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Eclipse of Faith, The, reviewed, by

Noah Porter, Jr., XI, 277.

Edgar, (John G.). History for Boys, no-
ticed, XIII, 490.

Edinburgh Review, April, July, Octo
ber, 1848, reviewed, by W. A. Larned,
VII, 153.

Editorial Life, Personal Memoirs and
Recollections of, by J. T. Bucking-
ham, noticed, X, 660.
Edmonds, (John W.), Appeal to the
Public on Spiritualism, reviewed, by
C. L. Hequembourg, XII, 33.
Edmonds, (John W.), Spiritualism, re-
viewed, by C. L. Hequembourg, XII,
33; reviewed, by C. S. Lyman, XVI,

Education, American Journal of, edited
by H. Barnard, noticed, XV, 741.
Education at the West, Fifth Report of
the Society for the Promotion of Col-
legiate and Theological, noticed, VII,
410; XIII, 344.

Education, Board of National Popular,
William Slade's Second Annual Re-
port to, reviewed, by S. W. S. Dutton,
VII, 593.

Education, Collegiate, Report on Chan-
ges in the System of, in Brown Uni-
versity, reviewed, by J. L. Kingsley,
VIII, 470; reviewed, by Noah Por-
ter, Jr., IX, 110.
Education, Denominational,


Smyth on, noticed, IV, 299.
Education in Liberia, Report on, noticed,
IX, 461.

Education, Intellectual, Moral and Phy-
sical, by H. Spencer, noticed, XIX,


Education of Women, Address on, by
Ray Palmer, reviewed, by R. S. Storrs,
Jr., XI, 46.
Education, Report of Massachusetts
Board of, noticed, V, 331; VI, 207; re-
viewed, by B. G. Northrop, XIII, 43.
Education Society, American, Thirty-
sixth Annual Report of, noticed, XI,


Educational Biography, by Henry Bar-
nard, noticed, XVII, 568.
Educational Course, Chambers', by D.
M. Reese, noticed, VIII, 326.
Edwards, (B. B.), Biography of Self-
taught Men, noticed, XVIII, 241.
Edwards, (B. B.), on Classical Studies,
reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey, I, 580.
Edwards, (B. B.), Works of, with a Me-
moir, by E. A. Park, reviewed, by W.
A. Stearns, XI, 411.

Edwards, (Jonathan), Charity and its
Fruits, reviewed, by Tryon Edwards,
X, 222.

Edwards, (Jonathan), Humble Inquiry
Concerning Qualifications Relative to
Full Communion, noticed, IV, 353.
Edwards, (Jonathan), Inquiry, Albert
T. Bledsoe's Examination of, review-
ed, by B. N. Martin, V, 337.
Edwards, (Justin), A Memoir of, or
Light and Love, by W. A. Hallock,
noticed, XIII, 625.

Edwards, (Tryon), Self-Cultivation, no-
ticed, I, 299.
Edwardean Theory of the Atonement,
with an Introduction, by E. A. Park,
noticed, XVII, 572, 776.

Egypt, Monuments of, or Egypt a Wit-
ness for the Bible, by F. L. Hawks, no-
ticed, VIII, 149; reviewed, by Edward
Strong, IX, 1.

Egypt, Past and Present, Photographic
Views of, by Joseph P. Thompson,
noticed, XII, 671.

Egypt, Travels in, by Stephen Olin, no-
ticed, I, 603.

Egyptians, Ancient, Popular Account
of, by J. G. Wilkinson, noticed, XII,

Eighth Commandment, The, by Charles
Reade, noticed, XVIII, 1124.
Eighty Years Progress of the United
States, noticed, XIX, 957.
Elder, (William), Biography of Elisha
Kent Kane, noticed, XVI, 921.
El Dorado, or Adventures in the Path
of Empire, by Bayard Taylor, review-
ed, by C. S. Lyman, VIII, 585.
Eldridge, (Joseph), Reforms and Re-
formers, a Sermon, reviewed, VIII,

Elegy written in a Country Church

Yard, and other Poems, by Thomas
Gray, noticed, X, 659.
Elements of Perspective, by John Rus-
kin, noticed, XVIII, 548.
Elgin, (Lord), Mission to China and
Japan, Narrative of, by Laurence Oli-
phant, noticed, XVIII, 819.

Eliot, (Samuel A.), Sketch of the Histo-
ry of Harvard College, noticed, VII,

Elisha, The Last Days of, by Krum-
macher, noticed, XI, 159.
Elizabeth, History of Queen, by J. Ab-
bott, noticed, VIII, 648.

Ellett, (Mrs.), Women Artists in all
Ages and Countries, noticed, XVIII,

Elliott, (C. W.), Cottages and Cottage|
Life, noticed, VI, 602.
Elliott, (C. W.), New England History,
from A. D. 986 to A. D. 1766, re-
viewed, XV, 330.

Elliott, (S. H.), A Look at Home, no-
ticed, XVIII, 271.
Elliott, (S. H.), New England's Chattels,
or Life in the Northern Poor House,
noticed, XVI, 930.

Elliott, (William G. Jr.), Lectures to
Young Men and Women, noticed,
XII, 171.

Ellicott, (Charles J.), Commentary, Criti-
cal and Grammatical, on St. Paul's
Epistle to the Galatians, noticed, XIX,


Ellis, (George E.), Half Century of the
Unitarian Controversy, reviewed, by
Noah Porter, Jr., XVI, 511.
Ellis, Spedding, and Heath's Edition of
the Works of Francis Bacon, noticed,
XVIII, 1127; XIX, 263, 540, 777.
Ellis, (William), Three Visits to Mada-
gascar, noticed, XVII, 802.
Ellsworth, (P. W.), Immanuel, or the
Two Natures of Christ, noticed,XVIII,
800, 865.

Elocution, Pulpit, by W. Russell, no-
ticed, IV, 298.

Eloquence of the Pulpit in France and
Switzerland, by R. Turnbull, noticed,
VII, 322.

Eloquence, Pulpit, History and Reposi-
tory of, by H. C. Fish, reviewed, by
W. W. Woodworth, XIV, 344.
Eloquence, Pulpit, of the Nineteenth
Century, by H. C. Fish, noticed, XV,


Eloquence, Select British, by C. A. Good-
rich, noticed, XI, 157.
Emancipation of Faith, by H. E. Sche-
del, noticed, XVII, 259.
Emblems, Divine and Moral, by Francis
Quarles, noticed, XII, 337.
Emerson, (R. W.), Conduct of Life. no-
ticed, XIX, 241; reviewed, by Noah
Porter, Jr., XIX, 496.
Emerson, (R. W.), English Traits, re-
viewed, by Noah Porter, Jr., XIV,

Emerson, (R. W.), Representative Men,
reviewed, by D. March, VIII, 186.
Emery, (Samuel Hopkins), Ministry of
Taunton, reviewed, by R. C. Learned,
XII, 191.

Emile, ou de l'Education, par J. J. Rous-
seau, noticed, I, 181.

Emily Vernon, or Filial Piety Exempli-


fied, by Mrs. Drummond, noticed,
Emmons, (Nathaniel), Memoir of, by Ed-
XIII, 491.
wards A. Park, reviewed, by George
Emmons, (Nathaniel), The Works of,
P. Fisher, XIX, 709.
Emmons. (Nathaniel), The Works of,
noticed, XVIII, 221, 485.
edited by Dr. Ide, reviewed, by E.
Emory's New Mexico, noticed, VI, 527.
T. Fitch, I, 110.
Empirical Psychology, or The Human
Mind as given in Consciousness, by
L. P Hickok, reviewed, by Noah
Employers, Hints to, by Joseph P.
Porter, Jr., XIII, 129.
Encyclopedia of English Literature, by
Thompson, noticed, X, 157.
Robert Chambers, noticed, V, 324.
Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge
for the People, by Robert Chambers,
noticed, XIX, 537.


End, or The Proximate Signs of the
Close of this Dispensation, by John
Endeavors after the Christian Life, by
Cumming, noticed, XIV, 155.

James Martineau, noticed, XVI, 201.
Engineering and Machines, Dictionary
of, by Oliver Byrne, noticed, VIII,
England and the People, First Impres-
325, 485.
sions of, by Hugh Miller, reviewed,
by W. A. Larned, VIII, 237; noticed,
England during the Reign of Edward
X, 157.
VI and Queen Elizabeth, or the Puri-
England, Child's History of, by Charles
tans, noticed, XVII, 1100.
England, History of, by David Hume,
Dickens, noticed, XII, 338.
England, History of, by T. B. Macaulay,
noticed, VIII, 322, 485.

reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, VII,
288; noticed, VIII, 485.

England, Impressions of, by A. C. Coxe,
noticed, XV, 746.

English and French Dictionary, by A.
English Grammar, by Wm. C. Fowler,
Spiers, noticed, VIII, 327.
noticed, IX, 153; XVI, 702.
English Hearts and English Hands, no-
ticed, XVI, 701.

English Language, Exposition of the
General Structure of, by John Mulli-
gan, noticed, XI, 477.

English Latin Lexicon, by J. E. Riddle,
noticed, VIII, 155.

by Charles Anthon, noticed, X, 660.
English Latin and Latin English Lexicon,

English Literature, Cleveland's Com- Etymological Manual, by William Smea-
pendium of, noticed, VI, 308.

English Synonyms, by G. F. Graham,
noticed, V, 333.

English Traits, by R. W. Emerson, re-
viewed, by Noah Porter, Jr., XIV,

Ephesians, Commentary on the Epistle
to the, by R. E. Pattison, noticed,
XVII, 1081.
Ephesians, Expository Lectures on the
Epistle to the, by R. J. McGhee, no-
ticed, VIII, 320.

Episcopal Church, Infant Baptism, Doc-
trine Respecting the Effects of, by
William Goode, noticed, VIII, 319.
Episcopal Church, Journal of the Pro-
ceedings of the General Convention
of the, (Philadelphia, October, 1844),
reviewed, by Albert Barnes, III, 333.
Episcopal Church, Liturgy of the, criti-
cised, by D. L. Ogden, I, 469.
Episcopal Church, Stranger in the, by
George Burgess, reviewed, by Leonard
Bacon, VII, 143.

Episcopal Recorder's Editorial respect-
ing the New Englander, noticed, III,

Epoch of Creation, Scriptural Doctrine
respecting the, by E. Lord, reviewed,
IX, 510.

Erdkunde, Ritter's, reviewed, by D. C.
Gilman, XVIII, 277.

Errors of Romanism traced to their Ori-
gin in Human Nature, by R. Whately,
reviewed, by S. W. S. Dutton, X, 511.
Eschatology, by Samuel Lee, noticed,
XVII, 780.

Essay on our Lord's Discourse at Caper-
naum, recorded in the sixth Chapter
of St. John, by S. H. Turner, noticed,
XIX, 511.

Essays, by Lord Brougham, reviewed,
by T. L. Cuyler, II, 256.

Essays, by John Foster, noticed, IV,

Essays, by Henry Giles, reviewed, by
D. March, VIII, 186.

Essays on Art, by Mrs. Jameson, no-
ticed, IV, 596.

Essays, by T. B. Macaulay, reviewed,
by T. L. Cuyler, II, 256.
Essays from the London Times, Apple-
ton's Library, noticed, X, 332.
Ethica, by John H. Stinson, noticed,
XVIII, 1073.

Ethical Discourses and Essay on Virtue,
by Bishop Butler, edited by J. T.
Champlin, noticed, XVII, 791.

ton, I, 607.

Etymologies, Teutonic, by J. W. Gibbs,
noticed, XIX, 612.
Euharmonic Organ and Perfect Into-
nation, An Essay on, by H. W. Poole,
reviewed, by E. T. Fitch, VIII, 278.
Europe, Art, Scenery and Philosophy
in, by H. B. Wallace, noticed, XIII,


Europe, en 1848, par, L'Abbé J. Gaume,
noticed, VIII, 452.

Europe, Men and Things as I saw them
in, by T. Kirwan, noticed, XI. 643.
Europe, Observations in, by J. P. Dur-
bin, noticed, II, 446.

Europe, Past and Present of, by F. H.
Ungewitter, noticed, VIII, 652.
Europe, Pictures of, Framed in Ideas, by
C. A. Bartol, reviewed, by William T.
Eustis, XIII, 595.

Europe, Poets and Poetry of, by H. W.
Longfellow, noticed, XIII, 482.
Europe, A Visit to, in 1851, by B. Silli-
man, reviewed, by Denison Olmsted,
XII, 24.

European Acquaintance, by J. W. De-
Forest, noticed, XVI, 929.
European Life and Manners, by H. Col-
man, noticed, VIII, 156.
Eutaxia, or the Presbyterian Liturgies,
reviewed, by Leonard Bacon, XIII,

Evangelical Christendom, its State and
Prospects, noticed, X, 309.
Evangeline, A Tale of Acadia, by H. W.
Longfellow, reviewed, by G. H. Hol-
lister, VI, 548.


Evangelist, The New York, on
does Dr. Bushnell Mean," noticed,
VII, 324.

Evans, (Augusta J.), Beulah, noticed,
XVIII, 264.

Evans, (Marion), The Mill on the Floss,
noticed, XVIII, 1105.

Evarts, (J.), Tracy's Life of, noticed,
IV, 448.

Evarts, (Wm. Maxwell), Oration at the
Centennial Anniversary of the Lino-
nian Society, (1853), Yale College, no-
ticed, XII, 164.

Evening of Life, by Jeremiah Chapin,
noticed, XVII, 571.

Everest, (C. W.), Hare-Bell, noticed, II,


Everest, (C. W.), Memento, noticed, III,


Everest, (C. W.), Poets of Connecticut,
noticed, I, 605.

Everest, (C. W.), Vision of Death, no-
ticed, III, 478.

Everett, (Edward), Address when Inau-
gurated President of Harvard Uni-
versity, noticed, V, 196.

1851, by L. H. Atwater, noticed, IX,

False and True Revival of Religion, by
Theodore Parker, reviewed, by I. N.
Tarbox, XVI, 575.

Everett, (Edward), Life of George Wash-Family Bible, The, American Tract So-
ington, noticed, XVIII, 1075.
Everett, (Edward), Orations and Speech-
es of, reviewed, by W. B. Sprague,
IX, 44.

Evidences of Christianity, by William
Paley, edited by C. M. Nairne, no-
ticed, XIII, 156.

Evidences of Christianity, by William
Paley, edited, by R. Whately, no-
ticed, XVIII, 484.
Evidences of Christianity, by Baden
Powell, noticed, XIX, 166; reviewed,
by Joseph P. Thompson, XIX, 84.
Evidences of Christianity, Is Christianity
from God? by John Cumming, no-
ticed, XIII, 310.

Evidences of Christianity, Lectures de-
livered at the University of Virginia,
1850 and 1851, noticed, X, 485.
Evidences of Religion, Application of
Metaphysical and Ethical Science to
the, by F. Bowen, noticed, VIII, 157.
Evil not from God, by John Young, no-
ticed, XVI, 902.

Ewbank, (Thomas), Hydraulics and Me-
chanics, noticed, VI, 309.

Exparte Council at Reading, Mass, June.
1847, Result of, reviewed, by Edward
R. Tyler, V, 559.
Explanations and Sailing Directions to
accompany Wind and Current Charts,
by M. F. Maury, reviewed, by Denison
Olmsted, XIII, 117.

Explanatory Question Book, with an In-
troduction, by E. N. Kirk, noticed,
XVII, 789.

Exploration of the Valley of the Ama-
zon, by W. L. Herndon, reviewed, by
William A. Larned, XII, 362.
Extempore Speaking. Art of, by M.
Bautain, noticed, XVII, 826.
Fairbairn, (Patrick), Hermeneutical Man-
ual, noticed, XVII, 783.
Fairfield, (Caroline E.), Our Bible Class,
noticed, XVIII, 1114.

Faith and Practice, Christian, Discourses
on Common Topics of, by J. W. Alex-
ander, noticed, XVII, 268.
Faith, Eclipse of, or a Visit to a Relig-
ious Skeptic, reviewed, by Noah Por
ter, Jr., XI, 277.

Faith, Justification by, Concio ad Clerum,

ciety Edition, noticed, XV, 342.
Family Prayers, by McDuff, noticed,
XII, 336.

Family Prayers, by Henry Thornton,
noticed. V, 146.

Familiar Science, by R. E. Peterson, no-
ticed, X, 493.

Famine, Lectures on the Antecedent
Cause of the Irish, noticed, VI, 263.
Fankwei, by W. M. Wood, noticed,
XVIII, 253.

Faraday, (Michael), Six Lectures on the
Various Forces of Matter, noticed,
XIX, 197.

Farini, (Carlo Luigi), Roman State from
1815 to 1850, reviewed, by G. Gajani,
XVI, 271.

Farm Implements, by John J. Thomas,
noticed, XII, 669.

Farm, Our, of Four Acres, and the
money we made by it, reviewed, by
D. G. Mitchell, XVIII, 889.
Farmer's Guide to Scientific Agriculture,
by Henry Stephens and John P. Nor-
ton, noticed, VIII, 650; reviewed,
IX, 553.

Farr, (Edward), Ancient History, no-
ticed, VIII, 315.

Farrar, (Adam S.), Science in Theology,
noticed, XVIII, 799.

Fasquelle, (L.), New Method of Learning
French, noticed, X, 490.

Fast Day Sermon and Prayer, by C. H.
Spurgeon, noticed, XVI, 205.
Father Tom and the Pope, noticed, XIX,


Felton on Classical Studies, reviewed,
by T. D. Woolsey, I, 580.
Female Scripture Characters, Lectures
on, by William Jay, noticed, XII,

Fernald, (W. M.), God in his Provi-

dence, noticed, XVIII, 215.
Ferris, (Benjamin G.), Utah and the
Mormons, reviewed, by William T.
Eustis, XII, 553.

Ferris, (Isaac), Man of Business, no-
ticed, XV, 162.

Festus, P. J. Bailey's, reviewed, by D.
March, V, 175.

Feuchtersleben, (Ernest Von), Dietetics
of the Soul, noticed, XII, 337.
Field Book of the Revolution, by B. J.

Lossing, noticed, VIII, 483, 654; XI, | Fisk, (N. W.), Aleck and the Mutineer


Field, (H. M.), Summer Pictures, from
Copenhagen to Venice, noticed, XVII,

Field, (H. M.), The Irish Confederates
and the Rebellion of 1798, noticed,
IX, 474.

Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World,
from Marathon to Waterloo, by E. S.
Creasy, reviewed, by T. D. Woolsey,
X, 56.

Fiji and the Fijians, by Thomas Williams
and James Calvert, noticed, XVIII,

Finch, (F. M.), Poem before the Lino-
nian Society of Yale College at its
Centennial Celebration, (1853), no-
ticed, XII, 164.

Finland Family, by Mrs. S. B. Cornwell,
noticed, XI, 159.

Finlayson (James), Life of Hugh Blair
noticed, III, 311.

Finney, (Charles G.), Lectures on Revi-
vals of Religion, noticed, XIII, 90.
First and Second Adam, by Samuel J.
Baird, noticed, XVIII, 480, 694.
First Impressions of England and the
People, by Hugh Miller, reviewed, by
William A. Larned, VIII, 287; no-
ticed, X, 157.

First Things; or the Development of
Church Life, by Baron Stow, noticed,
XVII, 532.

Fish, (H. C.). History and Repository of
Pulpit Eloquence, reviewed, by W. W.
Woodworth, XIV, 344.

Fish, (H. C.), Primitive Piety Revived,
or the Aggressive Power of the Christ-
ian Church, reviewed, by S. D. Clark,
XV, 221.

Fish, (H. C.), Pulpit Eloquence of the
Nineteenth Century, noticed, XV, 531.
Fish, (H. C.), and D. W. Poor's Select
Discourses from the German of Krum-
macher, Tholuck and Müller, and the
French of Adolphe Mouod, noticed,
XVI, 900.

Fisher, (George P.), Discourse on the
Church of Christ in Yale College,
during the First Century of its Exist-
ence, reviewed, by S. W. S. Dutton,
XVI, 434.

Fisher, (George P.), Memorial of N. W.
Taylor, D. D.. reviewed, by Joseph
P. Thompson, XVI, 373.

Fisk, (F. Ŵ.), Inaugural Address, Chi-
cago Theological Seminary, XVII,


of the Bounty, noticed, XIII, 318.
Fiske, (N. W.), Memoir of, by Heman
Humphrey, reviewed, by Samuel Har-
ris, VIII, 67.

Fitch, (John), Life of, by Thompson
Westcott, reviewed, by H. L.Wayland,
XVI, 790.

Five Gateways of Knowledge, by George
Wilson, noticed, XVI, 210.

Five Senses; or Gateways of Knowl
edge, by George Wilson, noticed,
XIX, 249.

Five Years of a Hunter's Life in South-
ern Africa, by R. G. Cumming, no-
ticed, VIII, 654.

Fleming, (William), Vocabulary of Phi-
losophy, noticed, XVIII, 1072.
Fletcher, (John), Studies on Slavery, in

Easy Lessons, noticed, X, 588.
Fletcher, (J. C.), Brazil and the Brazil-
ians, noticed, XV, 746.
Florida, Conquest of, by H. DeSoto, by
Theodore Irving, noticed, IX, 468.
Floridian Peninsula, Notes on, by Daniel
G. Brinton, noticed, XVII. 809.
Flowers of Spring Time; or Stories from
the Child's Paper, by Mrs. Helen C.
Knight, noticed, XIX, 260.

Follen, (Charles), German Reader, no-
ticed, XVI, 936.

Follen, (Charles), Practical Grammar of
the German Language, noticed, XVI,

Follen, (Eliza Lee), Home Dramas for

Young People, noticed, XVIII, 1114.
Fool of Quality, The History of Henry

Earl of Moreland, by Henry Brooke,
noticed, XVIII, 534.

Footfalls on the Boundary of Another
World, by R. Dale Owen, noticed,
XVIII, 271; reviewed, by Joseph P.
Thompson, XVIII, 381.

Foote, (A, H.), Africa and the American
Flag, noticed, XII, 484; reviewed, by
W.DeLoss Love, XVIII, 90.
Footprints of the Creator; or Astero-
lepis of Stromness, by Hugh Miller,
noticed, IX, 315.

Forces of Matter, Six Lectures on, by
M. Faraday, noticed, XIX, 197.
Ford, (R), Spaniards and their Country,
noticed, VI, 602.

Ford, (Sallie R.), Mary Bunyan, the
Dreamer's Blind Daughter, noticed,
XVIII, 1086.

Forefathers, Footprints of our, by James
G. Miall, noticed, XI, 160.
Foreign and Domestic Missions, Com-

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