In the Days of Victoria: Some Memories of Men and Things

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John Lane, 1918 - Всего страниц: 367
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Стр. 256 - O monstrous ! but one half-penny worth of bread to this intolerable deal of sack ! — What there is else, keep close ; we'll read it at more advantage : there let him sleep till day.
Стр. 82 - This morning come up to my wife's bedside, I being up dressing myself, little Will Mercer to be her Valentine; and brought her name writ upon blue paper in gold letters, done by himself, very pretty; and we were both well pleased with it. But I am also this year my wife's Valentine, and it will cost me £5; but that I must have laid out if we had not been Valentines.
Стр. 9 - twere by a wizard's rod A blazing arch of lucid glass Leaps like a fountain from the grass To meet the sun ! A quiet green but few days since, With cattle browsing in the shade : And here are lines of bright arcade In order raised ! A palace as for fairy Prince, A rare pavilion, such as man Saw never since mankind began, And built and glazed...
Стр. 79 - The boar's head, as I understand, Is the rarest dish in all this land, Which thus bedeck'd with a gay garland Let us servire cantico.
Стр. 121 - My sister and I received the following letter relating to this eventful time : — "OXFORD, July 11, 1857. " My dearest little women, as far as I can see, The independent Woters is all along with me, But nevertheless I own it, with not a little funk, The more respectable classes they go with Wiscount Monck ;* But a fight without a tussle it is not worth a pin, And so St. George for England, and may the best man win.
Стр. 83 - The choral Ministers of this House do, according to an ancient custom, salute Flora every year on the first of May at four in the morning with vocal music of several parts. Which having been sometimes well performed hath given great content to the neighbourhood and auditors underneath.
Стр. 22 - I do not consider as travelling at all ; it is merely " being sent " to a place, and very little different from becoming a parcel...
Стр. 238 - Swinburne, and squeal'd, glaring out through his hair, ' All Virtue is bosh ! Hallelujah for Landor ! I disbelieve wholly in everything ! — there ! ' " With language so awful he dared then to treat 'em,— Miss Ingelow fainted in Tennyson's arms, Poor Arnold...
Стр. 84 - HORNS so much prevailed, which, though it be now generally disus'd, yet the custom of blowing them prevails at this season even to this day, at Oxford, to remind people of the pleasantness of that part of the year, which ought to create mirth and gayety, such as is sketch'd out in some old Books of Offices, such as the Prymer of Salisbury, printed at Rouen, 1551, 8vo.
Стр. 84 - Oxford the boys do blow cows horns and hollow canes all night ; and on May Day the young maids of every parish carry about garlands of flowers, which afterwards they hang up in their churches.

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