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as the sun rose they all washed in a clear stream that was near, then Strong-arm served out to each a nice biscuit: this with a drink of spring water was their breakfast, which they enjoyed very much. All being ready, the order was given to march, and they soon came in sight of the Giant's castle. Around the castle was a deep ditch, and before the massive gate there was a narrow bridge.


Strong-arm, leaving his eleven brothers in a little wood close by the bridge, where they might remain safe yet within call if he should want them, boldly strode up to the entrance. He seized the knocker, which was so heavy that it required the strength of both his hands to lift it. Then he sounded


such a peal on the door that it fairly shook the walls of the castle; the door was opened by a funny little boy with a large head, who kept grinning and laughing. Strong-arm demanded

of him where his master the Giant was to be found, but the

little fellow only laughed the louder.

At the noise, and hearing a strange voice, up sprang an ill-looking little man with a large knife in his hand, who had been crouched down in the shadow, and so had not been seen by Strong-arm, who quickly placed his wickerwork shield before his breast, and pressed forward. The man cried, "Get back, or I'll kill you! this is not a place for good boys get you back!" he cried again. But Strong-arm, not the least terrified at his big blustering words, made a thrust at him with his sword, and plunged it deep into the little man's side, who bellowed with the pain, and was soon glad to creep into his dark corner again.

Strong-arm now felt. very valiant, and walked boldly across the courtyard, and presently he


met a very smartly-dressed page, who took his hat off and

bowed to Strong-arm,



asking what he might please to want. Strongarm said he had come to liberate his father, who he knew was kept a prisoner by the Giant. On this the little man said, You must cross the inner courtyard, sir, and there you will see old Margery Longnose, who is at this moment sweeping the floor: you must speak very kindly to her, and she may perhaps be inclined to assist you.' Strong-arm went as the page had directed him, and soon found the old woman, to whom he at once related his story, and begged her to show him his father's prison; upon which she said she was very sorry for him, because that part of the castle in which his father was kept was guarded by a large Dragon, and unless he could kill it, he never could recover his father's liberty.


Strong-arm, nothing daunted, followed the old woman's direction, and soon found himself in the presence of the vile monster, who was fast asleep; so Strong-arm made short work of it by sending his sword right through its heart, at which it jumped up, uttering a loud scream, and made as if it would spring forward and seize Strong-arm; but the good sword had done its work, and the monster fell heavily on the ground--dead.

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