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"with that which came not from Lincoln that

was, nor London that is, nor York that is to

be, but from Troy. Whereupon the King "fmiled; and answered the Marquis, Truly, my "Lord, I have heard that corn now grows where

Troy town ftood; but I never thought that "there had grown any apricots before, Where


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upon the Marquis replied, Any thing to pleafe your Majefty. When my Lord Marquis de

parted the prefence, one told him that he would "make a very good Courtier. Remember well, replied the Marquis, that I faid one thing which may give you fome hopes of me: Any thing to pleafe your Majefty."

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Apophthegmes of the EARL OF WORCESTER.



Fortes creantur fortibus & bonis.
Eft in juvencis, eft in equis patrum
Virtus, nec imbellem feroces
Progenerant aquila columbam;

The offspring of a noble race

Their high-bred Sires can ne'er disgrace;

Valour and worth to them fupply'd

With Life's own warm and crimson tide;


The courfer of a gen'rous breed
Still pants for the Olympic mead;

Nor the fierce eagle, bird of Jove,
E'er generates the timid dove;

fays Horace, and Lady Arundell confirms his affertion. The fame courage, the fame fpirit, which her father the Earl of Worcester exhibited in the defence of his Caftle of Ragland, this excellent woman difplayed at the fiege of Wardour Caftle. The account of the noble defence fhe made against her favage and unprincipled befiegers, is told in the "Mercurius Rufticus," a kind of Newspaper of those times in which it was written; and which, in the narrative of the behaviour of the Parliamentary Generals, ferocious and infolent as it is, will recall, for the honour of the country where it happened, but imperfectly perhaps to the mind of the reader, the fcenes of ravage, defolation, and murder, that have taken place in a neighbouring Nation; which, not fatif fied with the deftruction of its old corrupt Government, has raised upon the ruins of it a fyftem of tyranny and of rapine without example in the annals of the world.


"On Tuesday the fecond of May 1643, Sir "Edward Hungerford, a Chief Commander of


"the rebels in Wiltshire, came with his forces before Wardour Castle in the fame county,

being the mansion-house of the Lord Arundell " of Wardour. But finding the castle strong, "and thofe that were in it refolute not to yield it up unless by force, called Colonel Strode to his help. Both these joined in one made a body of 1300, or thereabout. Being come "before it, by a trumpet they fummon the castle



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to furrender: the reafon pretended was, be"cause the castle being a receptacle of cavaliers "and malignants, both Houfes of Parliament " had ordered it to be fearched for men and arms, and withal by the fame trumpeter declared, that if they found either money or plate, they would feize on it for the ufe of the Parliament. The Lady Arundell (her husband being then at Oxford, and fince that dead there) refused to deliver up the castle; and bravely replied, that fhe had a command from "her Lord to keep it, and fhe would obey his "command.

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Being denied entrance, the next day, being Wednesday the third of May, they bring up "the cannon within mufquet-fhot, and begin "the battery, and continue from the Wednesday


to the Monday following, never giving any intermiffion to the befieged, who were but "wenty-five fighting men, to make good the V place

place against an army of 1300 men. In this "time they fpring two mines; the first in a vault,

through which beer and wood and other necef

faries were brought into the caftle: this did not "much hurt, it being without the foundation of "the caftle. The fecond was conveyed in the "fmall vaults; which, by reason of the intercourse "between the feveral paffages to every office, and almost every room in the castle, did much fhake "and endanger the whole fabrick.

"The rebels had often tendered fome unrca"fonable conditions to the befieged to furrender; "as to give the ladies, both the mother and the daughter-in-law, and the women and children, "quarter, but not the men. The ladies both

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infinitely fcorning to facrifice the lives of their "friends and fervants to redeem their own from "the cruelty of the rebels, who had no other "crime of which they could count them guilty "but their fidelity and carneft endeavours to pre"ferve them from violence and robbery, choose

bravely (according to the nobleness of their "honourable families from which they were both "extracted) rather to die together than live on "fo difhonourable terms.

But now, the caftle

brought to this diftrefs, the defendants few, oppreffed with number, tired out with conti"nual watching and labour from Tuesday to

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Monday, fo diftracted between hunger and "want of reft, that when the hand endeavoured

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"to administer food, furprised with fleep it for

got its employment, the morfels failing from "their hands while they were about to eat, de

luding their appetite; now, when it might "have been a doubt which they would first have "laded their mufquets withal, either powder

before bullet, or bullet before powder, had not "the maid-servants (valiant beyond their fex)

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affifted them, and done that fervive for them; laftly, now, when the rebels had brought pe tarrs, and applied them to the garden-doors, (which, if forced, opened a free paffage to the castle,) and balls of wild-fire to throw in at "their broken windows, and all hopes of keep

ing the caftle was taken away; now, and not " till now, did the befieged found a parley. And "though in their Diurnals at London they have "told the world that they offered threescore thousand pounds to redeem themselves and the

caftle, and that it was refufed, yet few men take "themselves to be bound anything the more to "believe it because they report it. I would "Mafter Cafe would leave preaching treafon, and inftruct his difciples to put away lying, and speak every man truth of his neighbour. Cer

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tainly the world would not be so abused with "untruths as they now are; amongst which "number this report was one: for if they in the "caftle offered fo liberally, how came the rebels

" to

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