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Corv. [aloud.] Or like an old smoke wall, on which the rain

Ran down in streaks!

Mos. Excellent, sir! speak out:
You may be louder yet; a culverin
Discharged in his ear would hardly bore it.

Corv. His nose is like a common sewer, still running.
Mos. 'Tis good! And what his mouth?
Corv. A very draught.
Mos. O, stop it up

Corv. By no means.
Mos. 'Pray you, let me:

Faith I could stifle him rarely with a pillow,
As well as any woman that should keep him.
Corv. Do as you will; but I'll begone.
Mos. Be so:

It is your presence makes him last so long.
Corv. I pray you, use no violence.
Mos. No, sir! why ?

Why should you be thus scrupulous, pray you, sir?
Corv. Nay, at your discretion.

Mos. Well, good sir, begone.

Corv. I will not trouble him now, to take my pearl. Mos. Puh not your diamond. What a needless care Is this afflicts you? Is not all here yours? Am not I here, whom you have made your creature? That owe my being to you?

Corv. Grateful Mosca !

Thou art my friend, my fellow, my companion,
My partner, and shalt share in all my fortunes.
Mos. Excepting one.

Corv. What's that?

Mos. Your gallant wife, sir,-
Now is he gone: we had no other means
To shoot him hence, but this.

[Exit CORV.

Volp. My divine Mosca !

Thou hast to-day outgone thyself. [Knocking within.] -Who's there?

I will be troubled with no more.


Me music, dances, banquets, all delights;
The Turk is not more sensual in his pleasures,

Then will Volpone. [Exit Mos.] Let me see; a pearl!
A diamond! te! chequines ! Good morning's


Why, this is better than rob churches, yet;
Or fat, by eating, once a month a man.

Bartholomew Fair.


Scenes selected from Bartholomew Fair, in illustration of the manners of a Puritan Family and their Pastor.


John Littlewit, a Proctor.

Zeal-of-the-Land Busy, Suitor to Dame.

Purecraft, a Banbury Man.

Win-the-Fight, Wife of Littlewit.

Dame Purecraft, her Mother, and a Widow.

The other personages in these scenes are too numerous to be described, and their action will serve only to bring the Puritan family into play.

[graphic][merged small]


[Mr. Littlewit persuades his wife to manifest a carnal longing for roast pig in the Bartholomew Fair. He desires himself to be present at an Interlude on the Tragical History of Hero and Leander, which he has written for a booth at the fair. Zeal-ofthe-Land Busy, their Pastor, has to settle the casuistical question of eating pig in Smithfield before the Littlewits can take their pleasure.]

Lit. Win, you see 'tis in fashion to go to the Fair, Win; we must to the Fair too, you and I, Win. I have an affair in the Fair, Win, a puppet-play of mine own making, say nothing, that I writ for the motion-man, which you must see, Win.

Mrs. Lit. I would I might, John; but my mother will never consent to such a profane motion, she will call it.

Lit. Tut, we'll have a device, a dainty one. Now Wit, help at a pinch, good Wit come, come good Wit, an it be thy will! I have it, Win, I have it i'faith, and 'tis a fine one. Win, long to eat of a pig, sweet Win, in the Fair, do you see, in the heart of the Fair, not at Pye-corner. Your mother will do any thing, Win, to

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