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What is your duty to God?

My duty to God is to put my trust in Him, and obey His commands.

His pen has no ink in it.
Bid him get my hạt.

I met a man and a pig.
Let me go for my top.

Let the cat be put in a bag.

I can eat an egg.

The dog bit my toe.

The cat and dog are at war.

You are a bad boy if you pull off the leg of a fly.

A fox got the old hen, and ate her.
Our dog got the pig.

Do as you are told, or it may be bad

for you.

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THERE was once a Boy who had the care of a flock of sheep, and for mere mischief, he often alarmed the people near by calling out, "The Wolf!-the Wolf!" when there was no Wolf. The people that were in the fields at work near him then left their work, and came to help him. But when they found he did not speak the truth, they said they never more would come when he cried out, to be laughed at. The Wolf at last really came, and the Boy cried out for help, but no one would go, because they did not believe him; so the Wolf worried and then devoured his sheep.

If you ever are so wicked as to tell a lie, which you know God has forbidden you to do, be sure that men will not believe you another time when you speak the truth; and worse than that, God will punish you for disobeying His will.

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