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infallible standard, God's holy law; a law by which every mouth must be stopped, and all the world become guilty before God.

After shewing them their ruin by sin, we would teach them their remedy in the Gospel, setting before them the necessity of repentance towards God, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ,

the merit of his blood-the influence of his Spirit and the obligations to a holy life and


But while we as their friends are using our endeavours, how much stronger reasons have you as their parents to join us in bringing them, as you are able, to the knowledge of God and themselves!-Leading your little ones (like those mentioned in the Gospel, Mark x. 13.) by faith and prayer to Christ, that He take them into His arms and bless them.


There are, indeed, parents so vain and unthinking, that they would be better, pleased if their children were presented with baubles, articles of dress, money, &c. than with good books and religious instructions. On the contrary, your friends have far nobler views ;they are seeking to adorn and enrich your children with those substantial benefits which can never be taken away from them.

You have already given good reason to hope that this also is your wish, from the great number of children who attend, and seem desirous of improvement in the best knowledge; and this hope will be greatly increased in proportion as you regard the following advice: 1. Shew them the nature and excellency of our design.

2. Strictly enjoin them to be exact in attending at the appointed times, and to be attentive to the instructions given them.

3. Give them admonitions and directions at home as to their behaviour in church, and in going thither and returning.

4. Encourage them to learn at home, what they will be expected to repeat at church; and inquire at home what they have heard at church, and explain to them what may be to difficult for their present capacity.

5. Keep them, by all means in your power, from loose and vicious books and companions; and endeavour to correct evil dispositions, beefforts. fore they take root, and resist all your 6. Frequently explain to them, and enforce upon their consciences, their ruined state by nature and practice their redemption through Jesus Christ-and the necessity of the


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Holy Spirit's influence to make them see and feel these truths.

7. Enjoin upon them regularity in private prayer, and reading the word of God.

8. Pray for a blessing on your and our endeavours; for neither is he that planteth any thing, nor he that watereth, but GOD that giveth the increase.

9. Be watchful over your own conduct, that your example may not counteract our instructions.

10. Despair of nothing in a right way, and with the Divine blessing: Be not weary in welldoing; for, in due season, ye shall reap, if ye faint not.



The following is a Copy of the Instructions,* which, with the signatures of the Governors present, are given to each of those Children of the Foundling Hospital in London, intitled to Rewards for good Conduct, when they attend the Committee to receive their Rewards, at the expiration of their Apprenticeships.

As the recompence for a long period of care

and attention to your maintenance, education, and introduction into life, we have now the pleasing and enviable satisfaction of beholding you entering upon your course in this world, with many very important advantages ;-with a character to preserve,—with the means of supporting yourself by your own industry,—and with instruction and habits of life, so to direct your conduct in your present state of existence here, as to preserve the good name and reputation • Reports, Appendix to Vol. IV.

Advice to the Foundling Children. 295

which you have happily obtained, and to lay up for yourself a treasure of eternal and unfailing reward hereafter.

Few, if any, situations of life could be pointed out, so forlorn, so helpless, or so destitute of hope, as was yours, when, by the gracious intervention of Providence, the hospitable doors of this house were opened for your reception. Without a parent capable of supporting you, without a protector to whom your infant steps might be directed, you would have protracted your existence in a state of ignorance and beggary, or (an event much more probable) you must have perished in your infancy.

The directors and supporters of this charity received you. You were adopted, by baptism, into the church of CHRIST; and you were then placed, under a careful inspector, in the country; where your health and situation were frequently and anxiously examined and reported upon, and where every cause of disease and infirmity (so far at least as human care can provide) was removed, or prevented,

At the age of four or five years, when your faculties had so far advanced towards maturity as to be fitted for instruction, you were returned to these walls. The care of your religious and


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