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have defended the Church and the Throne against the encroachments of fectaries and demagogues, and because you have fuffered perfecution for your loyal efforts. That perfecution, which ought never to be forgotten, did, however, produce fome circumstances which I remember with pleasure. When violence and cowardice, malice and ingratitude, had combined to ruin your fortune and blast your fame, there was one Englishman, who, like ABDIEL, "faithful found among the faithlefs, faithful only he among innumerable falfe," had the courage to defend your caufe; and, though his eloquence and truth prevailed not with the boisterous hoft, you had the fatisfaction to owe your deliverance to an inftitution, which sprang not from the branches, but from the trunk itself, and the quiet good fenfe of the People.

With that refpect, which I have ever entertained you, fince I first heard your name pronounced,


I remain,

Dear Sir,

Your moft humble

And moft obedient fervant,




HIS Royal Highness the PRINCE of WALES.

His Royal Highnefs the DUKE of YORK.
His Royal Highnefs the DUKE of CLARENCE.
His Royal Highness the DUKE of KENT.

His Royal Highness the DUKE of CUMBERLAND.

His Royal Highness PRINCE AUGUSTUS.



Addington, Right Hon. Henry
Arbuthnot, C. Efq.
Affleck, Sir Gilbert, Bart.
Adams, John W. Efq.
Barrington, Hon. Dr. Shute,
Lord Bishop of Durham
Beeke, Rev. Dr.
Belgrave, Lord Viscount
Bunney, Dr.

Banks, Sir Jofeph, Bart.
Ballantyne,, Efq.
Binney, Charles, Efq.
Bowles, John, Efq.
Brown, John, Efq.
Barber, Edward, Efq.
Boydell, John, Efq. Alderman
Beaumont, Sir George
Boucher, Jonathan, Efq.
Coffin, Efq. 2 copies
Caftlereagh, Lord Viscount
Cowper, Earl
Corry, Right Hon. Ifaac


Clare, Right Hon. Earl of Canning, Right Hon. George, M. P.

Cowper, Hon. Edward Spencer Cumming, David, Efq. Carnegie, Sir David, Bart. M. P.

Conductors of the British Cri


Codd, Captain Philip
Clark, R. Efq.

Croke, Alexander, L. L. D.
Cawthorne, Mr. George, 1


Crickett, Charles Alexander,
Efq. M. P.
Day, Sir John, Bart,
Downes, the Hon. William,
2d Juftice K. B. Ireland
Douglas, Samuel, Efq.
Douglas, Rev. Mr. Arch
Deverall, Blake, Efq.

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Shaw, Alderman
Spencer, Earl
Spencer, Countess.
Scott, Right Hon. Sir Wil-


Allen, Arthur, Efq.
Abercrombie, Rev. James
Andrews, Rev. Doctor
Achmuty, Robert N. Efq.
Anderfon, William P. Efq.
Anthony, Jofeph, Efq.
Arndt, Philip, Esq.
Anderfon, Mr. William
Afhley, John, Efq.
Allen, George, Efq.
Anderfon, J. Efq.
Allen, Mr. William

Stuart, Hon. Frederick, M. P.
Simcoe, M. General
Sheffield Book Society
Shedden, Robert, jun. Efq.
Symmons, J. Efq.
Sykes, Captain, Royal Navy
Shugars, Mr. Royal Navy
Sykes, James, Efq.
Scott, Samuel, Efq.
Thornton, Henry, Efq. M. P.
Temple, Sir Grenville, Bart.
Townsend, Charles, Efq.
Trelawny, John, Esq. Royal
Trelawny, William Lewis,
Tyghe, S. Efq.

Vanfittart, N. Efq. M. P.
Venner, Mr. C. M.
Vincent, Earl of St.
Voller, Thomas, Efq.
Whitfield, Robert, Efq.
Windham, Right Hon. Wil

Winchelsea, Earl of
Wight, Rev. Mr. Osborne
Wickham, William, Efq.


Bavel, Mr. Thomas Cantee
Bulgin, James, Efq.
Bird, Thompfon, Esq.
Burgwin, John, Efq.
Bulkley, Mr. R. F.
Bradbury, Mr. M. R.
Bruce, Mr. James
Barnes, Mr. Abfalom
Burke, Mr. Tomkins
Bradley, Mr. Jafper
Bunnehill, Mr. James
Brookes, Mr. Thomas
B 4


Butler, Mr. Allen
Burwell, N. Efq.
Banks, Timothy, Efq.
Black, Mr. Henry
Bailey, Sampfon, Efq.
Baker, Mr. Anthony
Badcock, Daniel, Efq.
Bond, Phineas, Efq. Conful-
general of his Britannic Ma-

Beggs, Thomas, Efq.
Beacon, Edmund, Efq.
Blount, Mr. Peter
Brown, Mr. William
Beercroft, Samuel, Efq.
Blake, Mrs. Martha
Bailey, Thomas, Efq.
Carey, Mr. Thomas
Coleman, William, Efq.
Cortelyon, P. S. Efq.
Corbin, Francis, Efq.
Corney, Peter, Efq.
Correll, Peter, Efq.
Cotefworthy, Mr. Philip
Cartwright, Mr. Allen
Campbell, Mr. Allen
Canby, Mr. Richard
Cobb, Mr. Strangeways
Churchill, Mr. V. S.
Conway, Mr. Robert
Coates, Mr. Samuel
Cuyler, Jerry, Efq.
Cain, George, Efq.
Coates, William, Efq.
Corrie, John, Efq.
Dyckman, S. M. Efq.
Drinker, Mr. William
Decatur, Captain Stephen,

Daniel, Mr. Matthew
Davies, Mr. Ifaac
Devereux, John, Efq.
Davy, Alexander, Efq.
Danby, Mr. Graves
Darbun, James, Efq.
Davies, Mr. George
Davies, Mr. Benjamin
Dickinson, J.D. Efq.
Dickinfon, Mr. Athinwold

Davidfon, Mr. John Dykes, Mr. Peter Eafton, David, Efq. Elliot, Samuel, Efq. Edwards, Edward, Efq. Fitch, Jofeph, Efq. Fenno, Mr. John Ward Fenwick, Theodore, Efq. Fletcher, Mr. John Fisher, Robert, Efq. Farley, Mr. F. B. Freeman, Mr. Nathan Gatliff, Samuel, Esq. Griffin, John, Efq. Giles, Mr. Brien Gairdner, Edwin, Efq. Gairdner, James, Efq. Gafkill, John, Efq. Grover, Mr. Ezra Gates, Jonathan, Efq. Godfworthy, Aaron, Efq. Giles, Mr. Matthew Guthery, Mr. George George, Mr. Edward Giles, Mr. David Gennevray, Mr. James Gairdner and Mitchell Gilbert, Felix H. Efq. Gibbons, Thomas, Efq. Gibbons, William, Efq. Hamilton, Mr. Edward Hodge, John, Efq. Henry, Robert, Efq. Heard, Mr. James Hamilton, Mr. J. B. Hurdis, Mr. Simeon Howe, Mr. James ́ Haftic, Mr. Henry Hobby, W. J. Efq. Hounds field, Ezra, Efq. Hurd, Mr. Bradley Hughes, Mr. John James, Mr. Geo. 41 copies James, Mr. Thomas Jackfon, Job, Efq. Jacks, Mr. David Johnson, Mr. Samuel Jenkinfon, Davis, Efq. Jones, Allen, Efq.


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