The Fruits of the Spirit: Your Path to Victory

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Xulon Press, 2007 - Всего страниц: 80
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When you possess the fruits of the Spirit, you have received the nature of God meaning that there aren't any defects in you at all. Either you have all of God's nature or you have none of God's nature. The nine fruits will grow in your life only if you possess the nature of God. The first Adam was not born; he was formed. Therefore, we must return back to that which we were before we were born and start a new beginning in order to receive the same knowledge that he received. Adam received his knowledge before he committed sin and we must do the same. This book will lead you back to a new beginning. Elder DeLong brings out the Word of God in such a simplistic yet strategic way whereby you are led on a path to becoming righteous before God. Elder Lloyd DeLong is currently the Elder of the Miracle Temple Church, which is located in New London, Ct, where his youngest son, Larry DeLong, is the Pastor. He co-founded this church with his wife, Eleanor DeLong, in 1972. Throughout his history with the church, he has built a number of churches and has also Pastored churches for forty-three years. He is a personal, reputable, man of integrity who has a degree in psychology and has been a Chaplain for the Department of Corrections for twenty years. He is also the leading professor of Miracle House Institution, which is a subsidiary of Oral Roberts University located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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