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Observer, Nov. 1, 71.

Family Room.



MARTYRDOM BY DROWNING. AMONG the many methods of tor- | After all means had thus failed to ture adopted in the sixteenth century separate her from Christ, she was was that of drowning. A number of condemned at the place above-named, Dissenters met in secret at Rotter and like a brute beast was put into a dam, in 1554, “ to speak to each other sack, and plunged under water until for mutual edification and establish- life yas extinct.' ment in the truth of the holy Gospel In the year 1651, Jeronimus which they had received ; likewise, Segerson and another were burned with one mouth and lowly hearts to at Antwerp. Segerson's letters, pray to the great God of heaven and written while in prison, breathe a earth for the forgiveness of their sins, spirit of exalted piety and manly and the gift of the Holy Spirit, and endurance. “I had rather," said he, also with one accord to praise and " be tortured ten times every day, thank His most adorable name." and then finally be roasted on a gridThey were betrayed, apprehended, iron, than renounce the faith I have tortured, and then put to death : the confessed.” men, by the sword; the women were Lysken, Segerson's wife, was “thrown into a boat, and thrust drowned. The narrative of her exunder the ice till' death followed.” | amination and death is so interestOne of them was a young female ing that we transcribe the greater only fourteen


old.” She com- portion of it. Lysken, our sister, posed a hymn, beginning

having long lain in bonds, has at "To the wide world Immanuel came,

last finished the period of her pilHis Father's Kingdom left," &c. grimage, remaining perfectly stead

Richst Heynes, was martryed in fast in the Word of the Lord even 1547. When the officers were sent to the end; the Lord be for ever to her house, her husband escaped. praised. She very boldly and un"But her they severely treated and disguisedly confessed her faith at cruelly bound, without any pity or the tribunal, before the magistrates compassion, although near her con- and the multitudes. The first asked finement. Notwithstanding all this her concerning baptism- She said, they led her away, regardles of the 'I acknowledge but one baptism, tears and screams of her little child- even that which was used by Christ ren, to the prison of Leeuwarden, and His disciples, and left to us.' where, after three week's imprison. What do you hold concerning ment, she was delivered of a son. infant-baptism?' asked the sheriff. They afterwards inflicted great tor- To which Lysken answered, Noments on this lamb of Christ, and thing but a mere infant's baptism, tortured her to such a degree that and a human institution.' On this she could not raise her hands to her the bench stood up, and consulted head. Thus was she treated in the together, while Lysken, in the mean inhuman rack, chiefly because she time, confessed and explained clearly would not give evidence against her to the people the ground of her belief. brethren. For these wolves were in Then they pronounced sentence upon nowise satisfied, but still thirsted for her. Lysken spoke in the following more innocent blood. But the faith- manner to the bench: "Ye are now ful God who is a refuge in time of judges; but the time will come when need, and a shield for all those who you will wish that ye had been trust in Him, guarded her mouth, so keepers of sheep, for there is a Judge that no one suffered through her. I and Lord who is above all; He shall

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Observer, Nov. 1, 71


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in His owo time judge you. But we the daylight, to see the nuptials have not to wrestle against flesh and which we thought would then be blood, but against the principalities, celebrated; but the crafty murderers powers, and rulers of the darkness of outran us. We had slept too long, this world. The bench said, "Take for they had finished their murderous her away from the tribunal.'

work between three and four o'clock. “The people then ran earnestly They had taken that sheep to the

see her, and Lysken spoke piously Scheldt, and had put her into a sack, to them. Know that I do not suffer and drowned her before the people for robbery, or murder, or any kind arrived, so that few persons saw it. of wickedness, but solely for the in- Some, however, saw it. She went corruptible word of God.”

'courageously to death, and spoke She was then re-conducted to the bravely: Father, into thy hands I prison, where two monks visited her, commend my spirit.' Thus she was and endeavoured, but in vain, to turn delivered up, and it came to pass, to her from the faith. Next morning the honour of the Lord, that by the she suffered.

grace of God many were moved "On Saturday morning we rose thereby. early, some before day, some with



The Spirit of WAR—We see him afar !
His glance is all potent to wither and mar.
Pale Terror, his trumpeter, hastens before,
And the red flag he waves is dripping with gore.
He speaks through the cannon; he urges the blows
Received and returned by infuriate foes.
He laughs at the whir of the dread mitrailleuse ;
His music is discord of hell broken loose.
In the field of thick slaughter he raises his throne,
And gloats as he numbers each word and each grotan ;
He spares not the hearth of the mourner forlorn,
And the sorrows of man he laughs at with scorn.
The Spirit of WINE-We see him around !
He walks to and fro on our dear native ground.
No sword he unbares, but his touch as it glows
Is the spell which he craftily, cruelly throws.
He boasts not his slain, yet his victims fall fast
As the leaves of the wood at autumn's chill blast.
His march is not compassed with thunder and fire,
But love, joy and hope at his presence expire.
He brings to his aid the pleasures of sense,
The sanction of law and learning's pretence ;
He heralds his course with the toast and the song,
And the smiles of fair women his conquests prolong.
More fatal than War to body and soul
Is the Spirit of Wine, defying control;
And for ever we'll join this foo to assail,
Until, by the help of our God we prevail !


Intelligence of Churches, &4.

DALKEITH, NEAR EDINBURGH.-On Mon- | In the afternoon there was a considerable day evening, October 2, the Church in gathering of Sunday School children, and Dalkeith held a social tea meeting in con- in the evening the gospel was preached by nection with the opening of their new David King, of Birmingham. On Monday Chapel. The house was furnished with evening a goodly party partook of tea, after guests who had come together from various which a full public meeting was addressed parts to rejoice with the church on this by bren. M. Kerr, B. Ellis, J. B. Rotherham happy occasion. Perhaps the most striking and D. King. Discourses were delivered feature was the presence of representatives Wednesday and Friday evenings by B. from five neighbouring societies of immersed Ellis, and on Tuesday and Thursday by believers, viz:--the two divisions of “Scotch D. King. The Baptistery would have been Baptists,” the preacher from the church of used, but the water supply failed, thus the Haldanes, the minister of one of the postponing the first immersion till the General Baptist Congregations, and breth- following Lord's day. ren from the Church of Christ, Roxburgh LONDON, CHELSBA, Oct. 13th, 1871.Place, Edinburgh. As may be supposed, During the last seven or eight weeks Bro, this unusual gathering was taken as a text by Ellis has been with us again. A decided several of the speakers, and “ Christian interest in things spiritual seems to be Union" may be said to have been the great prevailing among the people, as evidenced theme of the evening, and a very cordial de- by the unusually large attendance at the sire was expressed for co-operation among evening meetings, and by the fact that five the various sections of baptized believers in have confessed their faith in the Lord Scotland. The speakers were Messrs. Jesus, and have been immersed into His Johnston and Tullock, Baptist preachers, Name. As our brother has removed with Mr. Hindle, evangelist, from England, his family from Brighton to Chelsea, he Messrs. Aitkin and Hurte, from the church will be labouring here for a considerable in Roxburgh Place, Messrs. Horsburgh time, and we trust that the success which and Thomson, from the Scotch Baptist has always attended his proclamation of the church, Galashiels, and several of the Gospel here will continue. J. C. V. Dalkeith brethren.

BIRMINGHAM.--Recently three confer The church in Dalkeith has upheld the sors have been immersed and added to the truth in that neighbourhood for upwards saved. of twenty years, receiving frequent visits The Young Men's Mutual Improvement from brethren in Edinburgh ; among others Class held a Tea Meeting in Summer Lane the late Mr. Milner, who took a very lively Chapel (lent for the occasion), on Oct. 2, interest in this cause. Their progress has when over 200 partook of the repast. A been very gradual, but steady, and they larger number attended the evening meethave thus far been entirely successful in ing, when some three hours were occupied "keeping the unity of the spirit in the bond with essays, addresses, readings, singing, &c.

Having outgrown the small The Thomasites (alias the Antipas, and hall in which the church has hitherto met, the Christadelphians), whose head quarters they have, with praiseworthy zeal and are now in Birmingham, have become in. liberality built a very convenient and sub- creasingly active since the death of Dr. stantial chapel, with side rooms and other Thomas. They have managed to bring out accommodation. Their present number of in public debate, one Joel Monaet, an members is upwards ot sixty. May they orthodox Jew, who denies, while a Thomascontinue faithful to the Lord, keeping the ite (Mr. Gratz) affirms, that “Jesus of ordinances as they have been delivered "a Nazareth is the Messiah.” They seem to church of the living God, the pillar and have known the

measure of the man who ground of the truth, sounding out the accommodated them, by seeking to exhibit Word of the Lord.”-ONE OF THE GUESTS. himself as an incompetent simpleton; and

CAMDEN Town, LONDON.—The church ac ordingly opening speeches of a half-hour till recently meeting in Milton Hall, has each and subsequent quarter-hour speeches erected a small but comfortable and very were agreed upon, with the proviso that respectable chapel, in Prince of Wales Road, one failing to fill his time, it should be added Kentish Town Road, which is but a short to that of the other. Accordingly, Mr. distance from the former meeting place. Monaet occupied only some ten minutes of On Lord's day morning, Oct. 8, the Lord's his first half-hour, and a like proportion of table was spread and the house was con- his subsequent time, while the Thomasite, veniently filled, brethren from neighbouring having thus three parts of the time, used it churches being present, as also strangers. ' in the interest of his party. Not only did

of peace.”

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Observer, Nov. 1, '71.



Mr. Monaet say little but what he did say ning we have received by letter seven mem

mere twaddle, provoking roars of bers, and by baptism eight. C.C. laughter. Still the Thomasites gained Foresters' Hall.–So far this month their end-it was a move for publicity, and (June) our increase has been only three. the hall was crowded to overflowing. It July-our increase since last report is now appears, by placards, that they have seven.

0. A. CARR. caught another Jew, whom they advertize, Lygon Street, Melbourne.—Since last for three night's debate with Mr. Roberts, report (April 17) four have been received upon the same subject. What that will | by faith and baptism and two by letter. turn out remains to be seen.

Since last month seven have been added by WEDNESBURY.-On Lord's day, Oct. 1, immersion.

G. L. SURBER 1871, the Theatre was occupied by large Alma.—I have pleasure in reporting the audiences, afternoon and evening, to listen to addition to our number for this month of discourses by David King, of Birmingham, five.

J.L. upon the Bible and the Atonement, in reply Hindmarsh. --Seven have been added to lectures given in the same place, the during the past month, four of them by week before, by Mr. Bradlaugh. The immersion.

T.P. attention was everything that could be Strathalbyn.-One has been addod by wished. Questions were permitted; but baptism.

W.T.T. though the Secularists were present in Willunga.--Since our last, four ; two by force, no one ventured to speak. Mr. commendation and two by obeying the Bradlaugh's influence seems to decrease in Gospel.

E. W. this place. The church in Wednesbury has Hotham.-Since our last notice eleven recently fitted-up a small meeting room, in have been added to the Church, six by which there is reason to expect more good | letter and five by baptism. M. GREEN. than could be accomplished in the less NEW South WALES.--I desire to report suitable place till recently occupied.-E. O. the following accessions by baptism,-- Fair.

DUNDEE.—During the past few months field, six ; Newtown, three; Sydney, two. we have enjoyed the fellowship and labours NEW ZEALAND.— Auckland : three have . of Bros. Rotherham, Adam and Hindle. been added by immersion ; Dunedin, three The addresses attracted pretty large audi- by immersion and three by commendation.

Bro. Adam visited us during Bro. Rotherham's stay, and on one Sunday and

Obituary. one night during the following week they

Thomas GELDERT GOULD, son of Mary jointly conducted meetings. Bro. Hindle and the late Leonard Gould, of Barrowspent one Lord's day with us a week ago. in-Furness, departed this life on Saturday, Se also visited some of the brethren, stirring Sept. 30, 1871, aged twenty years. He was them up in their faith and love. The immersed into the Lord Jesus, five years result of the labours of the brethren whose ago, and has been ever since distinguished names I have mentioned has been an by Christian meekness and quiet confidence awakening to greater life, larger and truer in God. During a painful illness of eiglateen conceptions of individual duty, more

prayer months a murmur never passed through his fulness, more earnest love to one another, lips, but all was trust and hope. Blessed and a deeper delight in meditating on the

are the dead who die in the Lord. Death value and preciousness of the vast treasures separates and divides, but the sting

is gone. of God's grace. Two young men, whose “O death! where is thy sting? grave! parents are honoured members of the where is thy victory?" “Thanks be to God Church, were baptized into Christ a month who hath given us the victory through our ago. May the Lord help us all to live in Lord Jesus Christ," who is the resurrection Him and to work His work. T. Y. M.

and the life.

G. G. AUSTRALIA, &c.—The following items

Thomas Jones fell asleep in Jesus, at indicate the additions reported in the Chris- Pulton, Cheshire, Sept. 4, aged 68 years. tian Pioneer for July and August, 1871 :

He was a member of the church at Camyr. Norwood.—Four have been added by alyn for upwards of forty years, and filled baptism and one by letter. Audiences the deacon's office for thirty years.

He has excellent.

T. J. G. left behind him an aged sister-wife, who Reeve's Plains.-Four immersed into has lost a kind and loving husband, and the Christ.

R. W.

church has lost a faithful brother. May Cardigan.-The ancient Gospel was first the Lord bless them in their bereavement. proclaimed bere two years since. We now

ED. MORBIS. behold a little band eighteen united in ROBERT STEPHENS.—This faithful brother church fellowship.

H. K. fell asleep in Jesus, whilst engaged in his Castlemaine.--A few of us left the Bap- usual occupation, on the night of the 18th tists on account of their neglect of the of October last, in the 71st year of his age. breaking of the bread, &c. Since our begin. Ho had been a zealous member of the

little church in Tredegar for over ten years.

J. T. M.

Observer, Dec. 1, '71.


" is that

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Much has been said about the “ Church of the Future.” It is difficult to foretell the future. If we take care of the things of the present, the future, no doubt, will take care of itself. Wise men look after the things of the present; fanatics try hard to explore the future. But if it is the Model Church we are in quest of, we had better turn to the past, and take a retrograde movement of about 1800 years. The infalli. bility of the Scriptures will settle the question of the Church of Christ as instituted by His apostles, and not human legislation. The New Testament presents the perfect pattern, and woe be to the man who infringes upon that model.

Whoever adds to or subtracts therefrom, or in any way mutilates the apostolic pattern, will in the final day of retribution, be prosecuted by the attorney of the court of heaven. When the Lord commanded Moses to erect à tabernacle in the wilderness, which was to be typical of the “true tabernacle"-the Church of Christ" See,” said he " that you make all things according to the pattern which I gave thee on the mount.” An infringement upon that model secured death to him who transgressed the divine law.

The Church of Christ is a unit, and honest hearted people can understand it. The gospel is a unit, and preachers who love truth more than tradition can find it. The doctrine of Christ is a unit, and theologians who prefer to maintain “ the unity of the Spirit” above “the doctrines of men can, discover the doctrine of Christ. There is but “ one body" of Christ, and the Son of God died, • tasted death for every man, He might reconcile both (Jews and Gentiles) unto God in “one body" by the cross. God gave him (Christ) to be head over all things to the Church which is his body.” This is the language of Paul to the Congregation at Ephesus. The Church, in this same epistle, is represented as the household of God,” of which God is the Father, the disciples of Christ being His adopted children. The apostle Peter presents the Church in the figure of a temple—the spiritual temple of God—which is composed of “ living stones,” of regenerated men and women, and not of unconscious infants, without faith and knowledge, and therefore irresponsible. The Church is also represented as in a kingdom of which Christ is the king and the only lawgiver, all who have sworn allegiance to Him being His loyal subjects. As one foreigner is naturalized and made a citizen of the commonwealth of Christ, and only by one regenerative process, so must all be made “ fellow citizens with the saints and of the household of God."

This household of God is “ built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner-stone, in whom all the building (not buildings) fitly framed together grows into a holy temple (not temples); in whom you are also builded together for an habitation (not habitations) of God through the Spirit." Of Jews and Gentiles, through the preaching of the “same precious faith," there was to be made one new man"-not a Papal man, not an Episcopalian man, not a Presbyterian man, not a Lutheran man, nor a Methodist man. The mystery of the gospel was revealed to "the holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit, that the Gentiles should be fellow-heirs, and of the same body.Nearly the entire epistle of Paul to the Ephesians is devoted to an exposition of the unity of the faith. He speaks of one foundation, of one body, of one head, of one family, of one temple, of one new man, of one Lord, of one Spirit, of one hope, of one Father, of one faith, and of one baptism. The New Testament reveals nothing concerning" branch churches."



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