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Now ready, in 4to., very handsomely printed, with curious woodcut initial letters. extra cloth, 18s.; or crimson morocco extra, the sides and back covered

in rich fleur-de-lys, gold tooling, 55s. Roll of Carlaverlock, with the Arms of the Earls, Barons,

and Knights who were present at the siege of this Castle in Scotland, 26 Edward I., A.D. 1300; including the Original Anglo-Norman Poem, and an English Translation of the MS. in the British Museum; the whole newly edited by THOMAS WRIGHT, Esq., M.A., F.S.A.

A very handsome volume, and a delightful one to lovers of Heraldry, as it is the earliest blazon or arms known to exist.

UNIFORM WITH "MAGNA CHARTA." Roll of Battle Abbey; or, a List of the Principal Warriors

who came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror and settled in this country, A.d. 1066-7, from Authentic Documents, very carefully drawn, and printed on fine plate paper, nearly three feet long by two feet wide, with the Arms of the principal barons elaborately emblazoned in gold and colours, price 5s.; by post, on roller, 5s. 4d.

A most curious document, and of the greatest interest, as the descendants of nearly all these Norman conquerors are at this moment living amongst us. No names are believed to be in this " Battel Roll," which are not fully entitled to the distinction. Handsomely framed and glazed, in carved oak of an antique pattern, price 22s.6d.

Warrant to Execute Charles I. An exact facsimile of this

Important Document in the House of Lords, with the Fifty-nine signatures of the Regicides, and Corresponding Seals, admirably executed on paper made to imitate the Original Document, 22 in. by 14 in. Price 2s.; by post, 2s. 4d. Handsomely framed and glazed, in carved oak of an antique pattern, 14s. 6d. .

Now ready.
Warrant to Execute Mary Queen of Scots. The exact

Facsimile of this important document, including the signature Queen Eliza-
beth and facsimile of the Great Seal, on tinted paper, made to imitate the
original MS. Safe on roller, 2s.; by post, 2s. 4d.
Handsomely framed and glazed, in carved oak of an antique pattern, 14s. 6d.

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In 1 vol., 4to., on tinted paper, with 19 large and most curious Plates in facsimile,

coloured by hand, including an ancient view of the City of Waterford. Illuminated Charter-Roll of Waterford, Temp. Richard II.

Price to Subscribers, 203. ; Non-subscribers, 30s, *** Of the very limited impression proposed, more than 150 copies have already been subscribed for. Amongst the Corporation Muniments of the City of Water. ford is preserved an ancient Illuminated Roll, of great interest and beauty, comprising all the early Charters and Grants to the City of Waterford, from the time of Henry II. to Richard II. Full-length Portraits of each King adorn the margin, varying from eight to nine inches in length—some in armour and some in robes of state. In addition are Portraits of an Archbishop in full canonicals, of a Chancellor, and of many of the chief Burgesses

of the City of Waterford, as well as singularly curious Portraits of the Mayors of Dublin, Waterford, Limerick, and Cork, figured for the most part in the quaint bipartite costume of the second Richard's reign, peculiarities of that of Edward III. Altogether this ancient work of art is unique of its kind in Ireland, and deserves to be rescued from oblivion.

John Camden Hotten, 74 $ 75, Piccadilly, London.


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