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13. 11. And my soul beheld another deceived spirit coming up out of the human philosophy.

14. 3. Whose souls were redeemed from the false notions of the spirit of the earth.

16. 14. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the souls

whose knowledge ruleth the human mind and every philosophical mind, to gather them to the controversy of that great and luminous instruction of God Almighty.

17. 8. The insane doctrine that thy soul saw was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the system that hath no foundation, and go into perdition: and the souls that dwell on the opinion of oneself shall wonder, whose knowledge was not written in the doctrine of life from the foundation of the philosophical spirit, when they behold, the foolish system that was, and is not, and yet is.

20. 7 & 8. And Satan's errors shall be let loose,

and shall go out from him to deceive the souls which are in the four parts of the human philosophy.

Of Water.

Genesis, 1. 2. And darkness was upon the human mind, or

upon the knowledge in the human heart. And the Spirit of God moved upon the simple instructions. (Moved; not rested, as on the seventh day or light.)

6. Let there be the spirit or knowledge firmament

in the midst of, or between the simple in


Genesis, 1. 7. And God made (in the creature) the spirit firmament, and divided the instructions

which were inferior to the knowledge
firmament, from the instructions which
were superior to it.

20. Let the persuasive philosophical instructions
bring forth abundantly (in the creature)
the spirit or the active knowledge that hath
life, and spirits that may rise above the
human philosophy towards or in the
knowledge that is the firmament, or the
expansion of the spiritual knowledge.
21. And God created (in the human mind) great
philosophical spirits in simplicity, and every

living spirit that moveth, which the simple
instructions brought forth abundantly (in

the creature).

18. 4. Let me look for some instruction in simplicity, and let you purify with it the in

ferior part of your mind.

21. 19. And God opened the eyes of her understanding, and she perceived a source of instructions, and went, and got knowledge from it, and made the lad's soul to partake of it.

24. 13. Behold, my mind stands here near a knowledge that is a source of simple instruc

tions; and young minds come out of their common thoughts to get instructions of simplicity.

26. 15. For all the knowledges of simplicity into which his father's followers had entered,

the Philistines had stopped them, and filled

them with wrong human notions.

Genesis, 49. 4. Unstable as the human opinion, the knowledge of thy soul shall not excel.

25. And by the Almighty whose mercy shall bless thy soul with the true instructions of the spiritual knowledge, the good instructions of the deep philosophy that is inferior to it.

Exodus, 14. 16. But lift thou up thy word, and stretch out thine knowledge over the deep Egyptian system (in the soul), and divide in it the good from the evil, or the knowledge of good from that of evil: and the souls children of the spirit Israel shall go on a system void of human knowledge, through the middle of the deep philosophical system of the followers of the spirit Egypt.

21. And Moses stretched out his knowledge over the Egyptian deep philosophy (in the soul); and the Lord caused the simple knowledge to recede (from her) by a strong rising spirit or instruction, and made the deep Egyptian philosophy a dry system, and the simple knowledges were divided (in the soul).

22. And the souls whose double knowledge or life

proceeded from the spirit Israel went into the midst of the deep Egyptian philosophy upon the dry system: and the knowledges in which simplicity prevails were a protection unto their souls, to both the strong and the weak part of them.

23. And the superior or strongest notions of the Egyptians pursued, and went in after the

knowledge of their souls in the midst of

their simple philosophy, even all Pharaoh's intelligent, useful, and valiant spirits.

Exodus, 14. 26. And the Spirit of the Lord within Moses said unto him, stretch out thy powerful knowledge over the Egyptian simple and deep philosophy (in the soul), that its instructions may come again upon the knowledges of the Egyptian philosophers, upon their helping and valiant spirits.

27. And Moses stretched forth his knowledge over the Egyptian simple philosophy, and the simple philosophy returned to the knowledge that is its strength, when the first luminous instruction appeared (in the soul): and the superior knowledges of the Egyptians fled against it; and the Lord overthrew (in the soul) the Egyptian high and proud philosophy in the knowledges of their deep philosophy.

28. And the knowledges in which there was simplicity returned (into the soul), and overpowered (in her) all the knowledges and spirits of Pharaoh that ventured into the deep Egyptian philosophy after her knowledge; there remained (in her) not so much as one of their notions.

29. But the souls children of the spirit Israel walked upon a system void of instruction in the midst of the Egyptian deep philosophy; and the instructions of simplicity were a protection unto their souls, to both their knowledge of good and their knowledge of evil.

Exodus, 15. 5. The deep philosophical knowledges have covered the knowledge of their souls.


10. Thou didst give an instruction with thy Spirit: the opinions of the simple philosophy covered their worldly opinions: their human knowledges sank as lead in the mighty instructions.

22. 6. The soul which hath meddled with the opinions of any creeping or human spirit,

shall be unclean until the end of the instruction, and shall not taste of the holy knowledges, unless she wash her human

mind with simple instructions.

Numb. 19. 13. Because the instruction of separation (from


evil) was not sprinkled upon that soul, she

shall be unclean.

20. 5. Neither is there in this evil knowledge any
simple instructions to refresh our souls.
8. 15. Where there was no knowledge of simplicity:
who brought thy soul forth spiritual and
refreshing instructions out of the rock of

32. 2. My doctrine shall drop (into the soul) as the
spiritual knowledge; my word shall distil
as the gentle moral instruction, as the
moderate instruction upon the weak human
mind, and as the stronger instruction upon
the grown-up philosophical mind.

33. 19. Their instructions shall call the souls unto the high knowledge of the covenant: there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for their souls shall suck of the abundant knowledges of the simple persuasive philosophy, and of rich hid knowledges.

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