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LONDON: Printed by WILLIAM Ciows and Sixs, Juke Street, Stanford Street,

and Charing ('rouse.

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V.-1. Die Lehre der Tonempfindungen als physiologische

Grundlage für die Theorie der Musik. Von H.

Helmholtz, Professor der Physiologie an der Uni-

versität zu Heidelberg. Brunswick, 1865.

2. Histoire générale de la Musique. Tomes I. II.

Par F. J. Fétis. Paris, 1869.

3. Philosophie de la Musique. Par Charles Beauquier.

Paris, 1866.

4. History of Modern Music. By John Hullah.

London, 1862.

5. A Course of Lectures on the Transition Period of

Musical History. By John Hullah. 1865


VI.-1. Village-Communities in the East and West, Six

Lectures, delivered at Oxford, by Henry Sumner

Maine, Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence in the

University, &c. London, 1871.

2. On the Agricultural Community of the Middle Ages,

and Inclosures of the Sixteenth Century in England.

Translated from the German of E. Nasse, by Colonel

H. A. Ouvry. Published under the sanction of the

Cobden Club. London, 1871.

3. Les Ouvriers Européens. Etudes sur les Travaux,

la Vie Domestique et la Condition Morale des Popu-

lations Ouvrières de l'Europe, &c. Par M. F. Le

Play. Paris, 1855

· 176

VII.-1. Mémoires d'Alexandre Dumas. Tomes 16.

2. Mémoires d'Alexandre Dumas. Deuxième Series.

Tomes 8


VIII.-1. A Refutation of the Wage-Fund Theory of Modern

Political Economy as enunciated by Mr. Mill, M.P.,

and Mr. Fawcett, M.P. By Francis D. Longe,

Barrister-at-Law. London, 1866.

2. On Labour : Its Wrongful Claims and Rightful Dues;

Its Actual Present and Possible Future. By William

Thomas Thornton, Author of 'A Plea for Peasant

Proprietors,' &c. Second Edition. London, 1870.

3. Pauperism: Its Causes and Remedies. By Henry

Fawcett, M.A., M.P., Fellow of Trinity Hall, and

Professor of Political Economy in the University of

Cambridge. London, 1871.

4. Systems of Land Tenure in Various Countries. A

Series of Essays published under the Sanction of the

Cobden Club. London, 1870.

5. Land Systems and Industrial Economy of Ireland,

England, and Continental Countries. By T. E.

Cliffe Leslie, LL.B., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-

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