How Bright Is Your Brain?: Amazing Games to Play with Your Mind

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Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2006 - Всего страниц: 80
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Top science author Michael DiSpezio devises some bright fun to show kids exactly how their brain, nerves, and senses work. Entertaining, informative, and all in color, this varied collection of great brain tricks, experiments, puzzles, quizzes, and activities provides a cool road map to exploring the most awesome part of the body. Every point is made in a wonderfully clear and clever way, whether DiSpezio has children create a simple model of the brain by cupping both hands, or suggests easy-to-understand comparisons (a thinking human brain uses about the same amount of power as a glowing 60-watt bulb). From an outline of the brain’s major regions and a look at animal brains to creativity rules and memory tests, every detail is illuminating.

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Its All in Your Head
Brainless Circuits
Animal Brains
Brain Games
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