Memorial Edition of Thomas Bewick's Works ...

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B. Quaritch, 1885
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Стр. 148 - ... inches from the tip of the beak to the end of the tail when spread as far as possible flat.
Стр. 99 - Sandpiper. — This bird measures about ten inches in length, to the end of the toes nearly twelve, and weighs about three ounces and a half. The bill is black, and an inch and a half long ; a pale streak extends from it over each eye, between which, and the corners of the mouth, there is a dusky patch. The crown of the head and the hinder part of the neck are of a dingy, brewnishash colour ; in some specimens narrowly streaked with white.
Стр. 189 - The great blue heron (Ardea herodias) is about four feet in length from the point of the bill to the end of the tail, and nearly six feet across the wings.
Стр. 34 - Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times ; and the turtle, and the crane, and the swallow, observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the LORD.
Стр. xiv - Atlantic surge Pours in among the stormy Hebrides; Who can recount what transmigrations there Are annual made? what nations come and go? And how the living clouds on clouds arise? Infinite wings ! till all the plume-dark air And rude resounding shore are one wild cry.
Стр. xviii - His energy divine; he tells the heart, He meant, he made us to behold and love What he beholds and loves, the general orb Of life and being; to be great like him, Beneficent and active. Thus the men Whom Nature's works can charm, with God himself Hold converse; grow familiar, day by day, With his conceptions, act upon his plan; And form to his, the relish of their souls.
Стр. 121 - ... and brakes, in the woody glens, or hollow dells which are covered with underwood : there they remain concealed during the day, and remove to different haunts and feed only in the night. From the beginning of March to the end of that month, or sometimes to the middle of April, they...
Стр. 71 - ... same colour, but the dark streaks upon it are larger ; about the vent it is quite white ; the lower part of the back is also white. The rump and tail feathers are barred with black and white ; the shafts of the quills are white, the outer webs totally black, but the inner ones marked with large white spots : the secondary quills are spotted in the same manner on both the inner and outer webs. The legs and feet are of the same shape and colour as those of the Curlew.
Стр. 366 - When they are come to the rivers, they take off their hoods, and having tied a leather thong round the lower part of their necks that they may not swallow down the fish they catch, they throw them into the river. They presently dive Under water, and there for a long time, with wonderful swiftness pursue the fish, and when they have caught them...
Стр. v - Innocently to amuse the imagination in this dream of life is wisdom*; and nothing is useless that, by furnishing mental employment, keeps us for a while in oblivion of those stronger appetites that lead to, evil.

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