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University Extension Lectures


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Course of Six Lectures


The Age of Elizabeth


E. L. S. Horsburgh, B.A.
Staff Lecturer in History and Literature for the Oxford and American

Societies for the Extension of University Teaching

No. 227

Price, 10 cents

Copyright, 1903, by
The American Society for the Extension of University Teaching

III South Fifteenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Olass.-At the close of each lecture a class will be held for questions and further discussion. All are urged to attend it and to take an active part. The subjects discussed will ordinarily be those arising from the lecture of the same evening. In centres in which no Students' Association (see below) has been formed, the class will afford opportunity for the lecturer to comment on the papers submitted to him.

The Weekly Papers. Every student has the privilege of writing and sending to the lecturer each week, while the course is in progress, a paper treating any theme from the lists given at the end of each part of the syllabus. The paper should have at the head of the first sheet the name of the writer and the name of the centre. Papers may be addressed to the lecturer, University Extension, 111 South Fifteenth street, Philadelphia.

The Students' Association.--Every lecture centre will be greatly helped in its work by the formation of a club or other body of students and readers desirous of getting the stimulus that working in common affords. This Students' Association will have its own organization and arrange its regular programme, if possible, both before and after as well as during the lecture course. The lecturer will always lend his help in drawing up programmes, and, when the meeting falls on the day of the lecture, will endeavor to attend and take part. Much of the best work of Extension is being done through the Students' Associations.

The Examination.-Those students who have followed the course throughout will be admitted at the close of the lectures to an examination under the direction of the lecturer. Each person who passes the examination successfully will receive from the American Society for the Extension of University Teaching a certificate in testimony thereof.

The Age of Elizabeth.


Lecture I. Life and Manners of Court and Society.

II. The Problem of the Poor.
III. The Hero as Buccaneer.
IV. The Invincible Armada.

V. The Climax of the Renaissance.
VI. Shakspere and Spenser.


FROWDE. History of England.
GREEN. History of the English Peoplc.
HALL. Society in the Elizabethan Age. (Swan, Sonnenschein.)
TRAIL. Social England. Vol. II., Vol. III.
AIKIN. Court and Times of Queen Elizabeth.
BRIGHT. History. Vol. II.
CORBETT, JULIAN. Drake. English Men of Action.

. English Men of Letters. Spenser, Sidney, Bacon. (Macmillan.)

L. CREIGHTON. Sir W. Raleigh. Rivingtons' Historical Biographies.

MOULTON. Shakespeare as a Dramatic Artist. (Clarendon Press.)

BEESLY. Elizabeth. Twelve English Statesmen.
HARRISON. Elizabethan England. (Walter Scott's reprints.)

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