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Massachusets Act as to Education.

271 AND the select men and inhabitants of such towns respectively, shall take effectual care, and make due provision, for the settlement and maintenance of such schoolmaster and masters.

AND if any town, qualified as before expressed, shall neglect the due observance of this act, for the procuring and settling of any such schoolmaster as aforesaid, by the space of one year; every such defective town shall incur the penalty of ten pounds for every conviction of such neglect, upon complaint made unto their Majesty's justices in quarter sessions for the same county, in which such defective town lieth; which penalty shall be towards the support of such school or schools within the same county, where there may be most need, at the discretion of the justices in quarter sessions; to be levied by warrant from the said court of sessions, in proportion, upon the inhabitants of such defective town, as other public charges, and to be paid unto the county treasurer.

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The following rewards have been given to the
Children attending at Campsall School, as an
inducement to good conduct, and as the means of
furnishing them with decent clothing and some
useful books, during their continuance at the
school, and upon their going into service.
* girl who comes to school, at or as
near as may be, the time appointed ;-who has
her hair, face, neck, and hands quite clean,
and her clothes in good order and properly
mended:--who takes pains to improve in read-
ing, and whatever else she has an opportunity
of learning;—who performs her task in sew-
ing, knitting, straw platt, &c. and does it as
well as can reasonably be expected;-and who
does not in any respect behave ill-will each
day receive a white ticket, having marked on it
No. 1, 2, 3, &c.

* Reports to Appendix, Vol. V.

2. On Sundays, and other days when the girls attend the school twice a day, they may if they behave well, obtain two of these tickets; one in the morning, and the other in the after


3. If a girl is certainly known by the ladies to steal, cheat, or use bad words, either in school, or out of school, or to misbehave at church, she will not only receive no ticket on the day on which she is so detected, but will also forfeit twelve of the tickets which she had before received.

4. When a girl has one hundred of these tickets (in regular order from one to an hundred) she must return them to her teacher; and she will receive, instead of them, a prize ticket, having on it these words, "Reward of Diligence "and good Behaviour," No. 1, 2, or 3, &c. Each of these tickets will entitle the owner (on continued good behaviour) to the following sums of money: which are to be given to her in necessary clothing, useful books, and a small proportion of money, when, with the approbation of the ladies, she either goes to service, or becomes an apprentice.


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5. There will be no higher prize than No. 15. Should any girl obtain any more than fisteen red tickets, each of the succeeding number will be of the same value as No. 15.

6. No prize ticket will be given for any number of white tickets, that is not a complete hundred. If a girl loses any of the hundred she has received, she must return to her teacher such numbers as she has remaining; but she will not receive, instead of them, a prize ticket, or be intitled to any reward.

7. If a girl leaves school with the approba tion of the ladies, before she has completed her hundred, she must return the tickets she possesses; and if she has not lost any that she received, she will have, instead of them, a present in proportion to the number of her tickets, and to the value of the prize tickets, to which, had she been able to complete her hundred, she would have been entitled.

8. Should it ever happen that a girl behaves so ill as to be dismissed the school, or that she

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leaves off attending without the approbation of the ladies, she will receive in clothing, ali the money due to her for her sale work; but her tickets of every sort must be returned to the ladies, and they will all be forfeited.

9. Every year in the beginning of November, a day will be appointed, on which each girl's progress in reading, sewing, &c. during the preceding year will be examined; and no other business will that day be done in the school. The following rewards will be distributed to those who appear to deserve them: to those who have made suitable improvement in reading, spelling, and understanding the meaning of words, a book; in writing, and accounts, either a pencil, a pen knife, pens, paper, or a writing book, &c.-in plain work, knitting with common needles, and a hook, and straw platting, either a pincushion, a workbag, a housewife, a pair of scissars, a pocket, or a pair of mitts, &c. Prizes for the different performances will be provided as nearly as possible of the same value; and each girl will be allowed to make her own choice from those allotted to the particular exercise for which she claims a prize. To each girl who has obtained the three prizes, a ticket

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