The Quest for Truth: Come Now and Let Us Reason Together

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AuthorHouse, 30 авг. 2012 г. - Всего страниц: 658
This book is for the reader who takes interest in an age-old issue that remains contemporary with every succeeding generation. When, how, and why we are here are questions that have caused countless generations of thinkers and laymen alike to intuitively seek at the very least the semblance of an answer to questions that have become more of an outlook than a science, and in turn spring up among the problems of modern life as opposed to allowing for a resolution to that which was intended to clarify instead of further complicate. Free from the shackles and bias imposed by the various schools of religious, scientific and philosophical thought, the examinations offered herein are rooted in systematic analyses of the scientific, philosophical, ethical, social and finally the religious; which in turn allows for the explanation and justification of concepts that enable the reader to adopt a perspective relevant to the distinctions of absolute truth and relativistic assumptions. Our age is accurately referred to as the age of advancement and technology and for good reason. The rapid pace of progression over the last century in the life sciences has contributed to a broadened understanding of knowledge itself and its relation to the psychological and sociological aspects of our existence. As a result of the significant expansion of the sciences, the desire for an understanding of self and simply of why has in many ways been diluted, thus negating the never ending questions that once tugged at man's conscious in the middle of the night for thousands of years. Today's amazing achievements have laid the foundation for a whole series of newer problems and questions that threaten mankind as never before. The medical and biological sciences have enabled us to have a life expectancy beyond that of prior generations, however coupled with that are the problems of population explosion, which in the not too distant future will give rise to serious concerns. We have the ability to harness the power of the atom, yet along with it comes the ability to destroy all that we hold sacred. Taking into consideration the advanced age we live in, how does one account for the remarkable complexity extant throughout the known universe? Is one to assume that our consciousness coupled with our overwhelming sense of purpose can be attributed solely to random chance alone? The law of causation deals with the need for a preceding event leading to the outcome, and despite the fact that this scientific age has left its handprint on every facet of life today, it has failed to satisfy the innate question of simply,.................................. why?

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Michael Dedivonai is an Albanian American who was born in Podgorica, Montenegro in Europe. His family immigrated to the United States in September of 1973. He is a college graduate who has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree. He was a guest speaker on a panel discussion called “Stump the Christian” at Oakland University as well as on a World Religions Symposium at Rochester College. Michael has taught “Discipleship 101” and has meticulously studied the Bible and world events for over twenty five years.

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