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Observer, July 1, '71.

the Prophets, and Evangelists, and Apostles, to “ write the vision, and make it plain upon tables;” but this is not meant to supersede our diligence and thoughtfulness, nor to excuse baste and levity in those who read. There are many Pilates in the church : they ask sincerely, What is truth? but do not wait for an answer. There can be no stability, no intelligent attachment to Christ, apart from the habit of a patient study of the Scriptures. The most precious knowledge that man can possess, the knowledge of God, is not to be acquired by a flippant and thoughtless turning over the leaves of the Bible. Slowly and prayerfully must the word of God be read, if we intend to realise its fulness of meaning and of blessing. The only condition on which we can attain to this heavenly wisdom is thus set forth : “ If thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for under. standing; if thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures ; then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God." (Prov. ii. 3-5.) We commend this passage to the consideration of all running readers.--See Neh. viii. 8; Matt. xxii. 29; John v. 39; xxiv. 27; 1 Cor. xiv. 20.

Notes and Queries.

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QUERIES. Will some competent reader of the E. O. serve the cause of truth by giving an accurate exposition of 1 Cor. xi. 19?

What does the Apostle mean by saying—"There must needs be also heresies (sects) among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest ? "

Where is the necessity for "sects” and “divisions,” and how should the makers of them be treated ?

It seems to me that there is need to pay particular attention to this subject, that we may understand what is involved and act accordingly.


Family Room.


You tell me a man is changed by and convenience from interference the converting and renewing grace and restriction, or to lavish thought of God. Is he? Let me look at and care upon all the dependent him. It is something that I may circle. Let me know are his angles see him with a Bible in his hands. rounded off in the home? Is he eager It goes as confirmation if I behold to lift off the household burdens from him on his knees. It helps the the frailer form at his side, and adevidence that I hear him speaking just them

to his own broader publicly his vows in covenant with shoulders? Especially, has he be.« God and His people. But I would come in a spiritual and meaning rather visit him at his home, see phrase, nursing Father" to the what sort of a husband and father little ones there? Are they only the he has become-whether he is gentle playthings of his idle moments, with and self-restrained, when he used to whom he frolics as so many kittens be petulant and irritable-whether when he is good natured, or looks he is monarch of all he surveys, or upon as so many stumbling-blocks to the servant and minister of all — be kicked out of the way when he is lives to receive the incense of the moody and hasty? Or are they family homage, to be saved trouble, young plants to be watched and and to guard his personal comfort matured for the garden of God,


Observer, July 1, '71

youthful learners to be taught the on the cradle of his babe—to hear way of life, early pilgrims whose him, with a tax which he shall feel, feet he is to lead with his own in because it is pain's-taking study and the path to heaven? Show me the effort; and yet for love's sake shall evidence that he has discerned and not feel, because it is freely and accepted his most privileged and re- gladly borne, reading and expoundsponsible calling of nurseryman for ing to young learners the way of the great Husbandman in this little truth and salvation. If his heart is plantation of immortals. I wish to not to his children, it is not turned see him kneel with his right arm to Christ.

A. L. STONE. around his eldest born, and his left


AN EGG STORY. I never come upon a nest of eggs | the middle, with a variety of sheds, secreted by the hen most conscien- lean-tos, stables and carriage houses, tiously and unknown to the most projecting on every side of it, as if searching of housekeepers, without the barn had settled a family of nine a sense of boyish delight, which barns all around it. It was a family would bring down on me reproving barn, beloved of hons and boys ; for looks and grave admonition from all in its roomy interior and in the who have an awful sense of the pro- passages, bins, nooks and corners, per dignity of ministers.

But I all sorts of frolics might be carried have no doubt soda and acids come on; while an occasional “ peak” at together with the very best resolu- the cracks would keep them informtions. They are determined to ed when the old man was coming. restrain themselves, and not foam But hens, who have a secretive

Yet the first drop of water tendency, a modesty of the nest, find sets them off, and they make bubbles their paradise in such a voluminous and throw them in each others barn. Here they may lay in silence, faces at a furious rate, in spite of and proclaim it in a vociferous all efforts at self-government. Now cackle, bringing down the old barnwhat is to be done about it! Were yard in chorus, and making echoes they not made so? And are not in the neighbouring hen yards, and some people made so as to effervesce yet the searcher find nothing. easily! Why they were made so, is “ That pesky hen! she lays every a question that should be addressed day, and yet we are none the better to another quarter.

for her eggs. I wonder where the Well, I was saying that the dis- creature hides ! If Harvey was covery of hidden eggs was always an half as smart as his father, I know excitement, and there have been that he could find that nest.” times when the excitement was Again and again came the exultant prolonged and extreme. It chanced cackle, and again and again we were in this wise, and in the goodly state without custards ! of Indiana.

And so, one mellow autumn day No more neat, careful, exact and we wandered through the garden, scrupulous housekeeper ever was and strolled into the barn. seen in the Hoosier State than our not so full but that it had the sense fair landlady, who had us in special of great space. It was festooned charge during the absence of our with cobwebs, and had all the tribes proper head and queen, who sought of spiders that hide in half lights. health on the seaboard. An old- We climbed the beams, we jumped fashioned barn there was, huge in down from far up on the hay, and

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It was Observer, July 1, '71,




finally, after sundry amusements, i ed our thoughts from the discovery lay down by the side where the of the nest-indeed we forgot that shrunk boards gave us an inspection we had eggs about us, and drew to crack, from which we swept the the table and sat down with an neighbourhood—saw and were un. alacrity which was only equalled by

Soon we heard the least the spring with which we got up. possible sound of a foot on the hay.

66 Gracious!" Turning our head, we beheld the Why, what is the matter?” productive but unprofitable hen “Matter enough!” stealing toward her secret nest. It Are you sick? Do let" was the one time too often. We I drew my hand from my pocket, knew as much as she did.

streaming with liquid chicken, never How rapacious are all conquerors ! to be born, and the disgusting secret There was the roundest nest, well was out! That woman was a saint ! sunk in a corner, full, brimful of My pocket was duly cleaned, without eggs—thirteen, besides one for a one cutting word. I can imagine nest egg! As oriental kings despoil the process, but I never like to dwell a captured city, rob its people, pull upon it. Would you believe it, the down its choice architecture and same thing happened in a few weeks quite discrown its beauty, so we again? It did, and to the very same found the nest, glowing white as person! But never since then, nomarble, and left it—like hay,

never !

From that day to this we do Is there not a providence for hens? not remember ever to have oven Is there not a fate that follows the taken an egg from a nest. most obscure and unwatched vio- 1. When I see a man who allows lence ?

himself to be puffed up and flattered, We put the eggs safely in our I know that his time will come when coat-tail pocket, and walked cau- he will sit down on his eggs. tiously. It recalled a piece of disre- 2. When I see

men who putable carelessness on our father's robbing, right and left, and filling part, who once sat down on a dozen their pockets with unlawful wealth, eggs, and went up as if every egg which other men earned, I say, “You was a bomb, and every bomb in will sit down on those eggs yet.” explosion. But then he was 3. When over-cunning men think notoriously absent-minded man. His that they can outwit all their fellows, very example was our safety. And and are exulting at the success which yet we dwelt with some inward mirth, their shewdness has achieved, I say as we walked to the house, on the to myself, “ Fill your pockets ! By ludicrous figure which our father cut. and bye you will sit down on those Dinner was spread as we came in. eggs.

H. W. BEECHER. Some question came up which divert

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NEVER GET ANGRY. It does no good. Some sins have others too. Who thinks well of an a seeming compensation, or apology, ill-natured, churlish man, who has a present gratification of some sort; to be approached in the most guardbut anger has none. A man feels no ed and cautious way? Who wishes better for it. It is really a torment; him for a neighbour, or a partner in and when the storm of passion has business? He keeps all about him cleared away, it leaves one to see in nearly the same state of mind as that he has been a fool; and he has if they were living next door to a made himself a fool in the eyes of hornet’s nest, or to a rabid animals

Observer, July 1, 71.

And as to prosperity in business, one society. He may do some good, but gets along no better for getting more hurt. Heated passion makés angry. What if business is perplex- him a fire brand, and it is a wonder ing, and everything goes " by con- if he does not kindle flames of discord traries,” will a fit of passion make the on every hand. Without much sen. winds more propitious, the ground sibility, and often bereft of reason, more productive, and markets more he speaketh “like the piercing of a favourable ? Will a bad temper sword, and his tongue is an arrow draw customers, pay notes, and make shot out.” He is a bad element in creditors better natured ? If men, any community, and his removal animals, or senseless matter cause would furnish occasion for a day of trouble, will getting “mad” help thanksgiving. Since, then anger is matters, make men more subser- useless, needless, disgraceful, withvient, brutes more docile, wood and out the least apology, and found only stone more tractable ? An angry in the bosom of fools," why should man adds nothing to the welfare of it be indulged at all ?


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NEWCASTLE DISTRICT MEETING.-On | who spent one Lord's day with us. The Monday, May 29th, the usual Half-yearly church was blessed by his presence and Meeting of Representatives from churches built up in the faith by his cheering disin this district was held at North Shields. courses. This brother has been since The gathering was a truly happy one, and January last labouring at Rhosllanercrugog a considerable number of brethren were and district under the direction of the present from Newcastle, Bedlington and Welsh Evangelist Committee. We learn North Shields. We were also favoured that his arrival there was most opportune, with the presence of Bro. Evans, who is now the church required putting in labouring amongst us. The meeting was order. It has now been built up and conpresided over by Bro. Watson, and his solidated, and although many have not as opening remarks were on the need for sus- yet been added from the world, our brother taining an evangelist for the dissemination has been doing a very important work. of gospel truth in the district-a subject We understand that one addition was made that has occupied the attention of several by baptism on the Lord's day previous to previous meetings. It was agreed that the his visit here.

J. T. M. representatives of the churches ascertain at FALKIRK.—A small number of baptized an early date to what extent the churches disciples have for a number of years met will contribute to that end. A committee here on the first day of the week for social of management was formed to carry out worship and the breaking of bread. Though the wishes of the churches in this matter. our influence is small in the way of extend.

The church recently formed at Spittal ing the Redeemer's kingdom, we rejoice in also occupied the attention of the meeting, the labours of those who contend for Chrisand it was resolved that a letter be sent tianity as taught in the New Testament. greeting and requesting them to co-operate We were visited lately by two brethren from with us in district evangelization.

Edinburgh-Aitken and Hurt—by whose The attention of the meeting was called kind and considerate bearing, and by their to the fact that there were a few brethren words of counsel and instrnction, we felt meeting in Sunderland whose profession and comforted and encouraged to steadfastness practice are deemed to be after the primitive in the Christian calling, although meeting order, and it was deemed wise to commu- with what we are apt to consider adverse nicate with them. Reports were read from influences.

W. HAMILTON. the churches, and it wa resolved that the BANFF.-Bro. Strang has now left us, next half-yearly meeting be held at New. after laving laboured assiduously in this castle, on December 25th. After the meet- neighbourhood for three months. We have ing tea was provided, and we parted, more much cause for thankfulness that his labours determined than ever that our lives and have been so blest to ourselves. The church our all should be dedicated to the Master's has been greatly revived. He obtained service.

J. S. good audiences and dispelled much preMERTHYR. — We have lately been favour judice. We trust and pray that the good ed with a visit from Bro. William Williams, I seed sown may spring up and bring forth

Observer, July 1, '71.

fruit to the praise and glory of God, and | and a good interest is prevailing.-H. S. that Bro. Strang may be long spared to EARL. wòrk in the vineyard of the Lord, for Langhorne's Bridge.--Since mylast comwhich he seems 30 well qualified. Two munication four persons have obeyed the individuals have been immersed here from Gospel.

S. J. the fishing villages to the west of this Milang.-Two have been added, one by place, where there had been a considerable baptism, and one by letter. S.J. awakening.

J. NICOL. Stirling East.- Seven have been added CASTLEMAINE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, to the Church this month, through the March 27th, 1871.-Dear Bro. King,-For exertions of Bro. Colbourne. It is most some six or seven years a few of us, former- gratifying to see what an effect his preaching ly Baptists, have been meeting in our own has taken on the people around here.houses every first day, for the breaking of H. J. PINK. bread. Lately we opened the Rechabite Lygon Street, Melbourne.—March 18, Hall for that purpose and for the preaching 1871.–Since last report six have been of the gospel. We have have been mater added to the Church, one from the Baptists, ially assisted in this work by Bro. Illingworth and five baptized into Christ.-G. L. a commercial traveller, who comes this way SURBER. once a month, and who has delivered Dawson Street, Ballarat.–Our last several lectures, which have been accom- report to The Pioneer was in June, since panied with the Divine blessing. On then we have had the pleasure of witnessing Sunday, February 26th, we repaired to a twenty-five persona confess Christ and cast large sheet of water, and there, on a con- in their lots with us. Our Brother Hamill fession of their faith in Christ, Bro. Fisher came amongst us in November, and fifteen immersed two into Christ; and we have of the above have been baptized during the also received five others. The church now time of his visit. We trust and pray

that numbers eleven members, and, trusting in they may all continue to "fight the good the Divine blessing, we look forward for fight of faith and lay hold on eternal life.” encouragement. Yours in the faith,

- March 2, 1871.-M. E. COOK.

Collingwood.-March 22, 1871.-Since SOUTHPORT, June 18th.–We have been the first of March four have been baptised cheered this morning by hearing two confess into Christ. Our audiences are good and faith in Christ and seeing them baptized the prospects cheering, 0. A. CARR. into His name. We pray that they may Hotham.-March 21.-Since our last be steadfast and immoveable, always abound report two months ago, twenty-four persons ing in the work of the Lord. E. C. have been joined to this congregation,

LONDON, CHELSEA.— Bro. Ellis, from thirteen being by commendation and eleven Brighton, arrived here early in January, by faith and baptism. Six weeks ago, and laboured for eight weeks. His efforts preaching was comimenced on Lord's-day to spread the cause of the Master were afternoon at Broadmeadows, a small towncrowned with success; six persons yielded ship about ten miles from Melbourne, the allegiance to the King of Kings. After an Police Court being gratuitously lent for the interval of five weeks, he returned, to con- purpose. The attendance has so far been tinue his “work of faith and labour of very gratifying, and four of the baptisms love,” and two more were “turned from reported above have been the result of the darkness to light, and from the power of divine blessing on the effort thus far.-M. Satan unto God.” His visit terminated a W. GREEN. fortnight ago; and we can truly say that SYDNEY.— New South Wales.—March 7, we have experienced a sweet season of 1871.—Since last report four additions by refreshing.

J. C. V.

faith and baptism, three of these came from TUNBRIDGE WELLS.—There is a small / Woolloomooloo.

S. H. C. gathering of disciples here to break bread.

Newtown, Sydney. - February 22, 1871, It will be found by enquiry at No. 8, Front -I herewith forward you a few items Road. One has just been immersed into respecting the prosperity of the Church in Christ. We shall be glad of a call from any Newtown. During the last month and the disciple coming this way. H. COLLYER.

present one, we have had an accession to AUSTRALIA. -Adelaide.—March 25th.

our ranks of nine persons.-W. FURSMAN. During the past month a church has been formed at Norwood, in the suburbs of Adelaide. Bro. Gore is now preaching

Obituary. regularly at Norwood. The church SABAH BUCHAN fell asleep in Jesus, May numbers about thirty members. During 18th, in the seventy-eighth year of her age. the past month three have been added to Her sufferings were serere, but she bore the the Church of Christ in Adelaide. Several affliction as becometh one who looks for a

“almost persuaded to be Christians.” | resurrection to eternal life.


G. S.

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