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By manifestation of the truth, commending ourselves to every man's
conscience in the sight of God.-2 Cor. iv. 2.



Clark & Raser, Printers, 33 Carter's Alley.


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ON completing the fourth volume of the Christian Advocate, the editor would devoutly acknowledge the goodness of God in enabling him thus far to continue his labours, with the hope that he has not laboured altogether in vain.

This Miscellany may now be considered as having obtained an establishment, which, under proper management, will ensure its permanency. Its patronage indeed must still be regarded as scanty, if compared with the extent and resources of the church to whose service it is specially devotedwhose doctrines it advocates, and whose institutions it aims to defend and promote. Yet the increase of subscribers, in the year which is closing, has been greater than in any preceding year; and the pecuniary avails of the work are now such as to afford its conductor a moderate compensation for his toil. But in his laborious vocation, the editor is chiefly animated by evidence which he thinks he ought not to distrust, that the contents of the Christian Advocate have commended themselves to the decisive approbation of many of the most pious and intelligent of its readers, in more than one denomination of Christians; and that his work has efficiently co-operated with other works of a similar character, in checking error, in diffusing knowledge, in prompting and encouraging Christian effort and enterprise, and in promoting, generally, the interests of evangelical religion, pure morals, and sound literature. It has been gratifying to learn that in some places, and to a considerable extent, this Magazine has been circulated and read, without cost, among the friends of the subscribers-It would be still more gratifying, if such of these gratuitous readers as can well afford it, would become subscribers for themselves. Yet let them, by all means, continue to read without charge, rather than neglect to read at all.

To those who have furnished articles for insertion in the Christian Advocate, and to all who have used their influence and exertions to extend its patronage, the editor returns his cordial thanks; and he respectfully solicits the continuance of

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