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this volume; and I have not the vanity to suppose, that I have treated any one of them as well, as some who have gone before me—much less that the intelligent reader will find anything new as he turns over these pages. In penning them I have consulted no human authorities except on the single subject of Revivals. My object has been, to submit simply the results of my own experience and reflections, in a familiar way, to the candid perusal and judgment of those who “ watch for souls,” and whose “hearts' desire and prayer to God is, that they may be saved," If I might venture, without taking too much upon myself, to call this The Young Pastor's Manual, and if it should be found to occupy a place, which needed to be filled by some work of the kind, I shall feel myself richly rewarded for all the time and toil it has cost me.

Amherst Coll. April 16, 1842.

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