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Litera Humaniores. Duppa, Baldwin Francis, Brasenose College.

Ferrers, Proby John, Oriel College.
Fowle, Henry, University College.
Harrison, Henry Robert, Lincoln College.
Lane, Samuel, Exeter College.
Latham, Richard, Brasenose College.
Legge, William, Student of Christ Church
Mayers, John, University College.
Platt, Samuel, Magdalen Hall.
Robinson, David, Queen's College.
Round, Joseph, Balliol College.
Thresher, Philip, University College.
E. P. Symons,
J. E. Tyler,

T. V. Short, C. A. Ogilvie,

Public Examiners.

The number of Gentlemen to whom testimonials for Degrees were granted, but who were not admitted into either of the Classes, amounted to 77.

The following subjects are proposed for the Chancellor's Prizes, for the ensuing year, viz.

For Latin Verses-Incendium Londinense anno 1666.

For an English Essay-Language, in its copiousness and structure, considered as a test of national civilization.

For a Latin Essay-De Tribunicia apud Romanos potestate.

The first of the above subjects is intended for those Gentlemen of the University who have not exceeded four years from the time of their Matriculation, and the other two for such as have exceeded four, but not completed seven years.

Sir Roger Newdigate's Prize-For the best composition in English Verse, not containing either more or fewer than Fifty Lines, by any Undergraduate who has not exceeded four years from the time of his Matriculation:

The Temple of Vesta at Tivoli.


Degrees conferred, December 1.


Thistlethwaite, Esq. Trinity College.


Hervey, Hon. William, Trinity College, son of the Earl of Bristol.


Babington, Benjamin Guy, Pembroke Hall. Mower, Arthur, Emmanuel College.

December 15.


Smith, Richard Prichard, Caius College.


Vaughan, Hon. John Shafto, St. John's College.


Chapman, Rev. William Emerson, St. John's College.

November 25.

Charles Currie, B.A. of Pembroke Hall, was elected Fellow of that Society.

At a Congregation, December 8, a Grace passed the Senate for conferring the degree of A.M. on Dominus Judge, of Trinity College, by Royal Mandate.

Also to appoint a Syndicate to inspect Mr. Dodwell's Collection of Drawings taken in Greece, and to report to the Senate whether the purchase of them by the University be advisable.

Also to appoint Mr. Higman, Trinity College; Mr. Hughes, St. John's College, Mr. Hind, Sidney College; Professor Henslow, St. John's College; Mr. Kirby, Clare Hall; and Mr. Ramsay, Jesus College, Examiners of the Questionists.

Mr. Skinner, of Jesus College, is appointed an Examiner of the Junior Sophs in Lent Term, 1825, in the room of Mr. Graham.

The Rev. A. J. Carrighan, B.D. Fellow of St. John's College, is elected Lady Margaret's Preacher, in the room of the Very Rev. Dr. Calvert.

The Rev. Charles Green, M.A. of Jesus College, is admitted Fellow of that Society.

Joseph Harris, Esq. B.A. of Clare Hall, is elected Junior Fellow of that Society.

We are happy to find that the damage of the recent fire in the New Court of Trinity College, was over-rated; it is now supposed not to exceed 250l. principally in doors and window-shutters, for which the apartment where the fire originated was used as store-room.

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Alington, John, B.A. Demy of Magdalen College.

Butler, William James, B.A. Demy of Magdalen College.

Douboulay, James Thomas, B.A. Fellow of Exeter College.

Hay, Edward, M.A. Student of Christ Church.

Home, William Archibald, B.A. Student of Christ Church.

James, John, B.A Scholar of Jesus College.

Legge, George Augustus, B.A. Student of Christ Church.

Miller, Stanley, B.A. Curate of Swalcliffe.

Simcox, Edward George, B.A. Scholar of Wadham College.

Smalley, John Samuel, B.A. Scholar of Jesus College.

Tawney, Richard, B.A. Probationer Fellow of Magdalen College. Thompson, James, B.A. Fellow of Lin coln College.

Webber, George Henry, B.A. Student of Christ Church.

Williams, Charles Keverr, B.A Scholar of Pembroke College.


Besley, John, B.A. Fellow of Balliol College.

Duncombe, Henry, B.A. Fellow of All Soul's College.

Edwards, James, B.A. Demy of Magdalen College.

Hewlett, Joseph T. James, B.A. Curate

of Rotherfield Peppard.

Heathcote, Charles John, M.A. Curate of Henly.

Jelf, Richard William, M.A. Fellow of Oriel College.

Linton, James, B.A. Demy of Magdalen College.

Lupton, James, B.A. Chaplain of Christ


Manley, William, M.A. Curate of Bamp


Meredith, Charles John, B.A. Chaplain of Magdalen College.

Phillips, William Spencer, M.A. Fellow of Trinity College.

West, Joseph, B.A. Chaplain of New College.

Whalley, William, B.A. Curate of Swerford.

By the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, in the Cathedral.


Eddy, John, B.A. Trinity College, Oxford. Graham, John, a literate.

Masters, Dawson, M.A. Trinity College; and

Phillipps, Thomas, B.A. Jesus College, Cambridge.


Edwards, John, B.A. Worcester College; Hawkins, Edward, B.A. Pembroke Col lege, and

Hepworth, Robert, B.A. St. Edmund Hall,


Pooley, George, Pembroke Hall; and Sadler, James Hayes, B.A. Jesus College; Cambridge.

By the Lord Bishop of Peterborough.


Candy, Charles, M.A. Lincoln College; Gardiner, Edward, M.A. Baliol College; Gray, John Edward, MA. Oriel College; and

Thursby, Henry, M.A. Oriel College, Oxford.


Collins, Charles, B.A. St. John's College; and

Folliott, Francis, B.A. St. John's College; Cambridge.

Harding, James Weston, B.A. Pembroke College, Oxford.

Wilson, Plumpton, S.C.L. Trinity Hall, Cambridge.


Bardgett, Joseph, M.A. one of the Chaplains of Christ Church, Oxford, to the


Vicarage of Broughton, Yorkshire; Patrons the Dean and Chapter of that Society.

Baty, Richard, to the Free Grammar
School of Bedale, Yorkshire.
Beloe, H. P. M.A. to the Rectory of the
United Parishes of the Holy Trinity and
the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Guildford.
Brasse, J. B.D. Vicar of Aysgarth, York-
shire, and late Fellow of Trinity College,
Cambridge, to the Vicarage of Stotfold,

Butcher, Dr. Minister of the Chapel Royal, Brighton, to be Domestic Chaplain to the Marchioness of Hastings. Bullen, Edward, S.C.L. of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, to the Rectory of Gimby, near Spilsby, Lincolnshire; Patron, the Duke of Rutland. Carwithen, William, M.A. to the Rectory of Allhallows on the Walls, Exeter; Patron, the King.-And to the Rectory of Manaton, Devon, on his own petition. Clarke, Lipscombe, to the Vicarage of Downton, Wilts; Patrons, the Warden and Fellows of Winchester College. Colville, Asgill, M.A. one of the Students

of Christ Church, Oxford, to the Perpetual Curacy of Market Harborough ; Patrons, the Dean and Chapter of the above Society.

Colville, Nathaniel, B.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, to the consolidated Rectories of Great and Little Livermere, in the county of Suffolk; Patron, Nathaniel Lee Acton, Esq. of Livermere Park.

Cross, Joseph, to be a Minor Canon in Bristol Cathedral.

Davis, David, to the Vicarage of Llantorvilly, Carmarthenshire.

Dyson, Francis, M.A. to the Rectory of Dogmersfield; Patroness, Dame Jane St. John Mildway, of Dogmersfield Park. Elliott, E.B. M.A. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, to the Vicarage of Tuxford, Nottinghamshire; Patrons, the Masters and Fellows of Trinity College. Gale, William, of Ashwick, to the Curacy of Walton, Somerset; Patron, Lord John Thynne.

Griffiths, Charles, B.A. to the Rectory of Tuntishoe Devon. Hannam, Edward, B.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, to be Chaplain to the Royal Horse Guards. Hardwicke, W. M.A. Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord Gwydyr, to hold the Vicarage of Lenton, alias Lavington, in the county of Lincoln, with the Rectory of Outwell, in the county of Norfolk; Patron, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bart.

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Turner, J. M. M.A. of Christ Church, Oxford, Rector of Winslow, to the Prebend of Lafford, at Lewes, new Sleaford. Uphill, George, to the Rectory of Hornblotton, Somersetshire; Patron, John Roberts, Esq.

Williams, David Archard, to the Mastership of the Carmarthen Free Grammar School; Patrons, the Mayor and Common Council of Carmarthen. Wingfield, John Digby, M.A. of Exeter College, Oxford, to the Living of Geashill, in the King's County, Ireland; Patron, the Earl of Digby.

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