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consideration of the merits of the several histories recently put upon the list by the State Board of Education for use in the public schools of Virginia, earnestly protests against the retention on the list of the history by Professor John Fiske, of Cambridge, Mass., and of Cooper, Estill and Lemon's "Our Country," and urge that the said histories be eliminated from said list.

2. That we likewise earnestly urge that the histories objected to above be not taught in the private schools of the State, and that we appeal to the parents of the school children of Virginia to aid in securing their exclusion.

3. That in our judgment, we cannot now use Northern histories in Southern schools; and in action upon this resolution we invite the co-operation of the other Grand Camps of the South.

4. That it is recommended to our "Confederate Camps" to inquire into the cost and expediency of publishing and circulating throughout the State such a sketch of the errors that have been and now are being promulgated in Virginia as will rouse the young people falsely taught during past years to attempt their own reeducation.


5. And, as a suggestion to the library committee of our various camps, that we recommend the reading of the following books and papers:

"The Origin of the Late War," by Mr. George Lunt, an attorney of Boston, published in 1866 (Appleton & Co.); a book to be read by our people, even at cost of steps to be taken to secure its republication.

Lieutenant-Colonel Henderson's "Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson," the new edition of which it is hoped will be easily within our reach.

Hon. J. L. M. Curry's "Southern States and Constitution," and also some of the very valuable works of Mr. John C. Ropes, of Boston.

6. That the Grand Camp of the Confederate Veterans of Virginia earnestly appeal to all the other camps in the South to demand the elimination of all false histories from public and private

schools; that they appoint committees, whose duty it shall be to see that this is done; to urge the Sons of Veterans and Daughters of the Confederacy to co-operate with them in this holy work, and to remember that unless this effort is made that the curse that belongs to those who dishonor father and mother will belong to them. All of which is respectfully submitted,



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