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LONDON, 1851.

The First Part of the CATALOGUE, forming a double number of the ART-JOURNAL (the two together), price Five Shillings, is now issued, separately paged, so as to be detached from the ART-JOURNAL, to be bound in a separate volume.

Parts II., III., and IV. will be issued with the June, July, and August Parts.

A concluding part will contain the PRIZE ESSAY, a copious Index, and a largely. Illustrated" Introduction," containing exterior and interior views, the Medals, &c., &c. The Essay on "The Science of the Exhibition," by ROBERT HUNT, Esq., Honorary Secretary to the Museum of Economic Geology, and the Essay on "The Vegetable Kingdom," by PROFESSOR FORBES, will appear in the several Parts of the ART-JOURNAL; but will be so paged, with numerals, as to be detached from the Journal, and be bound up with the ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE. Full directions will be appended to the


The First Part of the ILLUSTRAted Catalogue, now submitted to the public, forms a fourth or fifth portion of the whole, which, when completed, will contain Engravings of about 2000 of the articles contributed by the various Nations of the world to the Great Exhibition of their INDUSTRY.

To produce this work, we have been actively occupied during the last twelve months, and have been in continual communication with nearly all the principal Manufacturers of Great Britain.

Our selections of subjects have been made with the view, as far as possible, of representing every meritorious Manufacturer. We have made no charge whatever to any Contributor; and have, therefore, considered ourselves free to accept or reject according to our judgment. We have studied to obtain Drawings of such articles as should not only be excellent in themselves, but be suggestive-remembering the lessons that one Manufacturer may give to another without prejudice to himself; and we have to acknowledge the cordial zeal with which our endeavours have been seconded by all eminent producers of Manufactured Art.

We are, therefore, justified in expecting, that when this CATALOGUE is completed, it will contain nearly all the best works exhibited; and be, as we pledged ourselves it should be, "a key to the most meritorious manufactures of all parts of the world."

We venture to add, that but for the security against loss supplied to us by the lare circulation of the ART-JOURNAL, the regular monthly sale of which now exceeds 20,000, such a volume as that we undertake to form, in this ILLUStrated CataloGUE, could not be produced at a less cost than four or five guineas. And we hope it will not be deemed presumptuous in us to say, that we have neglected no duty, considered no expense, spared no labour, that might enable us to submit to our Subscribers, and to the public, such a report as shall effect the object held in view, and maintain the character we have acquired for our Journal.

The whole of the matter which appertains to the Exhibition, will be separately d, so as to be detached from the ART-JOURNAL and be bound up in a volume,- for weh volume appropriate bindings will be produced, and for the proper arrangement of explicit instructions will be given "to the Binder."-The Editor of the



Office of the ART-JOURNAL, 49, Pall Mall, May 1, 1851.
Publishers, Messrs. GEO. VIRTUE & Co., 25, Paternoster-row.

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