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ness, judgement, and righteousness in the human mind: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord.

10. 12. He hath made the human knowledge (within man) by His powerful word: He hath established (in him) the philosophical system, or the knowledge of good and evil, by His wisdom, and hath stretched out the spiritual knowledges by His discretion.

15. 4. And I will cause their souls to be removed into all the knowledges that are governed

by the spirit of the earth, or by the human opinion.

10. Woe is me, my mother, that thou hast borne my spirit, a spirit of strife, and a spirit

of contention to the whole human sys


16. 19. The souls of the Gentiles shall come unto thy commandments from the most distant degrees of the human knowledge.

17. 13. The knowledge of the souls that depart from my will shall be written in, or shall not be higher than, the human philosophy, because they have forsaken the law of the Lord,

the fountain of instructions of life.

22. 27. But to the philosophy whereunto their souls desire to return, thither shall they not re


29. O man, man, man, hear the word of the


25. 5. They said, turn ye again now every soul

from her evil way, and from the evil of her proud doings, and dwell in the good philosophical knowledge which the Lord


hath given unto you, and to the souls of

your fathers for ever and ever.

25. 11. And this whole human system shall be a desolation (to the soul) and an astonishment. 31. An instruction shall come even to the souls in the farthest opinions of the natural philosophy; for the Spirit of the Lord hath

a controversy with all souls, He will plead with every human mind.

31. 22. For the Lord hath created a new thing in the soul; a spirit woman shall compass a spirit

man: or the knowledge of a woman shall compass the knowledge of a man.

32. 41. Yea, I will rejoice over them to do their souls good, and my word shall plant their souls in this good philosophy assuredly with the knowledge of my whole heart and of my whole soul.

33. 15. And his doctrine shall execute judgement and righteousness in the heart.

35. 15. Go not after other gods or spirits to follow their instructions, and your souls shall

dwell in the good knowledge which I have

given them, and to their fathers or in


37. 19. The opinions of the king of the philosophical Babylon shall not come against the double

knowledge of your souls, nor against this philosophy.

49. 21. The human system is shaken at the noise of the fall of their philosophy.

51. 25. Behold, I am against thee, O destroying high philosophical system, which destroyeth the



knowledge of every soul, or all the human knowledge.

3. 34. To crush under his inferior knowledges all the souls that are the prisoners of the

spirit of the earth.

7. 2. Thus saith the Lord God unto the philosophical Spirit of Israel: an end, the in

struction that shall end, or put an end, is

come upon the four parts of the human system.

8. 12. For they say, the Lord seeth our souls not; the Spirit of the Lord hath forsaken the

human heart.

13. 9. Neither shall their souls enter into the spirit of the philosophy of Israel.

20. 15. The good knowledge, which is the glory of all souls, or of all human minds.

22. 24. Son of man, say unto her, thy knowledge is the system that is not cleansed of errors,

and receiveth not light from above in the day, or in the instruction, of indignation. 26. 20. When I shall set thy soul in the low opinions of the spirit of Adam, in opinions desolate of old, with those that go down to the most inferior system, that she be not inhabited (by the truth); and I shall set glory in the philosophy of the living souls. 31. 16. And all the philosophical spirits of Eden, in the degree trees, shall be comforted in the inferior knowledges of the human philosophy.

34. 13. And my word shall bring their souls to their own good philosophy.




35. 14. When every soul rejoiceth, I will make thy mind desolate.

36. 24. For I will take your souls from among the notions of the heathens, and gather them.

out of all the human systems, and will bring them into your own good philosophy.

35. And they shall say, this system that was desolate is become (in the soul) like the religious spirit Eden.

38. 18. When the opinions of the spirit Gog shall come against the philosophical knowledge

of Israel.

19. Surely in that instruction there shall be a great shaking in the human system of Israel. 11. 41. His opinions shall enter also into the glorious system, and the knowledge of many shall

be overthrown.

12. 2. And many of the souls that are asleep in the lowest opinions of the spirit of the earth shall awake, some to the doctrine that is everlasting life, and some to the vile notions that are the shame of the soul, and to everlasting contempt.

1. 2. For the human mind hath committed great infidelity to God, departing from the commandments of the Lord.

2. 23. And I will beget her unto me in the good philosophy; and I will have mercy upon her that had not obtained mercy; and I will say to the souls that were not governed by my law: ye are my subjects; and they shall say, thy will is our God, or our ruler. 1. Hear the word of the Lord, ye souls whose knowledge proceeds from the spirit Israel;




for the Lord hath a controversy with the souls that inhabit the human opinion, because there is no truth, no mercy, nor knowledge of God in the human system, or mind.

2. 18. Then will the Lord be jealous for the souls that are consecrated unto him, and pity the subjects of his word.

21. Fear not, O man; be glad and rejoice; for the spirit of the Lord will do great things

(in thy soul).

4. 13. And his Spirit treadeth upon the high knowledges of the soul.



8. Shall not the human opinion tremble for this, and every soul mourn that dwelleth therein ? 11. Behold, the days or the instructions come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the human heart, not a famine of philosophical knowledge, nor a thirst for simple instructions, but of hearing the words of the Lord.

5. And the Lord God of truths is He whose commandments touch the human mind or system, and its knowledges shall be dissolved; and all the souls that dwell therein shall mourn.

Jonah, 2. 6. My spirit descended to the opinions that are the foundations of the high earthly know

ledges the spirit of Adam with his errors


was about my soul for ever: yet hath thy

mercy brought up my soul from pride and unbelief, O Lord my God!

Micah, 6. 2. Hear ye, O high philosophical spirits, the Lord's controversy: and ye souls whose

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