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EXCEPTING those which have appeared as articles in periodi. cals during the last eight years, the essays here gathered together were originally re-published in separate volumes at long intervals. The first volume appeared in December 1857; the second in November 1863; and the third in February 1874. By the time the original editions of the first two had been sold, American reprints, differently entitled and having the essays differently arranged, had been produced ; and, for economy's sake, I have since contented myself with importing successive supplies printed from the American stereotype plates. Of the third volume, however, supplies have, as they were required, been printed over here, from plates partly American and partly English. The completion of this final edition of course puts an end to this make-shift arrangement.

The essays above referred to as having been written since 1882, are now incorporated with those previously re-published. There are seven of them; namely—“Morals and Moral Sentiments,” “The Factors of Organic Evolution,“Professor Green's Explanations,” “The Ethics of Kant,” “Absolute Political Ethics,” “From Freedom to Bondage,” and “The Americans.” As well as these large additions there are small additions, in the shape of post

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