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XIV. Butler's Analogy of Religion. Voltaire's Candide.

Johnson's Rasselas. Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield. (A.D.

1736 to A.D. 1766.] XV. Sterne's Tristram Shandy. Two Speeches on Concilia

tion with America, and Two Letters on Irish Questions by Edmund

Burke. Sheridan's Plays. (A.D. 1759 to A.D. 1779. ] XVI. The Two Parts of Goethe's Faust (with Marlowe's

Faustus), Schiller's Poems and Ballads, translated by Edward,

Lord Lytton. [.1.1). 1780 to A.D. 1831.] XVII. Tales of Terror and Wonder, by M. G. Lewis. con

fessions of an English Opium - Eater, Thomas de Quincey.

Essays of Elia, Charles Lamb. (4.1). 1800 to A.D. 1824.] XVIII. Southey's Life of Nelson. Scott's Demonology and

Witchcraft. Coleridge's Table-Talk. (A.D. 1813 to A.D. 1834: ) XIX. Stories of Ireland, by Maria Edgeworth. Popular Songs

of Ireland, collected by Thomas Crofton Croker; Traditional Tales of the English and Scottish Peasantry, by Allan Cunningham.

[A.D. 1800 to A.D. 1839.) XX. Praed's Essays. Walker's Original; and Cobbett's Ad

vice to Young Men. [A.D. 1821 to A.D. 1835.1 XXI. Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. Essays,

Representative Men and Society and Solitude, by R. W. Emerson.
A Miscellany (containing Richard of Bury's Philobiblon, The
Basilikon Doron of King James I., Monks and Giants, by John
Hookham Frere; The Cypress Crown, by De la Motte Fouqué; and
The Library, by George Crabbe).


CARISBROOKE LIBRARY continues the work of its predecessor, in half-crown volumes, with some changes of form and method. The volumes

are published in alternate months.


I. The Tale of a Tub, and other Works, by Jonathan Swist.
II. Tales of the Seven Deadly Sins, being the “Confessio

Amantis" of John Gower.
III. The Earlier Life and the Chief Earlier Works of Daniel

IV. Early Prose Romances.

V. English Prose Writings of John Milton.
VI. Parodies and other Burlesque Pieces by Canning, Ellis,

and Frere. VII. Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, translated by Edward Fairfax. VIII. London under Elizabeth: being the “Survey of London,"

by John Stow. IX. Ben Jonson's Masques. X. Ireland under Elizabeth and James.

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