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The First Course of Sermons, adapted to the service of the Sundays and Holidays of our Church, having passed into a Second Edition; the Editor has been encouraged, by this approbation of his labours, to arrange a Second Course of Sermons, with a strict adherence to the principle of his former plan. He ventures to hope, that to some of his Readers who have adopted his Volumes into the system of their Sabbatical instruction, this fresh series will not be unacceptable, if comprising either new subjects, or the former subjects stated by different writers, in new points of view. He commits these volumes to the Public with the greater confidence, from having been permitted to inscribe them to his respected Diocesan. This condescending permission, on the part of that distinguished Prelate, although it cannot be supposed to sanction the propriety or the judgement evinced in the selection of the following Discourses, must yet be deemed the strongest testimony to the utility of the intention.

The Editor designs to publish (if time and opportunity be afforded) one volume of Discourses, relating to the principal subjects comprised in the Psalms. He would thereby complete his plan of forming a copious collection of the most orthodox and instructive sermons, tending to illustrate and enforce such portions of Scripture, as the framers of our Liturgy have incorporated in the service of the Church.

Kensington, December, 1827.

Vol. Page


Utility and mode of Fasting. (SECKER.)

i. 260

Character of St. Barnabas. (CLARKE.)

ii. 450


Fondness for worldly promotion, repressed. (STAN-


ü. 487

Christmas Day.

1. Divine and human nature of Christ. (Duke.) i. 58

2. Moral improvement of the doctrine of the Incar-

nation. (STANHOPE.)


First Sunday after.

1. Privilege of Adoption. (STANHOPE.)

i. 98

2. Death of the old year. (HORNE.)

i. 104

Second Sunday after.

1. Our times are in the hand of God. (Blair.)

i. 110

2. Blessings resulting from Christ as Saviour.


i. 116


Reason and nature of the rite. (DEHON.)

i. 124


Sunday before.

1. The Lord's Supper considered as a preparation

for death. (Blair.)

i. 341

2. Humility and Patience of Christ. (STANHOPE.) i. 349

Monday before.

Character of Judas. (ROBINSON.)

i. 355

Tuesday before.

Sufferings of Christ. (STANHOPE.)

i. 362

Wednesday before.

Legal and Evangelical sacrifices. (STANHOPE.) i. 368

Thursday before.

Character of Herod Antipas. (Robinson.)

i. 375

Friday before.
1. The hour of Christ's crucifixion. (BLAIR.)

i. 382

2. Meditations on the crucifixion of Christ

. (Hari.) i:


, Saturday before.

On the compassion of Christ. (BLAIR.)

i. 408


1. Duty of seeking things above. (TulloTSON.) i. 418

2. Change wrought upon the body. (HORNE.) i.



Immortality of the soul. (Blair.)

i. 435


A bodily resurrection. (CALAMY.)

i. 442

First Sunday after.

1. Remission of sins. (SECKER.)

i. 451

2. The world overcome by Faith. (STANHOPE.) i. 459

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