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Joshua, 3. 8. When your soul is come to the brink of the instructive knowledge Jordan, or near to

the instruction that will teach her the

judging of herself, she shall stand still, or shall meditate, in that knowledge.

4. 23. For the Lord your God dried up the knowledges that belong to the instruction Jordan from before your souls, until they were passed over, as the Lord your God did to the simple Egyptian philosophy, of which He dried up the foundation from before our souls, until they were gone over.

Judges, 1. 15. Give me also knowledges that are sources of simple instructions. And Caleb gave her

the superior and the inferior knowledges

of simplicity.

2 Sam. 22. 16. And the knowledges that are the channels of the deep and simple philosophy appeared

(in the soul).

17. He sent me knowledge or help from above, or from the spiritual knowledge, He took my soul, His word drew her out of many human opinions.

1 Kings, 22. 27. Put his soul in the prison of error, and feed her with human knowledges and instruc

tions that will afflict her, until I come to her, or until I return, in a spirit of peace, or with words of peace.

2 Kings, 2. 21. Thus saith the Lord, my word hath healed these philosophical opinions: there shall

not be from them any more deadly notions, or barren human knowledge.

19. 24. My mind hath digged and drunk strange hu

man opinions.

Nehem. 9. 11. And thou didst divide the knowledges of the


deep Egyptian philosophy before them, so

that their souls went through the midst of the simple philosophy of Egypt on an opinion void of instruction: and the souls of their persecutors thou threwest into the deep human systems, as a dead knowledge into the mighty instructions.

12. 8. And the philosophical spirits that are in the knowledge of deep simplicity shall declare unto thy soul.

15. Behold, He withholdeth the simple instructions, and they dry up: also He sendeth

them out, and they overturn the human knowledge (in the mind).

22. 11. Or dark knowledge, that thy soul cannot see through it: and abundance of human opi

nions cover her.

26. 10. He hath compassed the simple knowledges with bounds, until the spiritual knowledge

and the human knowledge come to an end.

12. He divideth (in the heart) the simple philosophy with His wisdom, and by His understanding He smiteth through the proud knowledge or spirit.

28. 14. The human mind saith, wisdom is not in me; and the deep philosophical spirit saith, it is

not with me.

29. 19. The root of my double knowledge, or of my soul, was spread out by the penetrating simple instructions, and the refreshing knowledge lay all night upon my mind.

36. 30. Behold, He spreadeth His light upon it,



and covereth the knowledge that is the foundation of the simple philosophy.

38. 8. Or who shut up the spirit of the deep human philosophy with knowledges that pre

vented it from going beyond its decreed limits, when it brake forth, as if it had issued out of the womb?

11. And here shall thy proud and wrong notions be stayed: (further into the soul they shall

not go.)

16. Hath thy soul entered into the knowledges that are the springs of the simple philo

sophy? Or hath she walked in the search of the deep human system, or of the depth of knowledge?

41. 31. His proud notions make the human mind to swell like a boiling pot: his spirit maketh the simple philosophical spirit like a pot of


1. 3. And the knowledge of his soul shall be like a grown up knowledge, planted and refreshed by abundant instructions, that bringeth forth its fruit in its season.

18. 15. Then the knowledges that are the channels of instruction were seen; (by the eyes of the understanding).


3. The word of the Lord is upon the simple instructions: the Spirit of the Lord is upon many persuasive knowledges in the degree of simplicity.

36. 6. Thy righteousness is like the high knowledges; thy judgements are a great and deep knowledge: O Lord, thy commandments preserve the soul man, and the spi


rit beast; or the superior and the inferior


36. 9. For with thy word is the refreshing knowledge in thy light shall our souls see light, or truth.

of life

42. 7. The human heart calleth unto the human heart at the sound of thy words: all thy

powerful instructions are gone over my soul.

46. 4. There is a flowing and penetrating knowledge, the simple instructions whereof shall make glad the soul that is the city of the Spirit of God; the holy place of the knowledges in which dwelleth the Most High Spirit. 58. 7. Let their knowledges melt away as human opinions which run continually.

63. 1. My soul thirsteth for thy word, my mind longeth for thy law, in a dry and thirsty

human system, where no instruction of simplicity is.

65. 9. Thy Spirit visiteth the human heart, and refresheth it with thy word: thy Spirit greatly enricheth it with the penetrating knowledge of God, which is full of in


10. Thy goodness softeneth the human mind with spiritual instructions.

68. 9. Thou, O Lord, didst send a plentiful spiritual instruction, whereby thou didst confirm.

(the souls) thine inheritance, when they

were weary.

22. The Lord said, I will bring again from the opinions of the philosophy or system Bashan: my word shall bring the souls that


are my subjects again from the deep human knowledges of the simple philosophy.

1. Save my soul, O God, for the human opinions are come in unto her.

14. Deliver my soul out of the corruption of the world, and let her not sink: let her be delivered from the errors of those that hate her double knowledge, and out of the deep philosophical knowledges of the spirit of the world.

21. And in my thirst (for thy word) they gave my soul sour knowledge to refresh her. 74. 13. Thy Spirit did divide the knowledges of the deep human philosophy by thy wisdom:

thou brakest the chief knowledges of the evil spirits in the simple instructions.

77. 16. The philosophical knowledges (within my soul) saw thy Spirit, O God: the human opinions saw thy word: they were afraid:

the deep knowledges also (within my soul) were troubled.

19. The way that is approved by thee, or that leads to thy wisdom, is in the simple opinion of oneself, or in the persuasive simple philosophy, and the path of thy Spirit in the great instructions of simplicity and thy footsteps (in the soul) are not known. 78. 15. And gave their souls drink as instructions out of the great and deep knowledges. 16. He brought abundant instructions also out of the spirit of the Rock of Salvation, and caused simple instructions to run down (into the mind) as plentiful knowledges.

53. But the knowledges of the simple and deep

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