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THACKERAY, H. ST. J.-A Grammar of the Old Testament in Greek according to the Septuagint. Volume I. Introduction, Orthography and Accidence. Pp. xx + 326. (Cambridge University Press.) 8s. net.

TOFFTEEN, O. A.—Researches in Assyrian and Babylonian Geography. Part I. Pp. vi+60. (University of Chicago Press.) I $03 post paid. WALKER, D.-The Letters of St. Paul to Corinth. Pp. 114. (S.P.C.K.)

IS. 6d.

WORSLEY, F. W.-The Fourth Gospel and the Synoptists. Being a Contribution to the Study of the Johannine Problem. Pp. x+184. Clark.) 35. net.

(T. and T.


WREDE, W. (the late).-The Origin of the New Testament. by J. S. HILL. 'Library of Living Thought.' Pp. xii+140. (Harper.)

2s. 6d. net.

The Church Pulpit Library. I Corinthians to Ephesians. Pp. xvi +400. (Nisbet). 75. 6d.


FAUSSET, W. Y.-Novatiani Romanae Urbis Presbyteri de Trinitate Liber. Novatian's Treatise on the Trinity. Pp. lxiv + 152. (Cambridge University Press.) 6s. net.


HALL, RIGHT REV. A. C. A. (Bishop of Vermont).-The Doctrine of the Church. Sewanee Theological Library.' Pp. 168. (University Press of Sewanee, Tenn.)

1 $25.

HULL, J. E.-The Holy Angels. Pp. 108. (S.P.C.K.)

Is. 6d.

NEWBOLT, W. C. E.-The Athanasian Creed. Churchman's Penny Library,' No. 23. Pp. 44. (Mowbray.) Id.

SHARMAN, H. B.-The Teaching of Jesus about the Future according to the Synoptic Gospels. Pp. xiv +382. (Chicago University Press. London: T. Fisher Unwin.) 135. 6d. net.

STAUDT, C. K.-The Idea of the Resurrection in the Ante-Nicene Period. 'Linguistic and Exegetical Studies,' I. viii. Pp. 92. (University of Chicago Press.) 54 cents post paid.

TIXERONT, J.-Histoire des Dogmes. II. De Saint Athanase à Saint Augustin (318-430). 'Bibliothèque de l'enseignement de l'histoire ecclésiastique.' Pp. iv +534. (Paris: Lecoffre-Gabalda.) 3 fr. 5 c.

WOODS, C. E.-The Gospel of Rightness: a Study in Pauline Philosophy. Pp. xxii+270. (Williams and Norgate.) 55.


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Christianity and

BEVAN, J. O.—The Genesis and Evolution of the Individual Soul scientifically treated: including also Problems relating to Science and Immortality. Pp. xviii+160. (Williams and Norgate.) 2s. 6d. net. DRAWBRIDGE, C. L.-What is the Old Testament? its Opponents' Series, No. I. Pp. 46. (North London Christian Evidence League, 11-12 High Street, Hampstead, N.W.) 3d. net. JONES, R. M.-Studies in Mystical Religion. Pp. xxxviii + 518. (Macmillan.) 125. net.

KELLY, A. D., S.S.M.-Rational Necessity of Theism. Pp. 164. (S.P.C.K.) 25.

LIGEARD, H.-La Théologie scolastique et la Transcendance du Surnaturel. Pp. viii+138. (Paris: Beauchesne.) Ifr. 50 c.

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ROBINSON, C. H.-The Resurrection and the Resurrection Body, Christianity and its Opponents' Series, No. 7. Pp. 30. (N.L.C.E.L., 11-12 High Street, Hampstead, N.W.) 3d. net.

TISDALL, W. ST. C.-A Manual of the leading Muhammadan Objections to Christianity. Second edition, revised. Pp. 240. (S.P.C.K.) 2s. 6d. Pagan Christs. 'Christianity and its Opponents' Series, No. 8. Pp. 30. (N.L.C.E.L., 11-12 High Street, Hampstead, N.W.) 3d. net.

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WALDRON, A. J.-Christianity and Social Reform. Christianity and its Opponents' Series, No. 10. Pp. 30. (N.L.C.E.L.) 3d. net. WILSON, J.-How has God Spoken, or, Divine Revelation in Nature, in Man, in Hebrew History, and in Jesus Christ. Pp. xvi+344. (T. and T. Clark.) 5s. net.


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JAMES, W.-A Pluralistic Universe. Hibbert Lectures' at Manchester College on the Present Situation in Philosophy. Pp. vi+406. (Longmans.) 5s. 6d. net.


BECKER, C. H.-Christianity and Islam. Library of Living Thought.' Translated by H. J. CHAYTOR. Pp. viii+114. (Harper.) 2s. 6d. net. POUSSIN, L. DE LA VALLÉE.-Bouddhisme. Opinions sur l'Histoire de la Dogmatique. Études sur l'Histoire des Religions,' No. 2. Pp. viii +420. (Paris: Beauchesne.) 4 fr. Leçons faites à l'Institut Catholique de Paris en 1908.

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SAINTYVES, P.-Les Vierges Mères et les Naissances miraculeuses : essai de Mythologie comparée. Pp. 280. (Paris: É. Nourry.) 3 fr. 50 c. VAUX, BARON C. DE.-La Doctrine de l'Islam. Études sur l'Histoire des Religions,' No. 3. Pp. iv + 320. (Paris: Beauchesne.) 4 fr.

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BIGG, C. (the late).-The Origins of Christianity. Edited by T. B. STRONG, Dean of Christ Church. Pp. viii+520. 12s. 6d. net.

CLAYTON, H. J.-The Church in Wales to-day. Library,' No. 24. Pp. 42. (Mowbray.) Id.

(Clarendon Press.)

'Churchman's Penny

Dearmer, P.-Everyman's History of the English Church. Pp. xvi +158. (Mowbray.) is. net. With over 100 Illustrations.

'DIA'S NAOMH AINDREA.'-Where is the Church in Scotland? A Question Addressed to the Consideration of all Scots. Pp. iv + 296.

Mowbray. Dumfries: 'The Scottish Chronicle' Office.) 5s. net.

(London :

DUCHESNE, MGR. L.-Early History of the Christian Church from its Foundation to the End of the Third Century. Rendered into English from the Fourth Edition. Pp. xx+428. (Murray.) 9s. net.

HERKLESS, J., AND HANNAY, R. K.-The Archbishops of St. Andrews. Two volumes. Pp. viii+272, viii+268. (Blackwood.) 7s. 6d. each net. LEWIS, F. G.-The Irenaeus Testimony to the Fourth Gospel : its Extent, Meaning and Value. 'Linguistic and Exegetical Studies,' I. vii. Pp. 64. (Chicago University Press.) 54 cents post paid.

MACLEANE, D.-Our English Church and State. O'LEARY, DE L.-The of the Subject. Pp. 154.

Island Church: Sketches from the History of
Pp. x+250. (G. Allen and Sons.) 2s. 6d. net.
Syriac Church and Fathers. A Brief Review
(S.P.C.K.) 25.

PATTERSON, M. W.—A History of the Church of England. (Longmans.) 7s. 6d. net.

Pfleiderer, O.-Primitive Christianity, its Writings and Teachings in their Historical Connections. Vol. II. 'Theological Translation Library,' Vol. XXVI. Translated by W. MONTGOMERY. Pp. vi+510. 10s. 6d. net.

(Williams and Norgate.)

SELLAR, A. M.-Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England, Book III. Translated. Pp. 133–212 [of the Complete Work]. (G. Bell and Sons.) Is. 6d. net.

TOWNSEND, W. J., WORKMAN, H. B., AND EAYRS, G.-A New History of Methodism. In two volumes, illustrated. Pp. xx+598, xvi+676. (Hodder and Stoughton.) 30s.

TRENHOLME, E. C., S.S.J.E.-The Story of Iona. With Illustrations from Photographs and Drawings by F. M. RICHMOND and Maps. Pp. xvi + 174. (Edinburgh: D. Douglas.) 8s. 6d. net.

WALLIS, C. S., and Gill, C. H.-Venerabilis Bedae Historiae Ecclesiasticae Gentis Anglorum Liber III. Pp. 88. (G. Bell and Sons.) 25. net. Typical English Churchmen. Series II. From Wyclif to Gardiner. 'Church Historical Society' publications, No. lxxviii. Pp. 190. (S.P.C.K.) 4s. Contains lives of Wyclif, William of Wykeham, Courtenay, Beaufort, Tunstall and Gardiner.


AWDRY, RIGHT REV. W.-United Worship. Illustrated from the Office for Morning and Evening Prayer in the Anglican Communion. Pp. 128. (S.P.C.K.) Is. 6d. Originally Instructions for Catechists at Tokyo.

Chesshire, R. S. P.—Some Incidents of the last Journey to Jerusalem. Pp. x+62. (Skeffington.) Is. 6d. net. With six interesting photographs. FREEMAN, F. L.-Weeds and Flowers in the Soul's Garden. Pp. 48. (Mowbray.) Id.

FRANCIS, MRS. C. D.-Church Teaching is Bible Teaching. New and Enlarged Edition. Pp. 98. (S.P.C.K.) 6d.

KENNEDY, H.-Day and Night, being a Child's Prayer. (Bemrose.) Id. Not quite simple enough. KENNEDY, H.-Day to Day.

(Bemrose.) 2d.

Pp. 4.

Second Edition, revised. Pp. 48.

LEES, H. C.-The Work of Witness and the Promise of Power. With Preface by the BISHOP OF DURHAM. Pp. 42. (Robert Scott.) 6d.

MARSON, C. L.-The Psalms at Work. Being the English Church Psalter with Notes on the Use of the Psalms. Pp. viii+352. (Elliot Stock.) 6s. net. New, enlarged, and revised edition.

MOORE, W. T.-Man preparing for other Worlds, or the Spiritual Man's Conflicts and Final Victory. Pp. xxvi+482. (H. R. Allenson.) 6s. MOULE, RIGHT REV. H. C. G. (Bishop of Durham).—Messages from the Epistle to the Hebrews. Pp. viii + 120. (E. Stock.) 25. net.



PASSMORE, T. H.-Your Confirmation. Pp. viii+88. (Mowbray.) 9d. net.

Notes for Parents. A syllabus drawn up by the London Diocesan Council for the Religious Education of Children of the Wealthier Classes. With List of Recommended Books. With Preface by the BISHOP OF KENSINGTON. Pp. 24. (Rivingtons.) 6d. net. A very useful little book, sanctioned for use in the Diocese of London.

Reunion: the Necessary Requirements of the Church of Scotland. 'Scottish Church Society Conferences,' Fourth Series. Pp. viii+92 (Edinburgh: J. Gardner Hitt. London: Marshall Brothers.) Is. net.


BROWN, J. (edited by).-The Sermons of Thomas Adams, the Shakespeare of Puritan Theologians. A Selection. Pp. viii+236. (Cambridge University Press.) 1s. 6d. net. Well got up.

FIELD, C.-Meister Eckhart's Sermons. First time translated into English. 'Heart and Life' Booklets, No. 22. Pp. 60. (Allenson.) A very welcome little book.

Is. net.

GRUNDY, C. H.-Brockley Pulpit Lectures: Brahmanism, Buddha, Buddhism, Mahomet, Mohammedanism. Second Edition. Pp. 48. (Stock.) 9d. net.

KELLY, F. F.-The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony, with Short Addresses. Pp. 48. (Wells Gardner.)

IS. net.

LACEY, T. J.-The Gospel of Optimism, and other Sermons. Pp. 88. (New York: The Red Diamond Press.)

LENNARD, V. R.--Harvest-tide: Twelve Addresses for Harvest Festivals. Pp. vi+148. (Skeffington.) 25. net.

LEROY, H., S.J.-Jésus-Christ: sa Vie, son Temps. Pp. x+348. (Paris: Beauchesne.) 3 fr. Preached at the Gesù in Paris and Brussels, 1908.


NIEUWBARN, M. C., O.P.-The Holy Sacrifice and its Ceremonies : an Explanation of its Mystical and Liturgical Meaning. Translated from the Revised Edition by L. M. BowMAN. Pp. xiv + 112. (Burns and Oates.) 25. By a Dutch Priest.

SPARROW SIMPSON, W. J.-The Use of Vestments in the English Church. Pp. 48. (Longmans.) 6d. net.


CLARK, F. E. and H. A.-The Gospel in Latin Lands. Outline Studies of Protestant Work in the Latin Countries of Europe and America. Pp. xxii+316. (The Macmillan Co.) 25. net.

COOMBE, F.-School Days in Norfolk Island.

graphs. Pp. 64. (S.P.C.K.) 6d.

Illustrated from Photo

GOLLOCK, G. A.-Aunt Africa: a Family Affair. Pp. viii+248. (C.M.S.) 25. A story to illustrate Missions.


CHAMPNEYS, F. H.-An Address on Chastity.

Delivered to a Meeting

of Men at the Ford Memorial Hall, Bedminster, Bristol, September 30, 1908. Pp. 32. (S.P.C.K.) 2d. Deserves a wide circulation.

CUNNINGHAM, VEN. W. (Archdeacon of Ely).-Socialism and Christianity. Pp. 32. (S.P.C.K.) 3d.

NELIGAN, Right Rev. M. R. (Bishop of Auckland).—Betting and Gambling. Pp. 30. (S.P.C.K.) 2d.

RIPON, BISHOP OF.-Shall the Race Perish? Pp. 16. (S.P.C.K.) 2d. The substance of a speech at the Lambeth Conference, 1908.

STRACHEY, J. ST. L.-A New Way of Life. Pp. viii+144. (Macmillan.) IS. net. Proceeds devoted to the National Service League.


MATER, A.-La Politique religieuse de la République Française. Pp. 430. (Paris: É. Nourry.) 4 fr.

Les Textes de la Politique Française en Matière Ecclésiastique, 1905– 1908. Pp. 184. (Paris: E. Nourry.) 2 fr.

The Cambridge Modern History. Vol. V. The Age of Louis XIV. Pp. xxxii +972. (Cambridge University Press.) 16s. net. See Short Notice.


DARWIN, F. (Edited by).—The Foundations of the Origin of Species. A Sketch written in 1842. By CHARLES DARWIN. (Cambridge University Press.)

GEIKIE, SIR A.-Charles Darwin as Geologist. The 'Rede Lecture' given at the Darwin Centennial Commemoration on June 24, 1909. Pp. iv +92. (Cambridge University Press.) 2s. net.


G. M. EDWARDS.-Colloquia Latina. Adapted from Erasmus. With Vocabulary. Pp. iv +82. (Cambridge University Press.) 9d. G. M. EDWARDS.-Horatius, and Other Stories, adapted from Livy. With Vocabulary. Pp. iv +46. (Cambridge University Press.) gd.

G. M. EDWARDS.-Phaethon, and Other Stories from Ovid. Edited with Notes and Vocabulary. 'Pitt Press Series.' (Cambridge University Press.) 1s. 6d.

RIPPMANN, W.-The Fairy Tales of Master Perrault. With Vocabulary. Pp. iv + 102. (Cambridge University Press.) 9d. A little French book for Children.

A. R. ROPES.-Souvestre's Le Serf. With Vocabulary. Pp. iv + 110. (Cambridge University Press.) 9d.

SHUCKBURGH, E. S.-Gai Iuli Caesaris De Bello Gallico Liber I. With Vocabulary. Pp. iv +84. (Cambridge University Press.) 9d.


A Selection with a Memoir by

DIXON, R. W. (the late).-Poems.

R. BRIDGES. Pp. xlvi+ 196. (Smith, Elder.) 4s. 6d. net.

EDWARDS, B.-Songs of a Parish Priest. Fourth Edition, enlarged,

Pp. xvi + 208. (G. Allen and Sons.) 2s. net.

MYERS, F. W. H.-St. Paul. Pp. 60. (Macmillan.) IS. net.

PRITCHARD, I.—Elijah: an Ascent.

(Kegan Paul.)

A Poem in Three Parts. Pp. 96.

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