Queensland Agricultural Journal, Том 4

Передняя обложка
Government Printer, South Africa, 1899
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Стр. 48 - That very law* which moulds a tear, And bids it trickle from its source, That law preserves the earth a sphere, And guides the planets in their course.
Стр. 480 - ... under the anther ; and, thirdly, by ensuring contact of the pollen and stigma by gentle pressure between the thumb and forefinger. The operation is performed in a few seconds, after a little practice, and it may be facilitated by holding the column between the thumb and...
Стр. 68 - Within a period of thirty years, this was one of the most fertile regions of Central Asia, a country which, when well wooded and watered, was a terrestrial paradise. But within the last twenty-five years, a mania of clearing has seized upon the...
Стр. 204 - Now, it is this circumstance — that the anthrax-bacilli produce spores — which renders this disease so difficult of extermination. Thus, if the carcasses of animals dead of anthrax are buried or are allowed to decay upon the surface of the earth, the bacilli form spores in the soil, and healthy animals may thus become infected by taking in the spores with their food when grazing.
Стр. 480 - ... harvesting. The pods are to be gathered when they begin to turn yellow at their ends, or when they produce a crackling sensation on being pressed lightly between the fingers. Each pod should be gathered separately, by being bent to one side, when it will snap off the stem. It is very important to gather the pods at the right time, for, if they be too ripe, they will split open in curing, and if too green they are dried with difficulty, and they will have little or uo perfume.
Стр. 116 - The parts furnishing the high-priced cuts must be thickly and evenly covered with firm yet mellow flesh of uniform good quality and alike free from hard rolls and blubbery patches. Coarse, harsh and gaudy animals will no longer be tolerated, much less those that are bony and bare of flesh on the back and ribs. The men who buy our cattle and fix their market value are shrewd enough to know almost at a glance how much and just what kind of meat a steer or carload of steers will cut out, and if the...
Стр. 439 - If strange and rare deviations of structure are really inherited, less strange and commoner deviations may be freely admitted to be inheritable. Perhaps the correct way of viewing the whole subject would be, to look at the inheritance of every character whatever as the rule, and non-inheritance as the anomaly.
Стр. 317 - From the diameter of the log, in inches, subtract 4 for the slabs. Then multiply the remainder by half itself and the product by the length of the log, in feet, and divide the result by 8 : the quotient will be the number of square feet.
Стр. 480 - ... cause the seeds and oily substance inside to be evenly distributed. Should any of the pods split, they should be closed up and bound round tightly with silk thread or narrow tape. As they dry and shrivel the thread should be wound and the pods tied up again.
Стр. 116 - The demand for early maturity and plump, sappy carcasses of medium weight and minimum offal and waste had not then set in. It was not until within recent years that the heavy, inordinately fat, or rough and patchy bullock, became unpopular to such an extent as practically to drive this class from the market and to banish the type from the breeding herds. It is well that this was done, for the modern type, represented by the first three illustrations, makes beef at decidedly more profit and economy...

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