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1st district - Dexter Curtis.
ed district - Clement E. Warner.
3d district — Henry C. Adams.
4th district - Eli Pederson.

5th district Bernard Esser. Dodge

Ist district - Jacob Martin. Sr.
2d district Eli Hawks.
3d district -- Henry Spiering:

ith district — Gustav Meissner.
Door - Chris Leonhardt.
Dunn - Robt. Macauley.
Eau Claire - Thos. ('armichael.
Fond du Lac

Ist district Wm. W. D. Turner.
2d district - James F. Ware.

3d district - John Hardgrove. Grant

Ist district -- Ensign P. Dickinson,
ed district - Wm. J. McCor.

3d district - Edward J. Kidd.

Ist district - Hiran Gabriel.

2d district — John Bolender. Green Lake-Orrin W. Bow. lowa

Ist district --- James Ryan.

?d district - Richard Kennedy. Jackson - Ralza W. Button. Jefferson

Ist district – Francis V. Piper.

2d district - Samueli. Craig.
Juneau - George W. Bishop.
Kenosha - Walter S. Maxwell.
Kewannee - Louis Bruemmer.
La Crosse -- John Dawson.
La Favette

ist district - James S. Gallagher.

d district - Jom O'Neill. Langlade and (conto - Alexander Brazeau. Manitowoc

1st district — Joseph Miller.
ad district — Henry Goedjen.

3d district - Wilhelm T. Albers. Marathon - John E. Leahy. Marinette and Florence - Hiram . Fairchild.

() Milwaukee

Ist district - Jno A. Wall.
2d district-Geo. A. Abert.
3d district Michael P. Walsh.
Ith district Robt. W. Pierce.


5th district - Daniel D. Hooker.
6th district - Frederick Scheiber.
ith district - Jacob E. Friend.
8th district - John Fellenz.
9th district — Fredrick C. G. Brand.
10th district- Fredrick N. Comdohr.
11th district - George W. Everts.

12th district - Michael J. Egan. Monroe

Ist district - William H. Blyton.

2d district — Jay R. Hinckley. Outagamie

ist district — James Campion.

2d district – A. H. Pape. Outagamie and part of Calumet - James Lennon. (zaukee - John J. Race. Pepin - Wm. H. Huntington. Pierce-John D. Putnam. Polk - George D. McDill. Portage--Chas. A. Lane. Racine

Ist district - Wm. P. Packard.

2d district -- Adam Apple. Richland -- Chas. G. Thomas. Rock

Ist district - John Huntley.
ad district - Wm. B. Britton.

3d district -- John Conley.
St. Croix -- James Johnston.
Sauk -

Ist district -- Carl C. Kuntz.

2d district Wm. S. Grubb. Shawano - Herman Naber.


Ist district -- Terrett C. Sharp.
2d district - A. L. Swart.

3d district - Geo. W. Weeden. Trempealeau – Robt. Cance. Vernon

Ist district - Christen Ellefson.

2d district - Marshall C. Nichols. Walworth

Ist district Donald Stewart.

2d district - Orris Pratt. Washington

Ist district - George Noller,
2d district - Phillip Schneider.

. Waukesha — Matthias J. Regan. Waupaca

Ist district-E. W. Brown.
2d district - George Warren.

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Waushara - Jacob S. Bugh,

. Winnebago

Ist district Earl P. Finch.
2d district - Peter Vredenburgh.

3d district — Carlton Foster. Wood - George R. Gardner. Department of State

I, Ernst G. Timme, secretary of state of the state of Wisconsin, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct list of the members of the assembly of the state of Wisconsin elected at the general election held on the seventh day of November, A. D., 1852, as appears from the certiticates of the coumty clerks of the several counties named in the foregoing list, now on file in this department.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal, at the capitol in the city of Madison. this 9th day of January, A. D., 18. SEAL.]


Secretary of State. All the gentlemen certified as members (except Wr. Everts who was absent) subscribed to the oath of office which was administered by Hon. H. S. Orton, associate justice of the supreme (sout.

The roll was called and the following members answered to their names:

Messrs. Abert, H. C. Adams, J. Adams, Albers, Anderson, Apple, Bishop, Blyton, Bolender. Bow. Brand, Brazeau, Britton. Brown. Bruemmer, Bugh. Button, Campion. Cance, ('armichael. Champagne. Comdohr, Conley, Craig. Curley. Curtis. Dawson, Dickinson, Egan, Ellefson. Esser, Fairchilil. Fellenz, Finch, Foster, Friend, Gabriel, Gallagher, Gardner. Goedjen, Grubb, Hardgrove, Hawks, Hinckley, Hooker, Huntington, Huntly. Johnston, Kennedy. Kidd, Kuntz, Lane, Leahy. Lennon, Leonhardt, Lynch, MacBride, McCoy, McDill, McKenzie, Macauley, Martin, Maxwell. Meissner, Miller, Naber, Nichols, Noller, (Neill, Packard, Pape, Pederson, Pierce. Piper, Pratt, Putnam, Race, Rasmussen, Regan, Ryan, Scheiber. Schneider, Sharp: Spiering, Stewart, Swart, Tanner. Tavlor. Tester, Thomas, Turner, Vredenburgh, Wall, Walsh, Ware, Warner, Warren, Weeden. Wirth.

Absent - Mr. Evarts - 1.

There being a constitutional quorum present, the assembly was declared qualified to proceed to business.


On motion of Mr. Lynch, the assembly proceeded to the election of speaker.

The roll being called, the following gentlemen voted for Mr. E: P. Finch:


Messrs. George A. Abert, Albers. Apple, Bishop, Bow, Brand, Brazeau, Bruemmer, Campion, Carmichael, Craig, Curley, Curtis, Dawson, Egan, Ellefson, Esser, Fellenz, Gallagher, Goedjen, Hardgrove, Hinckley, Hooker, Kennedy, Kuntz, Leahy, Lennon. Lynch, MacBride, McCoy, McDiil, Martin, Meissner, Miller, Naber, Noller. O'Neill. 'Packard. Pape, Piper, Putnam, Race, Regan, Rvan, Scheiber, Schneider, Sharp. Spiering, Swart, Tanner, Taylor, Wali, Walsh, Warren, Weeden and Wirth - 56.

The following gentlemen voted for Mr. George D. McDill: Messrs. Henry C. Adams, Michael Adams, Anderson, Blyton, Bolender, Britton. Brown, Bugh, Button. Cance, Champagne, ('omdohr, Conley, Dickinson, Fairchild, Finch, Foster, Friend. Gabriel, Gardner, Grubb, Hawks, Huntington, Huntly, Johnson, Kidd, Lane, Leonhardt. Mckenzie, Macauley, Waxwell, Nichols, Pederson, Pierce, Pratt, Rasmussen, Stewart, Tester, Thomas, Turner, Vredenburgh, Ware and War

+3. Mr. Finch voted for George D. McDill. Mr. McDill voted for Earl P. Finch.

Mr. Finch having received a majority of all the votes cast, was declared duly elected speaker.

Messrs. McDill, Taylor and McBride were appointed a committee to escort the speaker elect to the chair.

On assuming the chair Mr. Finch said:

Gentlemen of the Assembly: For the great honor you have conferred upon me, by electing me to be your prresiding officer, I can only offer in return my sincere thanks. Wholly unaccustomed as I am to the details of the duties of the office, I can only promise, in the discharge of those duties, to act honestly, fairly and to the best of my ability. And if I reasonably succeed in this, I ask not only your assistance but your indulgence. I have no statement to make at this time, or any suggestions to offer, except that I trust we may have an economical, brief and consequently satisfactory session. Again thanking you for this compliment bestowed upon me, I await the pleasure of the assembly.

On motion, the assembly proceeded to the election of chief clerk.

The roll being called,
The following gentlemen voted for Mr. I. T. Carr:

Messrs. Geo. A. Abert, Albers, Apple, Bishop, Bow, Brand, Brazeau, Bruemmer, Campion, Carmichael, Craig. Curley, Curtis, Dawson. Egan, Ellefson, Esser, Fellenz, Finch, Gallagher, Goedjen, Hardgrove. Hinckley, Hooker, Kennedy, Kuntz, Leahy, Lennon, Lynch, MacBride, McCoy, Martin, Meissner, Miller, Naber, Noller, O'Neill, Packard, Pape, Piper, Putnam, Race, Regan, Ryan, Scheiber, Schneider, Sharp, Spiering, Swart, Tanner, Taylor, Wall, Walsh, Warren, Weeden, and Wirth. – Total, 56.

The following gentlemen voted for Mr. E. D. Coe:

Messrs. Adams, H. C., Aliams. M.. Anderson. Blyton, Bolender, Britton, Brown, Bugh. Button. Cance, Chamgagne Comdohr, Conley. Dickinson, Fairchild. Foster, Friend. Gabriel Gardner. Grubb). Hawks. Huntington. Huntly. Johnston, Kidd, Lane, Leonharilt, McDill, Mckenzie, Vacaulev, Maxwell. Nichols. Pederson. Pierce. Pratt. Rasmussen. Stewart, Tester. Thomas. Turner, Vredenburgh. Ware, and Warner.- Total 13.

Mr. Carr having received a majority of all the votes cast was declared elected chief clerk. He appeared at the desk and took the oath of office, administered by the speaker.

On motion the assembly proceeded to the election of sargeant-at-arms.

The following gentlemen voted for Mr. Thomas Kemedy:

Messrs. GEO. A. Abert. Adams M., Albers, Apple, Bishop. Bow, Brand, Brazeau, Bruemmer, Campion. Carmichael, Craig, Curley, Curtis, Dawson, Egan, Ellefson, Esser. Fellenz, Finch, Gallagher, Goedjen. Hardgrove. Hinckley. Hooker, Kennedy, Kuntz., Leahy. Lennon, Lynch, MacBride, McCor. Martin. Meissner Miller, Naber, Roller, O'Neill Packard. Pape, Piper, Putnam, Race, Regan, Ryan. Scheiber. Schneider, Sharp. Spiering, Swart. Tamer, Tavlor, Wall, Walsh, Warren, Weeden and Wirth. Total, 56,

The following gentlemen voted for Mr. Adamson: Messrs. Adams H. C.. Anderson. Blyton. Bolender. Britton. Brown. Bugh, Button, Cance. Champagne. ('omdohr, ('onlex. Dickinson, Fairchild, Foster. Friend, Gabriel, Gardner. Grubb. Hawks, Huntington, Huntly, Johnston, Kidd, Lane. Leonhardt, McDill, McKenzie. Macauley. Maxwell. Nichols. Pederson, Pierce. Pratt, Rasmussen, Stewart, Tester. Thomas. Turner, Vredenburgh. Ware and Warner. Total, 13.

, Mr. Kennedy having received a majority of all the votes cast, was declared elected.

The oath of office was administered by the speaker and he entered upon the discharge of his duties.


By Mr. Lynch:
Res. No. 1, A.,

Resolved, that the chief clerk be instructed to notify the senate that the assembly is organized by the election of E. P. Finch as speaker, I. T. ('arr as chief clerk and Thos. Kennedy as sargeant-at-arms.

Which was adopted. By Mr. Carmichael: Res. No. 2. A.

Resolved, that the rules of the assimbly at the last session be adopted as the rules of this assembly.

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