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pomia, false, and power Cheerful, for freest action forond under the laws divre The Modern Man I sing.

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The prophet and the bard,
Shall yet maintain themselves, in higher stages yet,
Shall mediate to the Modern, to Democracy, interpret yet to them,

God and eidólons.


Perfume this book or mine O blood-red roses !
Lave subtly with your waters every line Potomac !
Give me of you O spring, before I close, to put between its pages!
O forenoon purple of the hills, before I close, of you !
O deathless grass, of you !

By Broad Potomac's Shore.

O I see now that life cannot exhibit all to me, as the day cannot,
I see that I am to wait for what will be exhibited by death.

Night on the Prairies.

Immense have been the preparations for me,
Faithful and friendly the arms that have help'd me.
Cycles ferried my cradle, rowing and rowing like cheerful boatmen,

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