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[Give in a simple, natural manner.]

Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere;

By the dusty roadside,
On the sunny hillside,
Close by the noisy brook,

In every shady nook
I come creeping, creeping everywhere.
Here I come creeping, smiling everywhere;

All round the open door,
Where sit the aged poor;
Here where the children play,

In the bright and merry May,
I come creeping, creeping everywhere.
Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere;

In the noisy city street,
My pleasant face you'll meet,
Cheering the sick at heart,

Toiling his busy part-
Silently creeping, creeping everywhere.
Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere ;

You cannot see me coming,
Nor hear my low, sweet humming,
For in the starry night

And the glad morning light
I come quietly creeping everywhere.
Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere;

More welcome than the flowers
In pleasant summer hours;
The gentle cow is glad,

And the merry bird not sad
To see me creeping, creeping everywhere.

Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere;

When you're numbered with the dead
In your still and narrow bed,
In the happy Spring I'll come

and deck your silent homeCreeping, silently creeping everywhere. Here I come creeping, creeping everywhere

My humble song of praise
Most joyfully I raise
To Him at whose command

I beautify the land,
Creeping, silently creeping everywhere.



[With expression.]
Into the sunshine,

Full of the light,
Leaping and flashing

From morn till night,
Into the moonlight,

Whiter than snow,
Waving so flower-like

When the winds blow!
Into the starlight

Rushing in spray,
Happy at midnight,

Happy by day!
Ever in motion,

Blithesome and cheery,
Still climbing heavenward,

Never aweary ;
Glad of all weathers,

Still seeming best,
Upward or downward,

Motion thy rest

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