Let the Crazy Child Write!: Finding Your Creative Writing Voice

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New World Library, 8 февр. 2011 г. - Всего страниц: 288
Twelve lively, in-depth chapters reveal how following our untrained impulses — our creative unconscious or "Crazy Child" — gives an authentic grasp on writing stories, poems, plays, and essays. Let the Crazy Child Write! introduces exercises that explicitly tap this knowledge and also presents guidelines on how to give, and receive, constructive feedback. This is the first how-to-write text to give full credit to the creative unconscious since Becoming a Writer, the 1934 classic by Dorothea Brande. Matson goes further by developing writing techniques step by step: Image Detail, Slow Motion, Hook, Persona Writing, Point of View, Dialogue, Plot, Narrative Presence, Good Clichés, Character, Surrealism, and Resolution.

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Clive Matson enjoys writing poems, stories, plays, and essays. His avocations are playing table tennis, growing organic vegetables, and collecting minerals in the field. He lives in Oakland with poet Gail Ford — his wife — their son Ezra, and three cats. He is published in numerous anthologies, and his six books of poetry include Mainline to the Heart (Poets Press, New York, 1966), Equal in Desire (ManRoot, South San Francisco, 1983), and Hourglass (Seagull Press, Oakland, 1988); his Crazy Child poems will appear in Squish Boots (Broken Shadow Publications, Oakland, 1999). His reading and teaching schedule can be found at www.matson-ford.com.

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