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- By His MAJESTY's Authority
Printed indhold Ballina Pater Meter how

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AGAZINES, if well condu&ted, will always prove barometers of the times, and sew how the spirit of politicks, of religion, of gallantry, and

of otber pursuits, rifes or finks. The proprietors, meaning to play a winning game, will naturally consult the publick tafte; and never m ft :king or neglecting * but to tbeir own lofs, will tbroneceffity soon return into tbe popular vortex. For wart of a due attention to this circumstance, bow many rivals has the London Ma. gazine jeen perisb around it! They bave frequently Sprung up like an ignis fatuus, blazed for a sbort time, and funk at once into ibe gulpb of oblivion. Had not gur miscellany been judiciously managed, it could not kave preserved its reputation for fucb a series of years. We cannot pay so bad a compliment to the undersanding of the nation as to suppose it capable of an absurd partiality, or of being influenced by any confideration but that of merit. As it is our intereft

, so it fall be our care, to deferve tbe continuation of publick favour. Neither industry nor expence sball be spared to render the London Magazine the completeji repository of the

learning and genius of the age. That we may be able to vouch the truth of the facts recorded in our bifory of gallantry, we sball not always make a point of baving an article of that nature in every number. Hence we fall avoid the errours of precipitation, and tbe neceffity of fiction ; two faults with which some of our competitors are univerfally and juftly reproacbet. We promise, bowever, that a Memoir of Gallantry fall be but rarely wanting. In our parliamentary Debates we fball adopt a new plan, wbich will at once secure the graces of novelty, andibe charms of perspicui. is. A fimultaneous view of every question agitated in the senate fall be given by a metbodical and historical arrangement of the arguments there advanced on each fide. At proper intervals of time the historical facts relative to other countries, wbicb lie scattered and detached in various publications, shall be colle&ted, digested and given in the form of a regular biftory.. Of our miscellaneous articles we need fay notbing but that, as usual, we shall seleit the mof infructive and entertaining , that our correspondence and new books afford. The topicks of general conversation and political discussion during the month Speak for tbemselves, and need no orber recommendation. Without them no Magazine can be complete. The same observation is applicable to our Review of Books, and to the Reviews contrafted. The want of them would leave our account of literature and literary transactions very imperfekt. Some will perbaps blame us bere for deviating in some measure from the original plan of this work, and not firietly keeping our word with toe publick. But let them not be too bafty in condemning. It is not we but the pube lick' tbal bave made tbe alterations in the London Magazine. We are in a great measure paffive, and ałt as inftruments in the hands of tbe nation. If it calls for divinity, we give divinity ; if it requires politicks, we publish politicks. If love-stories be the mode, we become biftorians of gallantry; and if antiquities be the fafbion, we commence antiquarians. In fort, as far as virtue and decorum will permit, we are whatever our readers please. Keeping a publick fore-house we muft fill it with commodities, for which there is a demanda

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He Temple of CONCORD, the Genius of HARMONY --(described by the

fymbols of CONCORD and Peace) driving away the demon of Faction -(described by the Serpents of Fury on its head, the dagger and torch falling ut of its hands as if disabled.) In the distance, the Sun dispelling the dark clouds, and the brilliancy of its rays ftriking upon the Capital of GREAT BRITAIN,

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