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NE fine day, in the summer-time, Mrs. Pig told all her sons, the five little pigs, that they might go out into the country for a whole day. Mr. Pig, the eldest son, asked his brothers whether they would rather spend the day with him, than enjoy it alone, each one by himself. They all agreed to go with him. All but one, at least, this little pig that you see crying "Wee! wee!" all the way home. This little pig had bought a new fishing-rod and tackle, and he was anxious to try to fish for the first time. He had made up his mind to fish in a stream that was close by, and so he said he would spend his holiday by himself. "Very well," said Mrs. Pig, "but you must not go into Farmer Grumpey's grounds, for he is a very severe man, and he carries a great heavy whip." The little pig told his mother that he did not intend to


fish in this far-
mer's part of

the river.
way he went;
but he told his

mother a story he did intend to go into Farmer Grumpey's grounds. When he got there he threw

his line into

the water, and watched the float for a long time. After a

while he saw the float bobbing about under the water, and very soon after he dragged an immense fish to land. Piggy

took him up into his arms, and started towards home with him. But he soon found that the fish was too heavy to be

carried in that way. So he sat down to refresh himself, and

to think how he was to get the fish along.

He had only been

thus thinking a very

short time, when he heard a great gruff voice shouting out, and soon after he saw the dreadful Farmer Grumpey, with his heavy whip in his hand, on a hill very near to him. So he jumped up, caught the great fish in his arms, and ran off as fast as ever he could. Farmer Grumpey ran too, cracking his whip and shouting out, followed by one of his men.



Piggy found that they were overtaking him, so he dropped

his fish, and ran faster and faster.

poor Piggy was caught by the shoulder in the powerful grasp of the rough and surly farmer, who soundly shook him, and said he would cut his back well for him, for daring to fish in his grounds without his consent. And he was as good as his word, for he laid his strong whip over Master Piggy's back for some time with right good will, after which he let poor Piggy. gɔ, who ran off, smarting all over, and squeaking out in a piercing voice," Wee! WEE!! WEE-E-E-E!!!" all the way


But it was of no use




F Joe Cram had only known how to eat his dinner, he would not have been ill for a month last spring, nor would he have had to sit in an arm-chair and take physic, as he was obliged to do. I will tell you how it was.

Joe Cram was a strong boy, and could eat a great deal. There was no harm in that, so long as he was not greedy. But Joe could not eat his dinner slowly, but would force it into his mouth as if he had been loading a cart. So it did him no good. And, one day, when he ate some soup, a bit of bread stuck in his throat and nearly choked him. But this did not cure him of his bad habit. He kept on bolting his food, so that it did him no good, and at last made him very ill. What a foolish boy Joe Cram was!

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