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The following memoranda indicate, first, the chief general authorities on the whole matter in hand ; secondly, the principal accessible authorities on the special topics discussed in the successive books and chapters ; and thirdly, the most authoritative and available editions of the principal works mentioned in the text. For convenience, they are arranged under the following heads : I. General Authorities; II. Special Authorities for each book and for each chapter.

Without pretending to be exhaustive, these memoranda should serve as guides to those who desire further to investigate the matter touched on. In general, they call attention to accessible bibliographies.


1. For English History, so far as it concerns us, any standard authority should serve ; for example, the Encyclopædia Britannica.

2. For English Literature, in general, the best books scem STOPFORD BROOKE: Primer of English Literature, 1889. HENRY CRAIK : English Prose, etc., 5 vols., 1893-96. FREDERICK RYLAND: Chronological Outlines of English Literature,

1896. THOMAS H. WARD: English Poets, 4 vols., 1896-1900.

3. For American History, the following works should serve as general guides :EDWARD CHANNING : A Students' History of the United States, New

York, 1899. Edward CHANNING and ALBERT BUSHNELL Hart: Guide to the

Study of American History, Boston, 1896. JUSTIN WINSOR [editor): Narrative and Critical History of America, Histories of Literature : J. Nichol: American Literature, Edinburgh, 1882. H. S. Pancoast : Introduction to American Literature, New York,

8 vols., Boston, 1886–89.

4. For literature in America, among numerous works, the following seem perhaps the most useful :

1898. C. F. RICHARDSON: American Literature, 2 vols., New York, 1887. E. C. STEDMAN : Poets of America, Boston, 1885. M. C. Tyler : A History of American Literature during the Colonial

T'ime, 2 vols., New York, 1897. [Vol. 1., 1607-76; Vol. II.,

1676-1765.] M. C. Tyler: The Literary History of the American Revolution, 2

vols., New York, 1897. BARRETT WENDELL : Stelligeri, etc., New York, 1893. GREENOUGH WHITE : Sketch of the Philosopby of American Literature,

Boston, 1891.

b. Collections of Extracts : G. R. CARPENTER : American Prose, New York, 1898. E. A. and G. L. DUYCKINCK: Cyclopedia of American Literature,

2 vols., Philadelphia, 1875. R. W. Griswold: The Poets and Poetry of America, Philadelphia,

1842. R. W. Griswold: Prose Writers of America, Philadelphia, 1847. R. W. Griswold: Female Poets of America, Philadelphia, 1848. E. C. STEDMAN : An American Anthology, Boston, 1900. E. C. Stedman and Ellen M. HUTCHINSON : Library of American

Literature, II vols., New York, 1888-90.

c. Bibliography and Chronology : P. K. FOLEY : American Authors 1795-1895, etc., Boston, Privately

Printed, 1897. S. L. WHITCOMB : Chronological Outlines of American Literature,

New York, 1894.

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INTRODUCTION more complete statement of the theory of literary evolution, see B. WENDELL: William Shakspere, New York, 1894,

For a

pp. 401 ff.



Book I. Chapter I. See third paragraph of the bibliography at the end of John Fiske's Beginnings of New England, Boston, 1889. The great books on this period are, of course, S. R. GARDINER's History of England from the Accession of James I. to the Outbreak of the Civil War, 1603-1642, 10 vols., London, 1883-84, and his History of the Great Civil War, 1642-1649, 3 vols., London, 1886-91. DAVID Masson's Life of John Milton : with the Political, Ecclesiastical, and Literary History of his Time [1608-1674), 6 vols., London, 1859–80, is a work of great learning.



Book I. Chapter II. In addition to the general authorities may be mentioned GEORGE SAINTSBURY'S A History of Elizabethan Literature, London, 1887, and A. W. Ward's A History of English Dramatic Literature to the Death of Queen Anne, 3 vols., London, 1899.


Book I. Chapter III. Of the books mentioned in the text, the best editions are: – William BRADFORD : History of Plymouth Plantation, ed. Charles

Deane, Boston, 1856. Reprinted from the Mass. Hist. Soc. Collections. There is also a serviceable edition of the text, with some interesting matter concerning the return of the Bradford MS., pub- .

lished by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston, 1898. SAMUEL SEWAll's Diary (1674-1729), 3 vols., Boston, 1878–82.

[Mass. Hist. Soc. Collections, 5th series, Vols. V.-VII.] JOHN WINTHROP: History of New England, ed. James Savage, 2 vols.,

Boston, 1853. The best biography of Winthrop is the Life and Letters of John Winthrop, ed. Robert C. Winthrop, Boston, 1864 (copyrighted 1863).

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