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of the Holy Ghost. Every man ought to be careful that he "do not grieve the Holy Spirit;" but if he does, yet let him not quench' him, for that is a desperate case. Φύλαττε τὸν Quλantinov The Holy Spirit is the great conservative of the new life; only "keep the keeper;" take care that the Spirit of God do not depart from you: for the great ministry of the Spirit is but once; for as baptism is, so is confirmation.

I end this discourse with a plain exhortation out of St. Ambrose, upon those words of St. Paul, 'He that confirmeth us with you in Christ, is God;' "Repete quia accepisti signaculum spirituale, spiritum sapientiæ et intellectûs, spiritum consilii atque virtutis, spiritum cognitionis atque pietatis, spiritum sancti timoris, et serva quod accepisti. Signavit te Deus Pater, confirmavit te Christus Dominus:" "Remember that thou (who hast been confirmed) hast received the spiritual signature; the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and strength, the spirit of knowledge and godliness, the spirit of holy fear: keep what thou hast received. The father hath sealed thee, and Christ thy Lord hath confirmed thee, by his divine Sprit ;"—and he will never depart from thee, εἰ μὴ δι ̓ ἔργων φαυλότητα ἡμεῖς ἑαυτοὺς ταύTns åπoževwowμev, unless by evil works we estrange him from us. The same advice is given by Prudentius.

Cultor Dei, memento

Te fontis et lavacri

Rorem subisse sanctum,

Et chrismate innotatum".

Remember how great things ye have received, and what God hath done for you: ye are of his flock and his militia; ye are now to fight his battles, and therefore to put on his armour, and to implore his auxiliaries, and to make use of his strengths, and always to be on his side against all his and all our enemies. But he that desires grace, must not despise to make use of all the instruments of grace. For though God communicates his invisible Spirit to you, yet that he is pleased to do it by visible instruments, is more than he needs, but not more than we do need. And therefore since God descends to our infirmities, let us carefully and lovingly address ourselves to his ordinances: that as we receive remission of sins by the washing of water, and the body and

m Zonar. in Can. Laodicen. 48.

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blood of Christ by the ministry of consecrated symbols; so we may receive the Holy Ghost sub ducibus Christianæ militiæ,' by the prayer and imposition of the bishop's hands, whom our Lord Jesus hath separated to this ministry. "For if you corroborate yourself by baptism" (they are the words of St. Gregory Nazianzen o), " and then take heed for the future, by the most excellent and firmest aids consigning your mind and body with the unction from above" (viz., in the holy rite of confirmation)," with the Holy Ghost, as the children of Israel did with the aspersion on the door-posts in the night of the death of the first-born of Egypt, what (evil) shall happen to you?" (meaning, that no evil can invade you): "And what aid shall you get? If you sit down, you shall be without fear; and if you rest, your sleep shall be sweet unto you.”—But if when ye have received the Holy Spirit, you live not according to his divine principles, you will lose him again; that is, you will lose all the blessing, though the impression does still remain, till ye turn quite apostates: "in pessimis hominibus manebit, licèt ad judicium" (saith St. Austin"); "the Holy Ghost will remain,” either as a testimony of your unthankfulness unto condemnation; or else as a seal of grace, and an earnest of inheritance of eternal glory.


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