory of the Origin of Species

Opposition to his Views—His Early Life, 24 Agitation for Repeal of the Paper Duties

Opposition of Paper-makers—The Lords

reject the Bill-Lord Palmerston's attitude, 26 Mr. Disraeli willing to support Lord Palmerston's Government,

29 Increased Armaments, .

29 Lord Palmerston's Resolutions on the Rights

of the two Houses carried-Dissatisfaction
with them,

29 The Customs and Excise Duty on Paper equalized,

30 Budget of 1861–Increase in Exports and in

Importation of Food—The Income-tax
and the Duty on Paper--Growing Expen-

31 Opposition to the Budget -- Lord Robert

Cecil's Attack on Mr. Gladstone--Mr.
Gladstone the Constitution The
Budget passed,

34 Admission of Jews to Parliament-Sir David

Salomons takes his seat—The Law altered, 36 Abolition of the Property Qualification, 37

Hopeful Condition of the Country in 1860—
Expansion of Trade,

1 Increase of Imports and Exports between 1840 and 1860,

2 Agricultural Improvements—Cattle Disease

- The Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 2 Increase in import of Meat and Grain, .

2 Railway Extension-Thames Embankment

Drainage of London-Works of Stephen-
son and Brunel-Suez Canal,

3 Metropolitan Underground

ray-Drinking Fountains-Drainage,

3 Completion of Houses of Parliament—London Architecture,

4 Water Supply of London and Glasgow,

4 Feeling against Capital Punishment,

5 Pugilism-Tom Sayers and Heenan—Public Excitement-Cobden's View,

5 Degrading Amusements--Music Halls—Cre

- Burning of Covent Garden Opera House,

7 Jullien's Concerts-Handel Festival-Albert

Smith--Faraday- Polytechnic-Restaur-

8 Surrey Zoological Gardens-Surrey Hall, 10 Charles H. Spurgeon-The Tabernacle, 10 Low Church and Dissent-High Church and

Ritualism--Mr. Gladstone on Laymen in
the Church --Ritualism and its Conse-

11 Proposed Abolition of Church-rates-Sir John Trelawney's Bills,

13 Ritualism in St. George's-in-the-East,

17 Sketch of Cardinal Manning,






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Indifference to Parliamentary Reform-Lord

John Russell introduces a Reform Bill,
which is withdrawn,

37 Death of Douglas Jerrold-Hallam-Leigh Hunt-Chevalier Bunsen,

38 Death of Lord Macaulay-His Writings and

place in Politics—Mr. Gladstone on his

39 Death of the King of Prussia,

41 Death of Lord Aberdeen-Sir Sidney Herbert and Count Cavour,

42 Death of Dr. Baly-Sir George Couper and

Prince Ernest of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, 42 Frequent Illnesses of Prince Albert,

42 Visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada and

of Prince Alfred to the Cape of Good

42 Institution of the “Order of the Star of India,”

43 Discontinuance of a Separate Army for India, 43 Increase of Volunteer Force,

43 industry of Prince Albert, First Volunteer Review in Hyde Park, and

Meeting at Wimbledon-Volunteer Re-
view in Edinburgh, .

44 Prince Albert on Training for the Naval Reserve,

46 Royal Visit to Coburg-Accident to Prince Albert-Illness of the Queen, .

46 Prince Alfred at the Cape of Good Hope

Prince of Wales in America-President
Buchanan's Letter to the Queen-Her

47 Prince of Wales goes to Cambridge-Be

trothal of Princess Alice - Illness of
Prince Albert, ·

48 Twenty-first Anniversary of the Queen's

Marriage - Letters from Prince Albert
and the Queen,

49 Illness and Death of the Duchess of Kent, 49 Health of Prince Albert-His Visit to Sand

hurst- Increase of his Illness - Public
Anxiety--His last Moments and Death
-National Mourning - Mr. Gladstone on
the Lesson of his Life-Sermon by Dean
Milman-Funeral of the Prince,

51 Wreck of the Royal Charter, . The Hartley Colliery Tragedy-Scene near

the Pit—The Queen's expression of Sym

pathy-Subscriptions for the Relatives, · 57 Difficulties in China, The Taku Forts-Out

rages on the English Commission-Loot-
ing and Burning of the Summer Palace-

Terms concluded with the Chinese, . 59 Disturbances in Syria-Burning of the Chris

tian Quarter of Damascus - Lord Duf-
ferin's Account of the Scene--Order re-
stored by France and England,


The State of Italy-- Action of the Austrians

- The Tyranny of King Ferdinand, 66 Movements of Garibaldi–His Personal Ap.

pearance -- His Home at Caprera - His
part in the Austrian War,

67 Garibaldi prepares to liberate Sicily-Francis

II., King of Naples—Insurrection in Sicily
-Landing of Garibaldi and taking of
Palermo Evacuation of Sicily by the
Neapolitan Army-Cavour's skilful Man-
agement-Position maintained by England
and the other European Powers,

69 The Emperor of France and the Papal Territory, 72 Garibaldi's Expedition to Naples-His ability

as a Tactician and Leader-Composition
of his Army-- English supplies sent to him
- Colonel Peard, “Garibaldi's English-
man”—Taking of Naples,

73 Critical State of Italian Affairs — Foreign

Troops collected for the Defence of the
Papal States--General Lamoricière-Ca-
vour's Diplomacy-Napoleon remains neu-
tral-The Sardinian Army take possession
of the Papal States, .

76 Necessity for preventing Garibaldi from in

vading Venetia—Meeting of Victor Em-
manuel and Garibaldi—Their Entry into
Naples—Sketch Garibaldi,

79 Victor Emmanuel chosen King of the Two

Sicilies - Garibaldi retires to Caprera-
Despatch by Lord John Russell,

80 Cavour is succeeded by Rattazzi,

83 Garibaldi raises an Army for the taking of

Rome-Is opposed by the Royal Troops,
and wounded at Aspromonte-He visits
England, .

83 Removal of Italian Government to Florence

-Venetia joined to Italy-Another Fail-
ure to liberate Rome,

85 The Pope's Irish Brigade -- Mr. Pope Hen

nessey and Italian Affairs --Debate in
House of Commons,

86 The Civil War in America - Secession of

Southern States--Jefferson Davis Presi.

88 The Slavery Question in the States,

90 Establishment of the Negro Colony of Liberia

- Anti-slavery Societies — Uncle Tom's

91 Case of John Brown-His Efforts to free the

Slaves-Affair at Harper Ferry-He is
taken Prisoner, tried, and sentenced to
Death — Wm. Lloyd Garrison and Rev.
Mr. Beecher on John Brown--His Corre-
spondence while under Sentence-His Ex-

ecution-Feeling throughout the Union, . 92 Additions to the Seceded States—Taking of Fort Sumter,



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Beginning of the War-Superiority of Con-
federate Soldiers-Bull Run,
The Trent Affair-Capture of Messrs. Mason
and Slidell by Captain Wilkes - Corre-
spondence between the Governments
Liberation of the Commissioners,
Mr. Gladstone's Budget of 1862-Increase of
National Debts-Mr. Disraeli attacks the


Sketch of Sir Stafford Northcote,
Exhibition of 1862-Comparison with Exhi-
bition of 1851, .

President Lincoln's Letter to the Working-
men of Manchester-Distress in Lanca-
shire and the Relief Fund-Mr. Cobden on
the Distress,


George Peabody-His Gifts to the Poor of


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Mrs. Gladstone's efforts to relieve the Dis-
tress-Growth of Cotton in British Depen-

Co-operative Societies-Success of the Roch-
dale Societies,
Blockade-running and Privateering The
Sumter and Florida-The Alabama-Dif-
ferences between the American and British
Gladstone, Bright, and Cobden on the Pro-
spects of the South, .

Proclamation of Freedom to the Slaves,
Increased Efforts of the Northern States-
Their Successes,

Re-election of Mr. Lincoln-Capitulation of
Richmond Surrender of General Lee-
End of the War,

Assassination of President Lincoln, and at-
tempted Assassination of Mr. Seward,
Cost of the War,
Betrothal of the Prince of Wales to the Prin-
cess Alexandra-Her Arrival in London
—The Marriage-Tennyson's Ode, .
The Throne of Greece offered to Prince Alfred,


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Policy of Napoleon - Proposes an Interna-
tional Peace Congress - Replies of the
European Powers-War Clouds gathering, 159
The Schleswig-Holstein Difficulty The
Duchies invaded by an Austro-Prussian
Army-Defeat of the Danes, and Cession
of Schleswig, Holstein, and Lauenburg, . 160
Debate in the French Chambers on National

Debate in Parliament on the Dano-German
Question-Mr. Disraeli's Resolution, and
Mr. Gladstone's Reply-Mr. Bernal Os-
borne's Sallies-Lord Palmerston defends
his Administration - His Letter to the
King of the Belgians-His Lordship at
eighty years of age, .

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Mr. Gladstone and the Irish Church-He is defeated at Oxford-His Farewell Address -He is returned for South LancashireResult of the Elections,

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. 175 Mr. Cobden's failing Health-He declines a lucrative Government Post-His last Ill


173 173

ness and Death-Tributes to his Memory, 179 Death of Lord Palmerston,




Ministry of Earl Russell,

182 Mr. Gladstone's Addresses in Glasgow and



. 182



“LEAPS AND Bounds."

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. 235

Speeches of Mr. Gladstone at Liverpool and of Mr. Bright at Birmingham,

217 The Debate renewed—Speeches by Lowe and

Disraeli — Mr. Gladstone's Reply-The
Division, and narrow majority for the

. 218 Bill for Redistribution of Seats_The Government defeated and resign,

. 221 Lord Derby's Ministry, . Popular Demonstrations in favour of Reforın

Edmond Beales, M.A. - The Hyde
Park Riots,

223 Lord Derby's Government and Reform

Proposal to proceed by way of Resolutions, 226 The "Ten Minutes Bill,"

2:27 Introduction of a new Reform Bill-Its Pro.

visions-Important Alterations made on

the Bill, which passes the Lower House, . 2.28 The Bill amended by the Lords and returned

to the Commons--It finally becomes law, 233 Earl Derby resigns---Mr. Disraeli succeeds

him-Death of Earl Derby, Mr. Gladstone succeeds Earl Russell in the Leadership of the Liberal Party,

235 Financial Disasters-Collapse of Overend,

Gurney, & Co.—“ Black Friday”-Sus-
pension of the Bank Charter Act,

236 The Austro-Prussian War-The Austrians

defeated at Sadowa-Close of the War-
Energy of War Correspondents,

237 Commercial Embarrassinent of 1867— Trades.

unions --- Loyalty of the Working-ciasses
-Wide-spread Distress, and working of
the Poor-law,

238 Trades Outrages at Sheffield-Investigations

by a Commission-Evidence of Witnesses

--- Broadhead's villainous Proceedings, 210 The Abyssinian Expedition-Conduct of King

Theodore-He imprisons the Europeans-
General Sir Robert Napier advances upon
Magdala--The Prisoners delivered up-

Magdala stormed, and death of Theodore, 244 Irish Troubles-Evil Influence of Professional

Agitators The Fenian Organization --
Threats against England - The Habeas
Corpus Act suspended in Ireland-Cap-
ture and Escape of Stephens - Fenian
Raid on Canada-Arrival of Irish Ameri-
cans-Colonel Burke arrested-Attack on
Prison Van at Manchester, and Murder of
Sergeant Brett--Execution of Allen, Lar-
kin, and O'Brien,

247 Fenian Attempt on Clerkenwell Prison Execution of Barrett,

255 Burning of Her Majesty's Theatre, London

Explosion of Nitro-glycerine at Newcastle, 256 Outrages in Ireland—Procession in Memory of the Manchester Murderers, .


Bursting of the Bilbury and Bradfield Reser

voirs-Bursting of Sluice between Lynn
and Wisbeach, .

184 Destructive Fires in London-Railway Acci

dents: Staplehurst, Abergele - Assaults

and Murders in Railway Carriages, . 187 Governor Eyre and the Jamaica Riots-Or

ganization among the Negroes-- Breaking
out of Insurrection-Execution of George
William Gordon-Indignation in England,

and Proceedings against Governor Eyre,. 190 Death of Thackeray–His Work-Dickens's Obituary Notice,

196 Death of John Leech,

197 Death of Professor Aytoun,

. 198 Death of Lord Brougham,

. 198 African Exploration—Captains Speke and

Grant-Death of Speke-Mr. Baker- Dr.

198 The Electric Telegraph and the Post-office

London Improvements. Increased Inter-
course with the Continent-Albert Me-

199 Movements in the Church-Church Exten

sion-Mr. Disraeli at Meeting of the
Oxford Diocesan Society,

200 Dr. Pusey and Tractarianism--Mr. Gladstone on the Evangelical Movement,

202 Free Interpretation of the Scriptures-Rationalism-Dr. Colenso,

204 Essays and Reviews—Prosecutions of the

Authors-Lord-chancellor Bethell on Con-
vocation-Bill for Relaxing Subscription
to Clerical Oaths,

205 Sketch of Sir Richard Bethell (Lord West

bury) — He is charged with Laxity of

208 The Queen opens Parliament of 1866--Re

form Bill promised — The Bill introduced
but received with apathy-Earl Russell's
Ministry -- William Edward Forster
George Joachim Goschen-Mr. Stansfeld
--The Duke of Argyle,

211 The Budget of 1866,

212 Provisions of the Reform Bill-It meets with

Indifference and Opposition--Speeches by
Messrs. Lowe and Bright—The Cave of
Adullam-Sir E. Bulwer Lytton on the
Bill, .



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Attempted Assassination of Prince Alfred in

257 Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Ireland,

258 Mr. Gladstone on the Fenian Outrages-His

Views on the Irish Problem– The Estab.
lished Church in Ireland - The Land

258 Mr. Disraeli's Administration of 1868--Mr.

Maguire's proposed Inquiry into the Con-
dition of Ireland-Mr. Gladstone's De-
claration-His Resolutions to disestablish
the Irish Church-Debate in the Com-
mons--Mr. Disraeli on Lord Cranborne-
Charges against Mr. Gladstone,

262 Debate on the Irish Church resumed--The

Government defeated-Mr. Disraeli's Tac-
tics, .

265 Mr. Aytoun's Motion on the Maynooth Grant and the Regium Donum,

266 Scotch and Irish Reform Bills passed— Electric Telegraph Bill, .

266 Dissolution of Parliament,

267 The new Elections-Defeat of Mr. Gladstone

-- Is elected for Greenwich-Rejection of
Mr. John Stuart Mill and of Mr. Roe-

buck-Changes in the new House, 267 Increase of Liberalism-Majority in the Com

mons--- Resignation of the Ministry, 269 Mr. Gladstone's Administration--Mr. Bright

accepts Office-The Liberal Programme, . 269 Mr. Gladstone introduces the Bill for dis

establishing the Irish Church-Its Pro-
visions-Debate on the Bill—It is read a
second time,

270 Mr. Lowe's Budget of 1869,

. 273 Opposition to the Irish Church Bill — Its re

ception in the Lords—The Bill finally

274 The Work of the Commissioners-New Con

stitution for the Irish Church- The Catho-
lic Clergy on the Education and Land
Questions in Ireland-Mr. Bright's De-

275 Mr. Gladstone introduces the Irish Land Bill

- Its Provisions — Debate on the Bill,
which becomes law, .

276 National Education – The Religious Diffi

culty-The Elementary Education Act-
Need for Primary Instruction, .

279 Inquiry into the Employment of Women and

Children--Evils of the Gang System in
Agricultural Districts — Lord Shaftes-

bury's Bill regulating Female Labour, 282 Mr. Foster's Education Act—The first Chair.

man of the London School-board-Pro-
gress made in providing Schools-Objec.
tions of Teachers to the Code, .


The Franco-German War,

• 285 Army Reform - Abolition of PurchaseMr. Gladstone's Stratagem,

286 Passing of the University Tests Bill, Ecclesi

astical Titles Bill, and the Trades Union
and Local Government Acts,

. 286 Mr. Lowe's Budget of 1871-His Proposal to tax Matches,

287 Illness of the Prince of Wales,

· 287 Bill regulating the Liquor Traffic,

. 288 Arbitration on the Alabama Claims and the Island of San Juan,

288 Mr. Gladstone's Education Bill for Ireland

His Ministry defeated- Resignation, 289 Lord Selborne's Judicature Bill,

289 General Election of 1874-Mr. Gladstone's

Ministry leave office-His Letter to Lord

289 Lord Hartington becomes Leader of the

Liberal Party in the House-Prognostica-
tions concerning his Lordship, .

290 Mr. Disraeli Prime Minister-Session of 1874 -State of the Country,

292 John Mitchel elected and re-elected for Tip

perary–His Death-Dr. Kenealy returned
for Stoke-upon-Trent,

293 Ritualism in the Church of England-Compulsory Church-rates abolished,

294 The Elementary Education Act and Denomi

national Schools—The Question of Dis.
establishment-Mr. Gladstone's Views-
His Article on Ritualism-Deputation to
the Archbishop of Canterbury-A Royal
Commission appointed,

296 The Church Patronage of Scotland Bill-Mr. Gladstone's Objections to it,

300 The Public Worship Regulation Bill passed

Effects of the Ecclesiastical Discussions, . 301 Sketch of Sir William Harcourt,

302 Mr. Gladstone on the Vatican Decrees--His Public Life,

303 The War in Ashantee-Career of Sir Garnet Wolseley-Coomassie entered, .

. 304


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