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Call for the robin-red-breast and the wren.

Cease your music, gentle swains
Charm me asleep, and melt me so

Come away, come away, death
Come hither, shepherd swain
Come live with me and be my love
Come my Celia, let us prove

Come sleep, and with thy sweet deceiving

Come worthy Greek, Ulysses, come .
Condemned to hope's delusive mine

Crabbed age and youth cannot live together

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Dark, deep, and cold the current flows
Diaphenia like the daffadowndilly
Drink to me only with thine eyes
Drop, drop, slow tears

Fair daffodils, we weep to see
Fair pledges of a fruitful tree
Fear no more the heat o' the sun

First shall the heavens want starry light
Forget not yet the tried intent

Gather ye rose-buds while ye may
Glide, gentle streams, and bear.

God Lyæus, ever young

God prosper, speed, and save

Go, lovely rose

Good morrow to the day so fair
Go to the once loved bowers

Happy the man whose wish and care

Happy those early days, when I

Hark! hark! the lark at heaven's gate sings

Hark how the birds do sing

Hark! she is called, the parting hour is come

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Hence, all you vain delights
Her eyes the glow-worm lend thee
Honest lover whosoever

How delicious is the winning

How happy is he born and taught

How sleep the brave, who sink to rest

How sweet I roamed from field to field

If I freely can discover

If I had thought thou could'st have died

If love be life, I long to die

If Love his arrows shoot so fast

If thou wilt ease thine heart

If to be absent were to be

I got me flowers to strew thy way

I have had playmates, I have had companions.

I love, and he loves me again


In a drear-nighted December

In going to my naked bed as one that would have slept

In the days of old

In time of yore when shepherds dwelt

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I played with you 'mid cowslips blowing

I wandered lonely as a cloud

Lay a garland on my hearse

Life! I know not what thou art.

Like to Diana in her summer weed

Like to the falling of a star

Look not thou on beauty's charming.

Lords, knights, and squires, the numerous band

Lord, thou hast given me a cell.

Love in fantastic triumph sat

Love in my bosom, like a bee
Love is a sickness full of woes
Love is like a lamb, and love is like a lion.

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Margaret's beauteous-Grecian arts.
Men of England, wherefore plough
My days have been so wond'rous free
My mind to me a kingdom is

My silks and fine array

My soul, there is a country

My true love hath my heart, and I have his

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Not a druni was heard, not a funeral note

No! those days are gone away.

Now the bright morning star, day's harbinger

O blithe new-comer! I have heard

O'er the level plains, where mountains greet me as I


Of all the girls that are so smart

O, fly my soul! What hangs upon

O goodly hand

O happy dames, that may embrace

Oh! snatched away in beauty's bloom

Oh turn away those cruel eyes

Oh! what a pain is love

O mistress mine! where are you roaming

On a hill there grows a flower

One silent night of late

One word is too often profaned

On Linden, when the sun was low
Only a little more

O reader! hast thou ever stood to see
Orpheus with his lute made trees

O ruddier than the cherry

O saw ye not fair Ines

Pack clouds away, and welcome day.

Phillis is my only joy.

Phoebe sat

Piping down the valleys wild

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Queen and huntress, chaste and fair

Ring out your bells, let mourning shews be spread

See the chariot at hand here of Love.

Send home my long-strayed eyes to me
Sha! I, wasting in despair.

She dwelt among the untrodden ways
She is not fair to outward view
Shepherds all, and maidens fair.
She walks in beauty, like the night
She was a phantom of delight
Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more
Since, Bacchus, thou art father.

Sing lullaby, as women do.

Still to be neat, still to be drest

Sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright

Sweet Echo, sweetest nymph, that liv'st unseen

Sweet Phillis, if a silly swain

Sweet violets, Love's paradise, that spread

Tell me not, sweet, I am unkind

Tell me where is fancy bred

The earth late choked with flowers
The glories of our blood and state
The lark now leaves his watery nest
The merchant, to secure his treasure
The mountain sheep are sweeter
There be none of Beauty's daughters.
The sun is warm, the sky is clear
The sun upon the lake is low
The twentieth year is well nigh past.

The world's a bubble; and the life of man

They are all gone into the world of light
Though I be now a gray, gray friar

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Tiger, tiger, burning bright
To fair Fidele's grassy tomb

Under the greenwood tree

Verse, a breeze 'mid blossoms straying
Vital spark of heavenly flame

We watched her breathing through the night

Weep with me all you that read.

What hidest thou in thy treasure-caves and cells

When first mine eyes did view and mark

When I a verse shall make.

When lovely woman stoops to foily
When Love with unconfined wings
When maidens such as Hester die
When the lamp is shattered

When we two parted

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Where is the grave of Sir Arthur O'Kellyn

Where shall the lover rest

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Where the bee sucks, there suck I

Where the remote Bermudas ride

Whether on Ida's shady brow

While that the sun with his beams hot

Whoever comes to shroud me, do not harm

Who is Silvia? what is she

Why so pale and wan, fond lover

Wilt Thou forgive that sin where I begun.

Ye little birds that sit and sing

Ye mariners of England

You spotted snakes with double tongue

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