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Boston Library Society.

Subftance of the Rules voted by the Society for regulating the Loan of their Books, &c.


6th ART. OT more than one folio, two quartos, or three of fmaller fize, fhall be taken out at the fame time and for each fet that is not returned in five weeks, a fine at the rate of three fhillings per fet, for each week, as long as it is detained.

7th. If any book or books are abused or loft, the same to be replaced by a fimilar volume or volumes, or the current price for the fame to be paid. The delinquent, in fuch cafe, will have his privilege fufpended till this rule is complied with.

8th. The Library to be open every Thursday in the afternoon, from 3 to 5 in Winter, and from 3 to 6 in Summer. 9th. If a fubfcriber lends a book, his privilege fhall be fufpended one year.

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