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A VERY few words will suffice by way of preface to the present volume. The Spanish Invasion, like the Gunpowder Treason, is an event to which the Protestant reverts with feelings of the most unfeigned gratitude. In the present day, when the encroachments of Rome cannot be denied, it is desirable that such events as the Spanish Invasion and the Gunpowder Treason should be recalled to the recollection of the people. I have, in a previous work, submitted an account of the Gunpowder Treason to the public: and as a companion to that work, I now offer a narrative of the proceedings connected with the Armada.

It will be seen that I have made considerable use of the Letter to Mendoza. Dr. Lingard asserts that the letter was written by command of the Queen's ministers; but Strype and Turner, as is noticed in the volume, evidently view it as the genuine production of a Roman Catholic, as is stated in the title page. I will not undertake to say, that the letter in question was actually written by a Roman Catholic; but I am

quite certain that there is as much evidence for supposing that such was the case, as there is for Dr. Lingard's assertion.

The references to Strype are to the octavo edition, printed at the Clarendon press; and I have used the quarto editions of Lingard and Turner. With respect to the other works, there can be no mistake as to editions.

I have animadverted, in terms of severity, on some of Dr. Lingard's statements; but I am convinced, that every one who dispassionately considers my arguments, will admit, that I am fully justified in the course which I have adopted.

The authorities for all my statements will be found in the notes. Though the work is especially intended for popular use, yet I have deemed it necessary not to overlook the critical reader who may honour these pages with a perusal.

April 28th, 1840.




Introduction. Philip's views in his marriage with Mary. His unpopularity. Wishes to marry Elizabeth. This desire overruled for good. Reasons for invading England. Dr. Lingard. The Pope's Bull. King Philip. Drake's Expeadition. Discussions in Philip's Councils. Spanish Expec


THE year 1588 is a memorable era in the annals of our country. There are some points in history on which the mind dwells with a feeling of more than ordinary satisfaction; and by the members of the Church of England such events as the Gunpowder Treason and the dispersion of the Spanish Armada are contemplated not merely with satisfaction, but with heartfelt gratitude to God, who frustrated the purposes of our enemies, and detected the treacheries of the Church of Rome. If the Israelites were commanded to tell their children the great things which the Lord had done for them, it surely becomes us, as a Protestant nation, to retain in our memories, and to make known, to our descendants those eminent


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