Ireland's Case Stated in Reply to Mr. Froude

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P.M. Haverty, 1873 - Всего страниц: 238
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Стр. 186 - Majesty that it is not by tem-porary expedients, but by a free trade alone, that this nation is now to be saved from impending ruin.
Стр. 168 - I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations in examples of justice and liberality. And I presume that your fellow-citizens will not forget the patriotic part which you took in the accomplishment of their revolution, and the establishment of their government, or the important assistance which they received from a nation in which the Roman Catholic faith is professed.
Стр. 68 - For there is no nation of people under the sun that doth love equal and indifferent justice better than the Irish, or will rest better satisfied with the execution thereof, although it be against themselves ; so as they may have the protection and benefit of the law when upon just cause they do desire it.
Стр. 130 - About the years 1652 and 1653," says Colonel Lawrence, in his Interests of Ireland, " the plague and famine had so swept away whole counties, that a man might travel twenty or thirty miles and not see a living creature, either man, or beast, or bird, — they being all dead, or had quitted those desolate places.
Стр. 163 - Pallas finding herself almost equalled in her own art, stung with rage and envy, knocked her rival down, turned her into a spider, enjoining her to spin and weave for ever, out of her own bowels, and in a very narrow compass. I confess, that from a boy, I always pitied poor Arachne, and could never heartily love the goddess on account of so cruel and unjust a sentence; which however is fully executed upon us by England, with further additions of rigour and severity.
Стр. 162 - ... steady or fixed in its seat. You had indeed a government, but it was planted in civil dissension and watered in civil blood, and whilst the virtuous luxuriance of its branches aspired to heaven, its infernal roots shot downward to their congenial regions, and were intertwined in hell. Your ancestors thought themselves the oppressors of their fellow-subjects, but they were only their jailers, and the justice of Providence would have been frustrated if their own slavery had not been the punishment...
Стр. 202 - That the weight of English influence in the Government of this country is so great, as to require a cordial union among ALL THE PEOPLE OF IRELAND, to maintain that balance which is essential to the preservation of our liberties, and the extension of our commerce. Second, That the sole constitutional mode by which this influence can be opposed, is by a complete and radical reform of the representation of the people in Parliament. Third, That no reform is practicable, efficacious, or just-, which shall...
Стр. 169 - I accept with singular pleasure the Ensign of so worthy a fraternity as that of the Sons of St. Patrick in this City, a society distinguished for the firm adherence of its members to the glorious cause in which we are embarked.
Стр. 181 - An Irishman, the instant he sets foot on American ground, becomes ipso facto an American; this was uniformly the case during the whole of the late war.
Стр. 193 - The rack, indeed, was not at hand ; but the punishment of picketing was in practice, •which had been for some years abolished as too inhuman, even in the dragoon service. He had known a man, in order to extort confession of a supposed crime, or of that of some of his neighbours...

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