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Bell, D., Among the Rocks Around Glasgow,





Benn, A. W., The Greek Philosophers,



Ademollo, A., La Giustizia a Roma dal 1674 al 1737, Agnosticism, 87-Gnosticism and Agnosticism, the two extreme opinions respecting human knowledge, ib.their definition, ib.-each has been regarded as a heresy, 88-the question between them, 89-each assumes that we possess a faculty which transcends the order of nature, ib.this assumption untenable, ib.-the sense of ignorance not identical with the sense of mystery, 90-their difference, 91-the vision of the supernatural comes to the Gnostic and the Agnostic, ib.-examination of the four theories of the origin of life, 92-the sense of limit gives the evidence of the supernatural, 100 — the supernatural reached by the study of self, ib.

Angus Graeme, Gamekeeper, by


Author of A Lonely Life, &c., Archæology in the South-West of Scotland, 70-Collections, published by the Ayr and Wigton Association, ib. -Rev. George Wilson on the antiquities of Wigtonshire, 71— Dr. Munro's Ancient Scottish LakeDwellings, 72-no trace of riverdrift or cave men in Ayr and Wigton, 73-Hunterston rock-shelter, ib.-lacustrine settlements of the Paeonians, 75-wide diffiusion of lake-dwellings, ib. - Swiss lakedwellings, ib. - Dr. Keller's description of fascine dwellings, 76 -similarity of Irish and Scottish crannogs, ib. crannogs of Loch Dowalton, 77-of the Loch of Kilbirnie, 79-- of Lochlee, 80--of Buston, 83-relics found in the crannogs, 84 -builders of the crannogs, ib.-their skill, 86-the crannogs originally permanent and not occasional dwelling places, ib. Antologia, Nuova,

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202, 403

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Browning, R., a representative poet, 349-Jocoseria, Bucheim, C. A., Lessing's


Nathan der Weise, Burghs, Early Scottish, 45-utility of Scottish Burgh Records, ib.-origin of Scottish burghs, 46-selection of sites, ib. their value and privileges, 47-their constitution, 48-their relations with the Crown, 49-burgessship its privileges, 50-exercised by women, 53-its duties, 54monopolies enjoyed by burgesses, 55 -general law and practice modified by burgh laws, 56-right of burgess to elect their own magistrates, 57town councils, 58-liners, 59-apprisers of flesh, &c., 60-reciprocal duties imposed by the Laws of the Four Burghs, 61-merchant guilds, 62-laws of the guild of Scotland, 63-crafts and occupations in burghs, 66-the beneficial influence of burghs in national life, 67.



Cantu, C., Alessandro Manzoni, Carlyle, Letters of Mrs., Edited by J. A Froude, 127-her Diary, ib.—Mr. Froude as an editor, 128-charges brought against Mr. Carlyle, ib.character of Mrs. Carlyle, 130-of her letters, 133- her relations with her husband, 136-domestic causes of her troubles, 139-residence in London, 142-interest in her husband's labours, 143-her visitors and visits, 144-Count d'Orsay and Lord Jeffrey, 145-general impression produced by her letters, 146. Ciampoli, J., Trecce Nere, Civilta Cattolica, La, Cotterill, Rev. H., Does Science aid Faith in regard to Creation?


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Cunningham, Rev, Dr., Church History of Scotland,

188 205, 407



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