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And of the captain, tell him, at Yarmouth, or
Some good port-town else, lying for a wind.

If you can get off the angry child, now, sir

[Exit Parson.

Enter KASTRIL, dragging in his sister.

Kas. Come on, you ewe, you have match'd most sweetly, have you not?

Did not I say, I would never have you tupp'd
But by a dubb'd boy, to make you a lady-tom?
'Slight, you are a mammet! O, I could touse you, now.
Death, mun' you marry, with a pox!

Love. You lie, boy;

As sound as you; and I'm aforehand with you.

Kas. Anon !

Love. Come, will you quarrel? I will feize you, sirrah;

Why do you not buckle to your tools?

Kas. Od's light,

This is a fine old boy as e'er I saw !

Love. What, do you change your copy now? proceed, Here stands my dove: stoop at her, if you dare.

Kas. 'Slight, I must love him! I cannot choose, i' faith,

An I should be hang'd for't! Suster, I protest,

I honour thee for this match.

Love. O, do you so, sir?

Kas. Yes, an thou canst take tobacco and drink, old boy,

I'll give her five hundred pound more to her marriage, Than her own state.

Love. Fill a pipe full, Jeremy.

Face. Yes; but go in and take it, sir.

Love. We will

I will be ruled by thee in anything, Jeremy,

Kas. 'Slight, thou art not hide-bound, thou art a jovy boy!

Come, let us in, I pray thee, and take our whiffs.

Love. Whiff in with your sister, brother boy. [Exeunt
KAS. and Dame P.] That master.

That had received such happiness by a servant,
In such a widow, and with so much wealth,
Were very ungrateful, if he would not be

A little indulgent to that servant's wit,

And help his fortune, though with some small strain
Of his own candour. [advancing.]—Therefore, gentle-


And kind spectators, if I have outstript

An old man's gravity, or strict canon, think
What a young wife and a good brain may do ;
Stretch age's truth sometimes, and crack it too.

Speak for thy self, knave.

Face. So I will, sir. [advancing to the front of the stage.] Gentlemen,

My part a little fell in this last scene.

Yet 'twas decorum. And though I am clean

Got off from Subtle, Surly, Mammon, Dol,
Hot Ananias, Dapper, Drugger, all
With whom I traded: yet I put my self
On you, that are my country: and this pelf,
Which I have got, if you do quit me, rests
To feast you often, and invite new guests.




Catiline: bis Conspiracy.

[graphic][merged small]

SCENE I.-A room in CATILINE'S House.
The Ghost of SYLLA rises.

Dost thou not feel me, Rome? not yet! is night
So heavy on thee, and my weight so light?
Can Sylla's ghost arise within thy walls,

Less threatening than an earthquake, the quick falls
Of thee and thine? Shake not the frighted heads
Of thy steep towers, or shrink to their first beds?
Or, as their ruin the large Tyber fills,

Make that swell up, and drown thy seven proud hills?
What sleep is this doth seize thee so like death,
And is not it? wake, feel her in my breath:
Behold, I come, sent from the Stygian sound,
As a dire vapour that had cleft the ground.
To ingender with the night, and blast the day;
Or like a pestilence that should display

Infection through the world: which thus I do.

[The curtain draws, and CATILINE is discovered in his study.

Pluto be at thy counsels, and into

Thy darker bosom enter Sylla's spirit!

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